These Notorious Groupies Had a Bigger Impact on the Rock and Roll Era Than You First Thought

Tue Apr 13 2021

The rock ‘n roll genre has long been associated with shaggy unkempt hair, degenerate attitudes, and infamous backstage lifestyles filled with debauchery and afterparties. And that’s all thanks to the rock ‘n roll stars who graced the world with their notorious presence and their musical talent. But it turns out, these iconic rock and rollers would be nothing without the groupies who partied alongside them…

For decades, hordes of young and beautiful women followed the likes of Keith Richards, Axl Rose, Mick Jagger, and Steven Tyler across the globe. They won over the hearts of gritty lead singers and broke the hearts of bass players, and they inspired the music that we still know and love today. Yes, these women were so much more than just another notch on these men’s bedposts. For many of these rock stars, these groupies were their muse.

Anita Pallenberg Dated Numerous Members of The Rolling Stones and Inspired Their Music

The Rolling Stones are one of the most iconic rock ‘n roll bands out there. They took the ’60s and ’70s by storm with their music and their party-hard lifestyle. And it’s fair to say that women around the world dreamed of the day Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and the rest of the band would notice them. But it seems as though most of them only had eyes for the German- Italian actress and model, Anita Pallenberg.

Pallenberg not only dated Brian Jones and Mick Jagger, but she also had a 13-year relationship with Keith Richards that resulted in their three children. Due to the band’s love of Anita, she became their muse and inspired countless songs over the years. Jo Bergman, the band’s personal assistant for six years, stated that “Anita is a Rolling Stone. She, Mick, Keith, and Brian were the Rolling Stones. Her influence has been profound.”

Bianca Jagger Was Mick Jagger’s First and Only Wife and Quickly Became a Studio 54 Legend

We know nobody had the moves like Jagger, and while these moves resulted in countless girlfriends and affairs, only one woman was able to tie him down. Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías became Bianca Jagger when she married the Rolling Stones frontman in 1971 – and she quickly became a living icon in the world of fashion, rock ‘n roll, and disco.

Although the couple were married for seven years and even welcomed a daughter into the world, Bianca noted that “My marriage ended on my wedding day” due to her husband’s infidelity. But that didn’t stop Bianca from making a name for herself and shying away from the “groupie” name. During the ’70s and ’80s, she became the queen of the disco-centric Studio 54 era.

Bobbie Brown Married the Lead Singer of Warrant and Even Appeared In Their “Cherry Pie” Music Video

After winning Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 1987, it wasn’t long before Bobbie Brown made her way into the world of professional modeling – most notably in commercials and music videos. And it was in Warrant’s music video for “Cherry Pie” that she met and fell in love with the lead singer Jani Lane. The couple tied the knot in 1991, but they divorced two years later.

But Bobbie wasn’t done with rock stars after her high-profile divorce. Shortly after she became engaged to Mötley Crüe member Tommy Lee – and while they ultimately didn’t make their way to the alter, they did cause quite a stir in the world of rock ‘n roll. She is currently in a relationship with Joshua Bissell, a member of the band Joy Island, so it seems as though Bobbie isn’t ready to give up her groupie days.

Pamela Anderson Married Mötley Crüe’s Drummer Tommy Lee Just Four Days After She First Met Him

Many people think of Playboy covers or slow-mo beach running when they think of Pamela Anderson, but it turns out that she’s also been a groupie in the past. All in all, Anderson has been married a whopping six times – twice to the same man – and two of those husbands are rock and roll legends.

Pamela’s first taste of groupie life came in February 1995 when she married Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee, just 96 hours after they first met. Pamela wore her finest white bikini for their secret beach wedding – and surprisingly, their marriage lasted for three years. In 2001, she then started dating Kid Rock. They had a tumultuous on-and-off relationship and even tied the knot in 2006, but they split permanently in 2007.

Bebe Buell Dated Countless Rock Stars and Later Became the Mother of Actress Liv Tyler

Beverle Lorence “Bebe” Buell became a professional model in the early ’70s, and this exposure to fame allowed her to start mixing and schmoozing with the rock stars of the day. Her beauty and her singing talent drew these men to her like bees to honey, and her list of former boyfriends is pretty impressive. She dated David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, and Steven Tyler.

