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Salads That Aren’t Sad: Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Excited To Eat Your Greens

Tired of trying to be healthy but hating everything you make? You’re not alone! Long gone are the days of ordering a classic, plain bowl of lettuce as a side – as the green is here to stay and is taking over the center stage as the main entrée.

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Image: The Mediterranean Dish

It’s time for an update in your salad bowl, from enhancing your salads to have exquisite tastes to adding in some funky textures of foods. Wave goodbye to tear-stained plates and frustrated tastebuds, and say hello to the new and improved ways to salivate over a salad with these tips and tricks!

Make It Picture-Perfect

It’s been told to not judge a book by its cover – well forget that when it comes to your salad. The first crucial component in curating your meal is to make it not look so sad. In a world where “the phone eats first,” you need to do exactly that.

Make your salad catch the eyes of not only you but any admirer! Your masterpiece will be something that you’ll be proud to put into your body and something you’ll want to share with everyone you know, inflicting the green monster of salad jealousy amongst them.

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Image: Conde Naste Traveler

Imagine your salad is like a painting and you want to use every color in your pallet. Consider it like this, adding an assortment of color into your bowl means you might actually like the unfiltered photo you take. The colors will attract your sight, while everything else flirts with the rest of your senses.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Out with the old and in with the new! The time has come to get creative with your ingredients and do your tastebuds a favor. Whether if it’s salty, sweet, spicy, or tangy, don’t be afraid to mix in non-traditional items to your salad bowl. Taking the risk of experimenting with new foods and spices can piggyback off of the element of making your salad look sexy.

For example, adding in some spicy green pepper and pairing it with some almonds (on top of your other bases) not only add flavor, but texture, and are all healthy accessories. Nuts are a great source of protein and promote healthy digestion and can help with other health concerns, such as cholesterol. Incorporating seeds and cheeses are other elements to consider when prepping your meal. There’s nothing a little parmesan can’t enhance!

A Super Salad Has A Superfood

Adding superfoods into your blend will actually make you feel full, not heavy, and not wanting to eat a whole baguette with butter immediately after. Superfoods provide your body with the nutritional support that it so desperately craves and needs.

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Image: Healthline Media

Items such as avocados, eggs, and again, nuts, are not only tasty constituents but are truly impacting your health with every bite of your salad. Lowering cholesterol levels, improving vascular health, and boosting anti-inflammatory properties are just a few of the benefits you’ll reap by not skipping out on these guys during prep time.

Lights, Camera, Action

Throw on that apron, break out the cutting board, and get to chopping honey! There’s no time like the present to take control of your health, to try something new, and to take everything you’ve read and put it into motion! Remember, this is a process of trial and error. If today’s chia seeds are not the vibe for your afternoon chow time, tomorrow, throw in pumpkin and walnuts and start all over.

You have the power to truly create something unique and just for you – so make it something you look forward to, rather than a chore or a necessity to your everyday routine. We’re all rooting for you, even you’re neighborhood salad bar!