This Artist Uses AI to Show Us What the Game of Thrones Characters Should Look Like, According to the Books

Wed Jun 15 2022

Game of Thrones is so much more than just a fantasy drama franchise. George R.R Martin has created new worlds, new kingdoms, new characters, and new adventures that have spawned a major television show, TV spin-offs, board games, video games, action figures, and so much more. Because of this, fans across the globe have formed connections with everyone from the Starks to the Targaryens.

Seeing the characters we’d read about in books come to life through David Benioff and D. B. Weiss’s eight-season television show was an experience like no other. But AI artist @msbananaanna soon realized that the characters she imagined from George R.R Martin’s descriptions were totally different from the ones she saw on the screen. Yes, the casting directors for Game of Thrones got some major characters from the Seven Kingdoms totally wrong. This is what they should have looked like.

Arya Stark

Arya Stark’s progression throughout the eight seasons of the show was unlike any other character’s – and much of that was down to English actress Maisie Williams. This young actress landed the role when she was just 12 years old, and as she grew up she also grew alongside Arya. She cut her hair, she defied the traditional feminine norms expected of the House Stark, and she went her own path. But did she look like the Arya we expected?

Well, Maisie’s Arya was actually a little more feminine than we anticipated – especially when it came to her hair. In the books, George R.R Martin noted that Arya had a long, horse-like face with grey eyes and extremely short brown hair that led her to be mistaken for a boy on countless occasions. In the show, Maisie was certainly more of a tomboy, but she still looked like a girl to us.

Jorah Mormont

Scottish actor Iain Glen had the pleasure of becoming Daenerys Targaryan’s right-hand man in Game of Thrones – and while he was perhaps too attached at times, you couldn’t knock his loyalty. The former Northern lord was exiled from Westeros when he found his Dragon Queen, and he soon proved that he loved her more than anything. Ser Jorah certainly played the part, but did he look the part?

It seems as though the casting team got it a bit wrong. George R.R Martin wrote that Jorah was a middle-aged man who was incredibly hairy and swarthy. It was noted that he was black-bearded and balding, not particularly handsome, but still strong and fit. Of course, Iain was much fairer in terms of his hair – and some fans think he’s incredibly handsome.


Scottish actress Rose Leslie not only landed the role of a lifetime when she was given the chance to play Ygritte, but she also met her husband on the show; Kit Harington. On our screens, Rose transformed into a strong and willing woman of the Free Folk, who lived north of the wall and fought for Mance Rayder. Of course, her life then became tangled when she fell in love with Jon Snow.

While her whole story left us captivating, there were some aspects of Ygritte’s appearance that we just couldn’t ignore. While she largely looked like the book description with her red hair and her wildling appearance, Rose seemed a little too beautiful in comparison. George R.R Martin described her in the books as having crooked teeth with eyes too far apart and a short pug nose. Rose certainly doesn’t have that.

Ned Stark

Whether you prefer to call him Eddard Stark or Ned Stark, those who believe the Game of Thrones television show outweighs the book series will forever associate this character with the one and only Sean Bean. Although he only appeared in the first season before his tragic death, Sean brought this character to life through his Yorkshire accent and his long locks. He looked a little older than his bookish counterpart, though.

In the books, Ned Stark is described as your typical Stark patriarch. He offered a long face, brown hair, and grey eyes that reportedly reflected his mood. When he was angry, they darkened. When he was happy, they were lighter. But perhaps the main reason Sean Bean was cast in this role was because George R.R Martin described Ned as having a “solemn face and his beard is beginning to grey, making him look older than his age.”

Joffrey Baratheon

While he was called Joffrey Baratheon, we all know that this spoiled and entitled youngster was instead the incestuous son of twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister. However, this fact was unknown to the man who thought he was his father; King Robert Baratheon. Despite the lack of bloodline between Joffrey and the King, this youngster eventually rose to the throne – and it wasn’t long before everyone hated Jack Gleeson’s character.

In terms of his looks, Jack looked exactly how we imagined him to look. As the son of two Lannisters, Joffrey sported the tell-tale blonde hair of the family – although his hair was described a little differently in the books. George R.R Martin noted that he had “blonde curly hair” compared to Jack Gleeson’s straight hair. But the casting team managed to get the green eyes and the “punchable face” just right.