Although Bebe had a long-term relationship with Todd Rundgren from 1972 until 1978, a secret affair with Steven Tyler in 1976 resulted in the birth of her daughter, Liv Tyler. Today, we know her to be a Hollywood actress and daughter of the Aerosmith frontman – but Liv only found this out when she was nine years old. Bebe claimed that Todd was the biological father for many years in an effort to protect her family and relationships.

Courtney Love Was a Rock Star Herself, but She Also Married Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain

Today, Courtney Love is still regarded as a rock star through and through. But there’s no doubt about the fact that she truly thrived in the 1990s. As the lead singer of rock band Hole, she was able to party alongside some of the great singers of the day – including Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The couple wed in 1992, but he sadly passed away two years later.

Thankfully, Kurt’s legacy still lives on through his music and through his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. And Courtney herself still advocates for her late husband and the music that thrust him into the limelight. She’s always been his biggest groupie – even though she’s a rock star in her own right. But did you know that Courtney also dated Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins and Michael Stipe from REM?

Lori Mattix Became a “Baby Groupie” at the Age of 13 and Was the Subject of a Led Zeppelin Song

Lori Mattix often went by the names of Lori Lightning and Lori Maddox, but whatever name you know her by, there’s no doubt about the fact that she’s one of the most notorious groupies in history. That’s because she started following the music and the parties of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle when she was just 13 – and reportedly had intimate relations with countless rock stars at this young age as well.

Lori has been extremely upfront about her life as a groupie and the men she had relations with. Her list includes David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, Keith Emerson, Jimmy Bain, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, and more. Not only that, but it’s been noted that she was the inspiration behind Led Zeppelin’s song “Sick Again”. It’s believed that the lyrics “One day soon you’re gonna reach sixteen/Painted lady in the city of lies” are about her.

Sable Star Was The “Queen of the Groupies” and Ran Away From Home at 16 To Be With Johnny Thunders

Sable Starr was another “baby groupie” who started to make a name for herself during the rock ‘n roll scene during the ’60s and ’70s. She started partying with bands as a teenager, and she later dropped out of high school because she fell in love with Johnny Thunders. While this relationship ultimately didn’t work out, it wasn’t long before another rock star took his place.

In fact, Sable not only called herself the “Queen of the Groupies”, but this name and title also followed her wherever she went. Fans traveled to see these rock bands – but they also traveled to see her thanks to her high-profile relations with the likes of Robert Plant, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, and more. But by the 1980s she chose to leave the groupie life behind.

Tawny Kitaen Married Whitesnake’s David Coverdale and Appeared In Many Of Their Music Videos

Tawny Kitaen got her first taste of the groupie life when she was just 14 years old. When she saw how Peter Frampton’s girlfriend got serious VIP treatment at his concert, she decided to follow in her footsteps and find her own rock star boyfriend. So, during high school she dated Robbin Crosby – the guitarist from Ratt – and ultimately followed him to LA to experience the rock n’ roll era of the 1970s.

Although Tawny and Robbin broke up, she later found love in the form of Whitesnake singer David Coverdale. The couple tied the knot in 1989 and she quickly became known as part of the band. Not only would she be seen backstage with the rockers, but she also appeared in music videos for their songs “Still of the Night,” “Here I Go Again”, “Is This Love” and “The Deeper the Love.” However, Tawny and David divorced after three years together.

The Memoirs Pamela Des Barres Wrote About Her Life as a Groupie Inspired a Hollywood Blockbuster

Pamela Des Barres fell in love with rock ‘n roll music when she was just a child. This love for the genre ultimately led her to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Although she was still in high school, she had high hope of meeting the rock stars she had always dreamed of. And it wasn’t too long before she was being introduced to the likes of Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones.

She soon became one of the most famous groupies of the 1970s, and she certainly made an impression on the rock stars in that era. It’s been noted that she had relations with iconic musicians like Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, and more. She later wrote two memoirs about her life as a groupie, and it’s believed that filmmaker Cameron Crowe used these stories to inspire his 2000 movie, Almost Famous.

