The Quirkiest Ways Brides Embraced the “Trash the Dress” Trend

Sun Jan 09 2022

Brides spend all of their time, energy, and money planning the wedding of their dreams. One step, in particular, provides its own set of frustrations when getting set up for the special day: the dress. Brides search high and low, often for years, before finding the perfect gown for their special day.

When brides find their dream dress, they often want to cherish it and keep it in pristine condition until their dying days. Well, these brides decided to take the road less traveled. If their marriage works out, then they should never have to wear the dress again for any reason. Why not destroy the dress in a memorable way, instead?

Graffiti Photo Shoot

This blushing bride doesn’t look like she’s blushing too much, right? Well, this bride had a rather unique take on where she felt it was necessary to wear her dress. It looks like she went down into some tunnel decked out by graffiti, as well as tons of dirt and grime.

This photoshoot makes us wonder what might have happened on their wedding day. While many other brides on this list look happy to have made a lifelong commitment, this one just looks like she’s set herself up for a life of misery. While the dress might not be trashed itself, the backdrop kind of speaks for itself.

The Bride That Chased Waterfalls

This bride wanted to embrace all of mother nature’s beauty and goodness while frolicking in her wedding dress. As a result, this bride traveled around with a camera and a photographer to capture her making the most of wearing her dress out in nature.

This Reddit user wrote, “I did a trash the dress photoshoot with my mother in law. She was our photographer at our wedding so it was extra special to have fun playing in waterfalls in my wedding dress.” What a special way to get some extra use out of one expensive dress.

The Tastefully Painted Dress

This bride wanted to make the most of her dress after the special day. Instead of truly trashing it, this bride got crafty and decided to repurpose the gown. It is unclear if she hired someone to paint the dress or if she did it herself, but it is truly unique.

This eclectic couple really made the most of her dress. Maybe it could end up being their future daughter’s prom dress, maybe it will remain preserved in their closet for years to come. Either way, this dress looks like it should be hanging in the trashed-dress hall of fame.

Dragging Through the Sand

This couple got down and dirty at what we can only assume is a beach wedding. This couple frolicked in the ocean and went for a swim on their wedding day outfits. They made the most of their vacation by bringing their beautiful formalwear into nature.

In our minds, this couple jetted off to a five-star resort in Hawaii, said their vows, danced their butts off, and headed straight to the beach for a trash-the-dress playdate. These two tossed each other around in the water and made the most of their time on that beach.

How Many Brides Shred Like This?

Wow, how many brides can say they’ve done what this one did? This bride combined her favorite dress and her favorite activity. Maybe she bundled up until the very last minute and dropped her coat at the top of the pass. She must be one experienced skier…

This bride probably picked her wedding destination based on her passion for skiing. She likely picked out new skis to specifically match her dress, using them as part of her official wedding attire. While some brides spend their money on fancy heels, this one invested her money elsewhere.

The Bride That Set Herself on Fire

This Tel Aviv, Israel-based couple took their “trash the dress” theme to a whole new level. After her wedding, Natasha Samuel and her husband scheduled a photoshoot to do the unthinkable: she would light her dress on fire for her absolutely unforgettable shoot.

This wasn’t the first course of action this couple took, but we’re gonna guess it was the last. She had her husband dump some sand on her head, throw buckets of water at her face, and cover her dress in fingerpaintings. What a unique and unconventional way to make the most of the big day’s dress.

Wine About It

This does not seem like the kind of photo we want to have the opportunity to take but to each their own. This couple decided to celebrate their love for each other by throwing the biggest beverage stainer around; red, red wine. We still would have preferred to drink that wine…

This bride and her husband wanted to completely ruin their outfits with one of the worst stains they could possibly have. This couple might as well have walked through a wine cellar and broken every bottle around. All we can see is a bunch of wine that they could be drinking, and they’re just wasting it!