Brienne of Tarth

In the Seven Kingdoms, men certainly reigned supreme. Women were encouraged to stay home, play house, and look after their children – but Brienne of Tarth wasn’t like that. Brienne wanted to fight alongside the men, and after proving her worth to Ser Jaime Lannister she became the first woman in all of the Seven Kingdoms to become a knight. It was a huge moment for the show, and for Gwendoline Christie, who played her.

Some would say that Gwendoline was too beautiful compared to George R.R Martin’s description of her, though. In the books, she’s described as “unfeminine in appearance and is considered unattractive by Westerosi standards. She is tall, muscular, flat-chested, and ungainly, with shoulder-length brittle straw-colored hair and broad, coarse features that are covered in freckles. Brienne’s teeth are prominent and crooked. Her mouth is wide, her lips are swollen, and her nose has been broken more than once.”

Lysa Arryn

While she may have been known as Lady Regent of the Vale, Lysa Arryn chose to isolate herself throughout much of her life – despite her ties to both houses Tully and Stark. After the death of her husband, she focused on (rather bizarrely) parenting her son and throwing people through the moon door, and it was Scottish actress Kate Dickie who took on this role. However, she looked pretty different from how we imagined she would.

According to George R.R Martin, Lysa should not have been thin or beautiful. He described his character as being “Once beautiful, she has since grown thick and puffy due to many pregnancy issues.” He also noted that while she was younger than her sister Catelyn, “she looks older by a decade.” She was derscribed as having pale blue eyes with thick auburn hair and pale skin. Kate at least had the auburn hair.


Varys is often called the Spider or the Master of Whisperers, a eunuch who was formerly on the King’s Small Council. He had a team of informants who shared important information that he used to his advantage and to get ahead, and he became somewhat of a popular character in the television show. On our screens, Conleth Hill offered a bald, brooding character – but was he how you imagined him?

As you can see from the pictures above, the AI depiction of Varys is almost identical to Conleth in the show. He was a “bald, plump, and effeminate man” with a white powdered face and sharp eyes. Although George R.R Martin didn’t specify Varys’s eye color, it was confirmed that he came from Lys – which helps us to assume that he had purple eyes just like the others from that free city.

Catelyn Stark

Before Catelyn became Lady Stark, she was Catelyn Tully, and she knew what it meant to be part of a noble household in the Seven Kingdoms. Catelyn proved throughout her time on the show that she was devoted to her children and would do anything to protect them, and while we’ll never quite get over her messy and unfortunate demise, fans still remember her – and actress Michelle Fairley – fondly.

But how did on-screen Catelyn compare to the book version of Lady Stark? As you can see from the photos above, the casting team didn’t do too badly when it came to casting their leading Lady – although Michelle was perhaps a bit older than what we were expecting. George R.R Martin’s first book description of Catelyn was when she was between 33 and 35 when he wrote that “Catelyn is beautiful, with fair skin, long auburn hair and blue eyes. She has long fingers and high cheekbones.”

Jaqen H’ghar

In the Game of Thrones television show, Tom Wlaschiha was given the chance to take on the role of Jaqen H’Ghar – but that wasn’t his real name. Instead, this was the assumed identity of one of the Faceless Men of Braavos who taught Ayra how to become a trained and chameleon-like assassin. But one thing the book lovers couldn’t get over was how different he looked in the TV show compared to the books.

While Jaqen had the ability to change his appearance at will, his main appearance was one that featured dark brown hair and dark features. This was totally different to how he was described in the book. On George R.R Martin’s pages he wrote that Jaqen was a handsome man with fine features, and long shoulder-length hair that was red on one side and blonde on the other. That would have been much cooler to see on the screen.

Sansa Stark

For the rest of her career, English actress Sophie Turner will be remembered for her role as Sansa Stark. She stepped into the eldest Stark daughter’s shoes when she was just 15 years old, and across the eight seasons, she felt the full burden of her responsibility for House Stark. With her beautiful red hair and her feminine beauty, she’s described as taking on her mother’s Tully looks rather than her father’s Stark features.

In terms of the casting, the team got it spot on. Unlike the Stark men and even Arya, Sophie Turner’s Sansa offered this Tully beauty. She was described as being traditionally beautiful with her high cheekbones, her light auburn hair, and her deep blue eyes. In fact, the only real difference between the Sansa we saw on the screen and the Sansa we read in the books is the eye color.