Carmen Electra Became a Modern-Day Groupie and a Reality TV Show Followed Her Marriage to Rock Star Dave Navarro

Many of the famous groupies we remember today made their mark during the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, but that’s not to say that there aren’t modern-day groupies who also find the rock star lifestyle too tantalizing to pass up. Carmen Electra is one of them, even though many see her as the pin-up model and Baywatch babe we see on our screens.

In 2003, Carmen tied the knot with Dave Navarro – rock star guitarist who has played with the likes of Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Fans were so intrigued by their relationship that they were offered their very own reality show called ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. But just three years after they got hitched, the couple announced their separation to the world.

Nancy Spungen Became a Legend Within the Punk Rock Movement and Had a High-Profile Relationship With Sid Vicious

Nancy Spungen is perhaps one of the most infamous groupies in history, largely due to the fact that she suffered from her mental health, abused narcotics, and was in a rather public – and supposedly violent – relationship. But Nancy had always associated her personality with the punk rock movement, and she seemed happy to follow the music and the people within this scene.

Over the years, Nancy followed bands like the Ramones, Aerosmith, and The New York Dolls, but she’s perhaps best known for her highly volatile relationship with Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. These two were together for almost two years, and it’s been noted that they both became addicted to hard narcotics during this time. Sadly, Nancy was stabbed in her hotel room in 1978 and Sid was the main suspect before he also passed away.

Pattie Boyd Was a Hit With the Beatles and Served As George Harrison’s Muse Over the Years

During the 1960s, Pattie Boyd became one of the most successful models in England – so it should come as no surprise to learn that she attracted the attention of the Beatles. In fact, she married George Harrison in 1966, and during that time she served as his muse. She inspired some of the Beatles’ most famous songs such as “If I Needed Someone”, “Love You To” and “For You Blue.”

However, it was highly publicized that George was having affairs with other groupies and women while they were married. And even Pattie herself admitted to cheating on her husband with rock star Ronnie Wood. The couple eventually divorced in 1977. Two years later, Pattie married fellow rock ‘n roller Eric Clapton – who had been besotted with Pattie long before she married the Beatle.

As Well as Being a Pop Icon, Cher Has Long Been a Lover of Rock and Roll and Has Even Dated Numerous Rock Stars

Although Cher has staked her claim as a pop legend, her music has leaned on folk and rock references over the years. And her place in the limelight has allowed her to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life – including rock stars. Many know that she was married to rock musician Greg Allman for four years, but did you know she dated Richie Sambora?

Actually, you could say that Cher was a bit of a groupie. She followed the lives and careers of many rock stars, but there was something about the Bon Jovi guitarist that stood out from the crowd. Cher and Richie dated for around a year from 1989 until 1990, and many rock fans still credit her as one of the most talented groupies of all time.

Donna D’Errico Rose to Fame as a Playboy Model but Was Also Married to Nikki Sixx for 11 Years

Nikki Sixx is one of those rock stars that attracts groupies like moths to a flame. He’s dated countless women over the years – and he certainly seems to have a type. The Mötley Crüe band member loves models and Playboy bunnies, and this was proven when he married Donna D’Errico in 1996.

D’Errico is also known for her role in Baywatch, which is why many of her fans were surprised to see her with the quirky, dark-haired rocker. But groupie life seemed to agree with D’Errico, as the couple was together for 11 years and they even welcomed a daughter into the world together. Sadly, they divorced in 2007.

Audrey Hamilton Left Her Own Husband To Become Led Zeppelin’s “Road Wife”

Audrey Hamilton may have been married in the late 1970s, but that didn’t stop her from following Led Zeppelin on their 1977 US tour. It’s been reported that she and her husband were in an open marriage when she met one of the band’s roadies, so she didn’t even hesitate when she was asked to go back to their hotel room. It was here that she hit it off with the lead singer, Robert Plant.

Plant was also married at the time, but it wasn’t long before Audrey had become his “road wife” and was even scoring shout-outs during their on-stage performances. Audrey’s groupie life ended when their tour ended and Robert went home to his legal wife, but it’s been noted that Led Zeppelin’s song “Hot Dog” was written about their short affair.