Batter Up, Bride

This bride and groom ran the bases in their trash-the-dress photo shoot. They geared up for a full day of baseball and got down and dirty. This couple might have even gotten the baseball diamond freshly manicured for this special occasion.

It’s not that far off to think that maybe, just maybe, this couple might have packed their bags and eloped at their favorite professional baseball field, wherever in the world they may be. They certainly had to be fans of the sport to dedicate this special occasion to baseball.

T and Z Played With Paints

This couple got cute and creative in their own way. They slapped together some paint kits and headed out in their wedding day attire. From the looks of it, they likely showed up to some empty lot and got to playing around with paints. Who couldn’t love this?

This couple did everything on a budget and they were great at it. All of these items can be purchased at a craft store; even the fabric for your big fancy wedding gown, if you’re up for the challenge. Just step outside with your dress, some big letters, and some paint bottles and grab your iPhone for a photo you’ll never forget.

Diving Down Deep for Each Other

This couple decided to go deep below the surface. They probably splashed around in the lagoon for a bit before taking a big breath to free-dive. The only thing this couple seems to be missing is some scuba gear. Also, how did they get such an empty space?

We can only hope that this couple managed to frame this photo and hand it in their home together. We wonder if they had a destination wedding, perhaps heading down to trash the dress after all celebrating was done, catching the early morning light. They honestly look so majestic here. Wowza.

The Mechanic Is In

This couple decided to get greasy after their big day. They must have a shared love of fixing up cars, maybe even a love for partying as well. If you look closely, this bride is holding a cigarette in one hand, and nursing a beer on the other end.

For realsies, this bride did not see any limits to what she can accomplish in her wedding dress. While she might be a pro at fixing cars, she might not have been a pro at deciding where it was appropriate to wear her wedding dress. It’s up to you, lady!

This Bride Makes Pizza In Her Dress

This bride took her dress on the adventure of a lifetime. This bride found herself on a journey to wear her wedding dress in so many different situations that she really got her money’s worth. Here, the bride is photographed making pizza at a Long Island, New York pizzeria.

This bride got creative and made a fresh pizza pie in Commack, New York. This Long Island pizzeria was happy to take one happy bride under their wing and allow her to get all saucy up in their business. Was this bride actually self-catering her wedding?

Splashing Around In Mud

This couple embraced nature as they never have before. Some folks preserve their nature-themed wedding with photographs and memories. This couple decided to preserve their wedding memories by getting a little more hands-on than country-themed decor.

We can only assume that this couple loved nature, seeing as they chose to cover themselves in mud after (maybe during?) their wedding. They could have easily just slipped away, a little more than drunk on some champagne, and headed out to fight in some mud.

This Couple Shocked Us With Unique Tags

This couple took their love of graffiti to a new level. They set themselves up with a blank wall and some spray paint cans. We have to assume that they hired someone to paint at least the lettering, over them. They very well could have been helpful with the rest of it.

We wonder just how long that would have taken for them to complete. Also, how long did it take for the bride to get that spray paint off of her skin? It looks like she would have a permanent tattoo on her arm that looks like graffiti. Not a horrible look, though!

This Couple Went Cliff Jumping

This couple took trashing the dress to the next level. We can only assume that this couple had a destination wedding with how they just happened to have easy access to a beach and cliffs safe enough to jump off of. That jump looks pretty steep to us…

The toughest part here is that the cut and structure of the dress probably added some extra pressure for the bride on her way down. The dress probably acted like a bit of a parachute on the way down. Once she hit the water, maybe she was restricted and didn’t sink so deep… or she sunk extra?

Do It for the Gram

This bride looks like she was more concerned with getting an Instagram-worthy photo than with really trashing her dress. She laid out her tulle in a thin layer, as if her body and the dress material were a giant, round blanket. There’s a ton of tulle spread out.

This bride simply got cozy in the sand, waiting for the waves to crash in over her and her dress. She’s stretched out as if she’s laying on her bed or on the couch. She’s clearly comfortable, despite being superposed. This isn’t quite trashed-dress-worthy.

