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These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk’ And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day

Situated in upstate New York, the organization started way back in 2011. It opens its doors to anyone who’s willing to give their furry friend the daily activity it needs. If you live in a neighborhood where there aren’t many dogs around for yours to play with, never fear, Saratoga has got you covered.

These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day4

How adorable is this? Your pet will be sure to make some friends for life, as the dogs always walk in large packs on their daily commutes. It turns out that these animals benefit greatly from interacting with others of their kind. The owner uses his vast knowledge of man’s best friend to justify the aims of the business: “The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts to travel in a pack, but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do.”

By enrolling your furry friend into Saratoga, you’ll be doing your them two favors: getting them both the physical and mental stimulation they require, in just half an hour to 45 minutes.  The organization has a high success rate in improving a dog’s behavior and general health, so you’ll be coming home to one well and truly satisfied pup.

How Do They Do It?

Admit it, walking your dog can sometimes be quite the challenge – they dart over to anyone remotely smelling like food and show absolutely no decorum when it comes to needing the bathroom. Walking over ten of these pooches though?! It seems a mystery to us how these brave specimens of people over at Saratoga manage to keep their cool when walking such a huge, and probably very excitable pack.

These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day3

Who is the courageous man that’s stepped up to the plate, or dog bowl in this case? Tim Pink is the official leader of the organization. With his trusty group of team members, these people defy all the odds by making their collective dog walks a fairly easy duty. Rain or snow, this is a crew dedicated to creating a well-rounded dog.

These people are the pros of all dog pros, so managing a pack of 10-15 is no trouble at all for them. They typically assign a staff member to a group of big dogs, and another for the smaller sized pups.

One Big Family

One of the biggest concerns of anyone probably reading this is the cooperation of the dogs themselves. Every canine brings a different personality to the table; some are timid and struggle to interact with anyone other than their owners, while others sprint over to any moving creature they see. It’s a huge gamble to put them all together and expect no quarrels here and there.

These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day2

It’s a match! Much to many people’s surprise, every one of these dogs is the best of friends. Looking at these pictures, it’s obvious the program is working wonders on their temperaments. Observe how cool, calm and collected these animals are beside one another. It appears there are even a few models within the group, too!

Perks of the Job

Does 90% of your camera roll consist of pictures of your dog? Imagine playing canine cameraman for a full-time job. Tim Pink likes to keep the owners regularly updated on how his dog walks are going, by taking pit stops here and there, when a photo opportunity sparks up.

These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day1

They’re a pretty photogenic bunch, over at Saratoga. The owner makes sure not a single dog is left out of the snapshot as they get papped posing in front of some of the most impressive backdrops the New York walks have to offer. Once he takes the photo, Pink thanks each dog individually for their cooperation and they continue with the midday stroll. For all the owners sat at work missing their pup, Tim Pink has got their back.

If you’re keen to contribute to a more well-rounded community of fluffy friends in the New York neighborhood, be sure to give Saratoga Dog Walkers a thought!