Heather Locklear May Be an Accomplished Actress, but That Didn’t Stop Her From Chasing the Groupie Lifestyle

You’re probably already familiar with Heather Locklear and her acting career. After all, she’s put her name to shows like Melrose Place and Dynasty – and she’s become a household name in the acting world. But what many people don’t realize about this leading lady is the fact that she’s an under-the-radar groupie who just loves to live that rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

Heather has married two rock legends over the years, starting with Mötley Crüe’s drummer, Tommy Lee. This iconic pair were together for seven years before they parted ways, but she didn’t have to wait too long for another rock star to come along. A year later, she fell in love with Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora, and they were together for three years. Who knew Heather was a groupie at heart?

Annette Walter-Lax Spent the Last Four Years of Keith Moon’s Life With Him and Tried To Deal With His Party Lifestyle

Swedish model Annette Walter-Lax was already a famous model when she encountered the Who’s drummer, Keith Moon. His explosive behavior was legendary and his battle with addiction was well-known, but it seemed as though Annette’s presence calmed him down. He was still the hardcore partier that he always was, but his priorities seemed to change when he fell in love with his beloved groupie.

The couple dated from 1975 until 1979 – when Moon sadly passed away – and while Annette seemed to have a positive effect on the rock star it ultimately wasn’t enough to save him. She tried multiple times to get him to go to rehab, but his demons took over in the end. Annette herself noted that Keith was “so sweet when he was sober, that I was just living with him in the hope that he would kick all this craziness.”

Roxana Shirazi Juggled Her Life as a Groupie While Studying For Her Master’s Degree in London

After fleeing Iran with her family as a child, Roxana found herself in London living a very sheltered life. She was inexperienced with men and she rarely partied at university when she realized that she’d need a little extra money if she wanted to complete her master’s degree. Soon enough she became a belly dancer, which led her into the arms of some of the biggest rock ‘n roll stars of the ’90s and ’00s.

Roxana followed these men around the world and schmoozed with the other groupies of that era, and it’s safe to say that she won over the hearts of some high-profile rockers. She had relations with the likes of Dizzy Reed and Matt Sorum from Guns ‘N Roses, and many members of the British/French rock band Black Cherry.

Nico Used Her Groupie Connections to Launch Her Own Singing Career

German-born Christa Päffgen was known by her stage name, Nico, and certainly made an impact on the world of rock, punk, and art. In fact, she was first discovered by Andy Warhol who introduced her to the rock stars of the world. Later, she had relations with the likes of Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and more.

And while Nico loved her groupie lifestyle, it seemed as though she wanted more. She used her connections to launch her own music career, and with the help of Jim Morrison, she found the confidence to write and perform her own songs. Her music took her across the world during the 1980s, but sadly she passed away in 1988 in a cycling accident.

Actress and Singer Marianne Faithfull Was Discovered By The Rolling Stones and Dated Mick Jagger

Marianne Faithfull is not only famous in her home country of England, but she’s also known across the world for her acting and singing career. But what’s so amazing about this living legend is the fact that she was actually discovered by record producer Andrew Oldman at a party hosted by the Rolling Stones.

Although Marianne and the rock ‘n roll band started off as friends, in 1966 she took her relationship with Mick Jagger to a whole new level. They started dating and the whole world soon became obsessed with their attractiveness, their talent, and their charisma as a fashionable duo. They only dated for two years, but everyone remembers this time in history.

Krissy Wood Married Notorious Rock Star Ronnie Wood and Was Involved In a Groupie Love Triangle

Many groupies don’t get the chance to marry the rock stars they fall in love with, but there are some who manage to make the cut. This was the case for English model Krissy Wood who got to call the Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood her husband from 1971 until 1978. However, Ronnie is known for his notorious love of the ladies – and this often came in between their marriage.

It’s been noted that Ronnie had a high-profile and rather public affair with Krissy’s fellow groupie, Pattie Boyd. This caused a rift in their marriage and they ultimately parted ways. But Ronnie isn’t the only rock star she wooed over the years. Krissy famously had relations with the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, and John Lennon.

Erin Everly Became Axl Rose’s Muse and Even Inspired the Most Famous Song Guns N’ Roses Ever Released

As the daughter of famous singer Don Everly, Erin Everly grew up within the music world. She dated countless musicians and made her mark within the groupie social circle. But her life changed forever when she met Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses. These two immediately hit it off, and Axl’s love for Erin inspired the band’s most famous song of all time, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

It was no secret that Erin was Axl’s muse, and they solidified their love once and for all in a Las Vegas wedding in 1990. However, their relationship was tumultuous and the loss of a baby and accusations of physical abuse eventually broke down their marriage in 1991. But still, nobody can deny the impact that Erin had on the success of Guns N’ Roses.