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister certainly has a strange storyline. From his intimate relationship with his twin sister to his reputation as the “King Slayer,” Jaime went from riches to rags over the course of his journey on-screen. His character was brought to life by Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and fans of the books were over the moon when they saw him on their screens. After all, Jaime was just how they had imagined him to be.

As you can see from the Jaime we saw on the screen and the AI-generated Jaime, the casting was perfect. The eldest son of Tywin Lannister was described as being handsome and tall with green eyes and “curled hair the color of beaten gold.” He was the epitome of a Lannister both in terms of looks and personality, and now fans can’t imagine anyone but Nikolaj playing this character.

Cersei Lannister

Those who have read the Game of Thrones book series will know that Cersei Lannister was told of a prophecy whereby she would be replaced by a younger, more beautiful queen. As she had always been considered to be one of the most beautiful women in all of the Seven Kingdoms, this came as a shock to her. But, of course, Lena Headey still had no trouble bringing a beautiful woman to life.

In these two images, you can see that Cersei was almost exactly as she had been described in the books. She was described as a “strikingly beautiful woman, with golden hair, emerald green eyes, fair skin, and a slender graceful figure.” As we all know her personality didn’t quite match up to her outward appearance, but in terms of looks the casting team got it just right.

Daenerys Targaryen

With her blonde hair, her doe-eyes, and her overbearing brother, Daenerys Targaryan was a meek and shy woman when we first met her on our screens. Then, over time, she transformed into Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains. Amazingly, Emilia Clarke got to play this epic character.

Anyone who knows what Emilia looks like in real life knows that she had to wear a wig for this role, and rightly so. In the books, Daenerys is described as having “the classical Valyrian look” with violet eyes, pale skin, and long, pale silver-gold hair. She was also regarded as being incredibly fair and beautiful, and there’s no doubt that that’s what we saw on screen.

Jon Snow

As one of the main protagonists in the Game of Thrones TV show, it’s fair to say that all eyes were on Jon Snow during season one – mainly because he was the underdog. As the bastard son of Ned Stark, he was ousted by many people in his family and those around him. Of course, we all know that he later proved to everyone that he was worth it, and Kit Harington’s character went through a whole series of redemption.

In terms of Kit’s appearance, though, you could say that it was a little different. The actor we saw on the screen had the dark features synonymous with the Stark family, but his hair was much curlier and he seemed to be much older on the show. In season one, Jon was supposed to be 14 years old, but Kit was actually 24 years old when he landed the part – which meant that he wasn’t quite as we imagined.

Loras Tyrell

Loras Tyrell has a complicated history in Westeros. While he was once regarded as the most popular tourney knight and ranked as one of the most skilled knights in Westeros, his reputation was ruined when his sexuality was discovered. He then joined the Faith of the Seven and became Brother Loras, where his appearance changed drastically. He originally looked like how we expected him too, though.

When he was known as the Knight of Flowers, Loras was considered to be both beautiful and “extremely handsome.” It was written in the books that he had brown curly hair and liquid gold eyes, and had the ability to charm anyone who came his way. Although actor Finn Jones didn’t have the golden eye color, he still looked like the handsome, curly-haired knight we had imagined after reading the books.

Margaery Tyrell

As the only daughter of Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Tyrell, and the granddaughter of Lady Olenna Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell made it her mission to uphold her family name and rise through the ranks of nobility. Of course, she did just that when she married both Joffrey Baratheon and later Tommen Baratheon. She was cunning and quick, but she was also considered to be very beautiful – just like Natalie Dormer in real life.

In the books, George R.R Martin described Margaery as having “thick, softly curling hair, with large brown eyes” and “smooth unblemished skin.” It was also noted that she had a sweet and shy look to her, which helped in her scheming plans. She was able to charm her way around anything, and wrap anyone she wanted around her little finger for her own gain. Amazingly, the casting directors got it totally right.


While Game of Thrones is considered to be a fantasy drama, the show didn’t offer as much witchcraft or magic as some fans anticipated. Instead, much of this magic was reserved for Melisandra – often called the Red Woman or the Red Witch. This Red Priestess of R’hllor had a powerful pull over King Stannis during his reign, and everyone knows what she did to Jon Snow. So, it must have been cool for Carice van Houten to take on this role.

For those who have read the books, Melisandra was a welcome addition to the show – mostly because she looked just how they imagined. George R.R Martin wrote that this character was incredibly beautiful (with her necklace on), with unsettling red eyes and dark copper hair. The only real difference between these two images is the eyes, as Carice’s blue eyes didn’t quite match up to the book description.