Playful Bride and Groom

This Tel Aviv-based couple splashed around in some paint before they splashed around in water, throwing buckets at each other. They frolicked around in the ocean after having their little fire and paint fiasco to cool off. These two needed to cool down in their own way.

The TODAY show reported on the couple that took trashing the dress to the next level by setting the bride’s gown on fire. They made sure to note that when the couple set the fire, they made sure they were close to the water, so they could run in to cool down. That makes a lot of sense, especially for him to splash a bucket at her head!

One Muddy Bride

This bride decided to splash around in some mud like a pig in its pen. She’s still managed to make herself look quite artistic. This girl looks like she knows she might have made a mistake, ruining such a wonderful dress, all because she’s now completely covered.

This bride probably had to bury this dress somewhere on the farm she hosted her wedding at. Now, she’s got something to get her farm work done in, so she doesn’t have to get any other clothes dirty in the process. That’s probably what she intended, anyway.

This Bride Mushes Like No Other

This bride sees no boundaries to when and where she can wear her wedding dress. Here, she’s photographed dogsledding. According to “One Woman, One Dress,” this photo was taken at 2 am while on vacation in Iceland. What a strange activity for her wedding dress to experience…

We can’t help but wonder, why did the bride have to go bare-arms in below-freezing temperatures? Was there a rule saying that she couldn’t wear a jacket over her dress, or is she just crazy? Is this just an extra wild step on her journey to trashing her wedding dress?

You’ve Got Nothing on Swamp Bride

This bride must have been part of Duck Dynasty because she decided to trash her dress in the swamps she calls home. We’re thinking that this bride was born and bred in the bayou, heading out on her family’s monthly duck hunting trip, only to lose the ducks to some gators nearby.

We’re not sure if the bride is holding her shawl (or is it a veil?) up in the air because she’s posing, or because she’s trying to avoid getting it muddy like the bottom of her dress clearly is. Either way, this is certainly a unique way to send her wedding dress into its next life.

Family Paint Party

This bride decided to make trashing her dress a family affair. While it is unclear if the wedding happened before the babies did, this bride did not keep her little ones from being able to engage in her trashing-the-dress festivities. What kind of mom would keep her kids from that kind of fun?

This mama gave her children some paint bottles and told them to go wild all over mama’s dress. These kiddos lucked out with a mom who let them use her dress as their blank canvas. Now, this mom is going to have to hold onto the dress to show her babies their hard work years later.

From Downhill Skis to Water Skis

This bride had the ultimate test on her hands. She had to hold herself up while gliding on the water to make sure that she didn’t completely get soaked, but that seems like that was kind of the point. She’s seemingly more interested in experiencing life in her wedding dress rather than trashing it.

Really, who could blame her? If she’s gonna spend a ton of money on a dress, she might as well get her money’s worth. There’s no doctrine that bars her from wearing her gown for extreme water sports, and honestly, we’re impressed that she took such initiative.

A Different Kind of Bridal Shower

This couple decided to splash around in the sand after trashing their wedding dress. This is definitely a different kind of bridal “shower,” don’t you think? They already splashed around in some paint, water, and even fire, so it seems like cooling off with some sand is a natural next step.

By all accounts, this Tel Aviv-based couple just completely went to town trying to destroy this dress in any way possible. On the shores of Trumpeldor Beach, a prominent beach in the area, this couple destroyed their wedding day garb in a unique set of ways.

Sensually Trashing the Dress

While some might see this as sensual, we see this as a couple that took things a little too far. By the way that these two are holding tight to the other, things look pretty great, but honestly… they kind of look like they’re about to get it on, whether or not a wave is coming to crash down on them.

The groom somehow looks more soaked than the bride, so maybe he was a little more invested in “trashing” his outfit than the bride is. If you look closely, lots of sand and dirt has already grazed her dress. It seems like this bride got the picture she wanted from trashing her gown.