Brandi Brandt Was Married to Nikkie Sixx for Seven Years and the Couple Welcomed Three Children Together

Nikkie Sixx is notorious for loving the ladies, and we’ve already seen many of his past conquests on this list. But it seems as though Brandi Brandt was a special addition to Nikkie’s life, as they were married for seven years. The Playboy model and the Mötley Crüe band member got hitched in 1989, and they seemed to be the perfect couple.

Brandi became the ultimate groupie while they were together, and she followed the band around the whole world as they performed for their rock ‘n roll fans. But things changed when they welcomed their three children into the world, and it seems as though Nikkie wanted something more. So, they divorced in 1986.

Josie Stevens Is Married to Steve Stevens and the Ultimate Groupie Reality Star

Steve Stevens not only has a rock ‘n roll name, but he also lives a rock ‘n roll lifestyle. This guitarist and songwriter has performed with some of the biggest bands and solo acts within the rock world – and he’s attracted some serious attention along the way. But there’s no doubt about the fact that his groupie wife has also got people talking.

Playboy model and fashion designer Josie Stevens has been married to Steve for over a decade now, and her marriage has even been documented in a rock-inspired reality show. She starred in the Married to Rock show back in 2010, and this program showcased the outrageous and infamous lives of the women involved in these rock stars’ lives.

Winona Ryder Not Only Dated a Rock Star, but the Actress and Dave Pirner Are Still Good Friends Today

Winona Ryder is arguably one of the most famous actresses in the world. She’s put her name to more movies than we can count, and she’s become a household name in Hollywood. And while many see her as the girl-next-door, it seems as though Winona just can’t resist the dark and brooding men of the rock world.

Everyone knows Winona’s high-profile relationship with actor and rock star Johnny Depp during the 1990s, but few people remember that she was also involved with Dave Pirner. She dated the Soul Asylum band member for a short while, and although it didn’t work out they’re still good friends today – and you could say that she’s still the band’s biggest fan.

Rachel Hunter Left One High-Profile Rock Star To Marry Another Rock Legend

Hailing from New Zealand, Rachel Hunter’s career as a model and actress quickly took off during the late ’80s and ’90s. She traveled across the world and found herself at rock star parties where she got to rub shoulders with icons – and she stuck out from the crowd. Because of this, she had many high-profile relationships with rock stars.

Most notably, this groupie lived with her boyfriend, musician Kip Winger, during the late 1980s. They seemed to have a solid relationship, but this all changed when Rachel met Rod Stewart at the age of 21. They met in a nightclub and it wasn’t long before the model was leaving her boyfriend to walk down the aisle with the rock star who was 24 years older than her. They separated nine years later.

Angie Bowie Had an Open Marriage With David Bowie, but He Still Wrote Songs About Her

David Bowie’s passing struck a chord with fans across the world thanks to his incredible career, but it seems as though much of his “Ziggy Stardust” image was all thanks to his former wife, Angie Bowie. The couple tied the knot when she was just 19 years old in 1969, and she designed the concept art used to make his costumes and create his performance makeup.

But Angie has noted that she didn’t love David in a romantic way and that they “got married so that I could work. I didn’t think it would last and David said, before we got married, ‘I’m not really in love with you’ and I thought that’s probably a good thing.” Because of this, they had an open marriage, but David still honored their friendship and even wrote “The Prettiest Star” about his wife.

Uschi Obermaier Traveled the World and Had Relations With Some of the Biggest Names in Rock ‘n Roll

German model and actress Uschi Obermaier was the ultimate nomad during her youth. She became a political figure during the 1980s, and when she wasn’t hanging out in a commune she was traveling the world in a van and meeting some of the biggest rock stars and writers of all time. In fact, she became writer Rainer Langhans muse.  

In 1975, Obermaier chose to follow the Rolling Stones during their tour, and it wasn’t long before she was getting up close and personal with many of the band’s members. She supposedly had affairs not only with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, but also Jimi Hendrix who would often stay overnight at her home in the commune.