Petyr Baelish

Often known by his nickname of “Littlefinger,” Petyr Baelish was known for his army of spies and his army of brothels. And while he managed to manipulate his way to the top of King’s Landing, he wasn’t exactly the most popular man in the Seven Kingdoms. Thankfully, Aiden Gillen is lovely in real life, and we were happy to see that the Petyr on-screen looked just like we imagined him in the books.

With his mustache and his piercing eyes, the on-screen Littlefinger looked as though he was up to no good – and that’s exactly how George R.R Martin described him. It was written that he was a short, thin man with sharp features and a pointed beard, as well as speckled brown hair with grey streaks and grey-green eyes. The writer also noted that when he smiled, he didn’t smile with his eyes.

Syrio Forel

While there are obvious main characters in George R.R Martin’s books and the subsequent television show, that’s not to say that smaller characters can’t also make an impact – especially on certain people. And although Miltos Yerolemou was only brought in for a few episodes to play Syrio Forel, this character had a big impact on Arya. After all, he was a master sword fighter and taught Arya everything she knows.

In the books, George R.R Martin gave Syrio a bit more attention. He went into his backstory as The First Sword of Braavos and he gave us a little introduction into what he looked like. He was described as being a “bald man with a beak nose” – which means that he looked totally different on our screens. In the show, Syrio had lusciously long and curly locks. So, the casting team messed that one up.

Tyrion Lannister

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Tyrion Lannister is a very multi-layered character. Although a Lannister, Tyrion seemed to have a higher moral caliber than his siblings and his father, and he was often found to be the voice of reason – despite his own struggles. This television role thrust Peter Dinklage onto the worldwide stage, and fans praised him for his very accurate depiction of his bookish counterpart.

The casting team obviously wanted to follow George R.R Martin’s description when they were casting Peter. Tyrion was born with dwarfism – but the only real difference between Tyrion and Peter is the hair color. Peter wore a wig for this role, and the production team decided against him wearing contact lenses to match Tyrion’s mismatched green and black eyes.

Gregor Clegane

Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane doesn’t really have much air time in the Game of Thrones television show. In fact, we hear more about him on Arya’s kill list than we see him in person. However, we did occasionally get the chance to see Icelandic professional strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson a few times – and we were able to see his gigantic figure, his big muscles, and whether he lived up to our expectations.

In the books, Gregor was described as being the largest man in Westeros – and he was supposedly even bigger than his brother, Sandor, and even Hodor. He reportedly had “great arms, an ugly voice like stone breaking, grey eyes, brown hair, and large shoulders.” While his face shape wasn’t exactly spot on, there was no denying that Gregor was as big as we thought he would be.

Lyanna Stark

While Lyanna Stark didn’t get much screen time in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones, those who have read the books will know all about “The Queen of Love and Beauty.” Lyanna was the sister of Ned Stark and betrothed to Robert Baratheon before she was tragically kidnapped and died during childbirth at 16 years old. In the show, a short snippet of her history was played out on screen, with Aisling Franciosi transforming herself into the character.

For many fans, Aisling was the perfect woman for the job. In the books, her character was described as having a “wild” beauty about her that was less refined and traditional than other women of the time. Like all of those in House Stark, she also boasted their tell-tale dark features, grey eyes, and a long face. We think they did pretty well.

Tywin Lannister

As the head of House Lannister, Tywin was slimy, selfish, and stern – a character that actor Charles Dance is used to playing. The English actor is known for playing villainous characters, and he seemed like the perfect person to become the Hand of the King for three different kings. While he tried to maintain control over his family and his house, he ultimately died at the hands of his own son.

While we didn’t particularly like Tywin Lannister, we appreciated the fact that the casting team managed to get this character spot-on. In the books, Tywin is described as being tall, slender, and broad-shouldered with a shaved bald head and a slight beard. It was also noted that he had pale green eyes with gold flecks in them – and really, that could be describing Charles Dance himself.

Myrcella Baratheon

While AI artist @msbananaanna used her artistic skills to bring some of these book characters to life, she didn’t do all of them. However, she’s not the only one to use their talent to show us these comparisons, as there are countless illustrations on the internet. Like this one, of the wonderful Myrcella Baratheon. This princess was shipped off to Sunspear in Game of Thrones, but how did she compare to her bookish counterpart?

Myrcella was played by actress Aimee Richardson in seasons one and two, and she looked just like the princess we imagined in the pages of George R.R Martin’s books. After all, the writer described the princess as having “golden curls, emerald eyes, and full lips.” As you can see from these two photos, the casting team absolutely nailed it.

Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy certainly went on a journey, and it definitely wasn’t a positive one. While this character once lived under the safety of the Starks, he was then captured by Ramsay Snow and tortured for years while the battle for the Iron Throne continued around him. In the show, Theon is played by Alfie Allen. And while he did a good job, he should have looked a little different.

In the books, George R.R Martin describes Theon Greyjoy as a lean, dark, handsome youth, with black hair, and a lean, dark face. He also gets thinner and thinner as his torturing episode continues, but Alfie Allen didn’t seem to lose too much weight for the show. He certainly looked more banged up as the seasons went on, though.

Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell had all of the charm and confidence you’d expect from a Prince from Dorne. He was portrayed as a man with passion and promiscuity, but he was also a keen fighter who wouldn’t shy away from getting down and dirty. For this role, Pedro Pascal allowed us to fall in love with the character – but he definitely looked a little different to how we imagined.

Anyone who has read the books will know that Oberyn was described to look a little different. According to the books, this prince was one who had “lustrous black hair”, thin eyebrows, black “viper” eyes, and an incredibly sharp nose. And while Pedro does have unique features, we don’t know why the showrunners decided to cut his hair short for the show.

Khal Drogo

Our first introduction to Khal Drogo was not a positive one. He seemed fierce and unwelcoming, and Daenerys seemed to resent her new husband. However, as the weeks went by we learned that The Great Khal may have been fierce, but that he also had a soft side. Viewers soon fell in love with their great love, and they couldn’t help but fall in love with actor Jason Momoa, too.

While this show thrust Jason into the limelight, some Game of Thrones fans couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t exactly live up to their every expectation. In the books, Khal Drogo is described as having a dropping mustache and a much longer braid adorned with decoration. However, it’s clear to see that they nailed the dark features and the overall aesthetic of this Khal.

Yara Greyjoy

While Game of Thrones is full of strong men fighting for survival and the Iron Throne, it was nice to see a strong woman from the books given a chance to showcase her strength on television. Yes, Yara Greyjoy is the older sister of Theon – and it’s fair to say that their lives are very different. Yara is determined to fulfill her house’s duty, and she won’t let any man get in the way. But how did her appearance compare to that of the books?

In print, this character is described as “lean and long legged, with dark eyes and black hair cut short. Her face is thin, with a big, sharp nose, and wind-chafed skin. On her neck is a faded pink scar.” On our screens, Gemma Whelan certainly looked the part. But one thing you might not know is that this character is actually called Asha in the books, but was renamed Yara for the sake of the television show.


While many of the characters in George R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones are born into greatness, others earn it. That was the case for Lord Bronn, who proved over the course of his career that he was a competent and successful sellsword. So much so that he eventually became a close acquaintance to Tyrion Lannister.

In the show, Jerome Flynn was called in to play this character, and the casting team almost nailed this choice. Jerome certainly played the part extremely well, and he was almost perfect when it came to his appearance. In the books, Bronn is described as being “a tall man, thin and hard as bone.” The only difference is that Bronn in the books has dark eyes, whereas Jerome has blue eyes.

Euron Greyjoy

George R.R Martin loves an outcast character, and Euron Greyjoy was certainly the black sheep of the Greyjoy family. Consumed by the desire for the Salt Throne, this character killed his own brother and sought the destruction of his niece and nephew, Yara and Theon, at the same time. So, actor Pilou Asbæk had a lot to take on when it came to his character.

Thankfully for Pilou, there was one aspect of his bookish appearance that he didn’t have to deal with. That’s because, in the books, George R.R Martin describes the character as having an eye patch. The production team decided to do away with this addition for the show, but Pilou still looked pretty similar with his dark hair and his rough and rugged look.

Barristan Selmy

Game of Thrones is full of characters who all have their own traits, and Ser Barristan Selmy’s trait was being one of the best swordsmen in the whole of the Seven Kingdoms. After serving as part of the Kingsguard for over four decades, he eventually rose through the ranks to become Lord Commander for King Robert and King Joffrey for a short time. Ian McElhinney did a great job bringing this character to life, but he did look a little different.

In the books, Barristan is described as having incredibly long, while hair – so, we don’t know when they decided to give him a haircut! His eye color also changed in the show, as Ian has hazel eyes rather than blue eyes. Aside from that, though, you can tell that these two pictures are meant to be of the same person.

Robert Baratheon

It takes a strong person to take on the Iron Throne, and Robert Baratheon was able to take the throne for himself. Of course, there are questions regarding his heirs and whether his “children” were actually his children, but he did still live a relatively successful life… until his untimely end. For his time on the screen, this character was played by none other than Mark Addy – and the casting team did pretty well.

When looking at these two photos, it’s clear to see that Mark Addy was the spitting image of George R.R Martin’s book description. On the pages, Robert is described as being slightly overweight due to his excessive feasting, with a red face and dark circles underneath his eyes. He was also described as having a dark, coarse beard. And that’s pretty spot on.

Daario Naharis

Both the books and the television show are full of loyal characters who are willing to serve the person they believe to be the rightful king or queen. And in Daario Naharis’ eyes, Daenerys Targaryen was the rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Because of this, Michael Huisman portrayed a devoted and loyal character who was almost obsessed with his queen. He didn’t look anything like he should have done, though.

With the show team managed to nail most characters, Daario Naharis couldn’t have been any different. In the books, he is described as having bright blue hair with a matching beard tied in braids. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also supposed to have a golden mustache! On the show, Daario looked relatively normal and not as brightly colored.

Tormund Giantsbane

Game of Thrones TV fans probably enjoyed Tormund’s journey. This warrior of the Free Folk pledged his allegiance to Mance Rayder and believed him to be the King-Beyond-the-Wall, but as time wore on he began to suspect that things were awry. Nevertheless, Tormund Giantsbane made his mark as a commendable warrior and friend-turned-enemy to Jon Snow.

This character was played by Kristofer Hivju on the show, but he didn’t look exactly as he was described in the books. George R.R Martin described this character as having a white beard and round stomach, while the Tormund we saw on our screens rocked red hair with a matching beard – and he didn’t really have the round stomach we expected.

Samwell Tarly

Every character needs some kind of redemption story, and Samwell Tarly certainly achieved that. After joining the Knights Watch as a shy and cowardly character, he developed over nine seasons to become a strong and capable man who was willing to do anything for the people he loved. That’s why fans fell in love with John Bradley.

In terms of his book vs. television show appearance, the production team couldn’t have got it any better if they tried. Samwell looked just as we imagined him to, and their likeness really was uncanny. From the dark hair to the chin-strap beard and stocky appearance, these two pictures prove that Samwell was the Samwell we always thought he would be.


We all know that Samwell Tarley’s redemption story would have been nothing without his beloved Gilly, and it seems as though the TV crew nailed this character. As a member of the Free Folk, Gilly was living a wild and uncomfortable existence with her bizarre family set-up, and so Samwell knew that he had to save her and her baby. Plus, Hannah Murray expertly brought this character to the screen.

For those familiar with the book description of this character, you’ll know that Gilly was described as having “dark hair, and big brown doe-eyes.” And that’s exactly what we saw on our screens. Gilly looked innocent while looking strong at the same time, but she did look a little older than the Gilly described in the books.

Tyene Sand

In the books, George R.R Martin made a big deal of the Sand Snakes. They had a strong storyline and they had their own part to play in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. However, they didn’t get the chance to shine in the television show, so we didn’t get the chance to see Tyene Sand show off her impressive fighting skills. She even looked totally different.

In the books, Tyene was described as being a blond, fair woman who had deep blue eyes – a complete contrast to Rosabell Laurenti’s character that we saw on the screen. Rosabell showed off this character with dark features and dark hair, with dark eyes, too. To be honest, the TV team didn’t stick to this character description at all.


While Kristian Nairn certainly didn’t have a lot of lines to remember for his time on Game of Thrones, his role as Hodor was still impressive. We fell in love with this gentle giant, just as we did in the books, and we couldn’t get enough of his devotion to Bran throughout the seasons. And while Hodor was just as big as we expected, Kristian did look a little different.

In the books, George R.R Martin described this character as having a “brown beard, and thick brown hair all over his body.” As you can see from the picture on the right, Kristian Nairn didn’t have brown hair or a brown beard but instead offered white hair with a tinge of brown in his beard. We also didn’t see whether he had hair all over his body.