Parent Trap: All of Lindsay Lohan’s Problems Can Be Traced Back to Her Problematic Parents

Mon May 16 2022

For most of Lindsay Lohan’s life, she’s been in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Whether she’s falling out of nightclubs in the early morning hours, or she’s pictured crying in court, we’ve become accustomed to expecting the worst from the former child star. Usually, her “bad” behavior is attributed to the trials and tribulations associated with child fame.

But in this article, we’re diving into the real reason things have always gone wrong for her – her parents. Dina and Michael, as it turns out, are even wilder and less predictable than their famous daughter, and as we’ll come to see, it’s been no walk in the park for the Parent Trap actress. Take a look at what her controversial parents have been putting her through all these years.

Dina Was a Disney Stage Mom Who Managed Her Daughters Lindsay and Ali

Lindsay’s mom was exposed to show business long before Lindsay made a name for herself in Hollywood. Dina used to be a dancer and ended up assuming the role of Lindsay’s manager for much of her career. Aside from that, she starred in Living Lohan, a series that focused on the lives of the Lohan clan – namely, the other Lohan siblings.

The series saw Dina try to get her daughter Ali’s singing career off the ground, to little avail. At the time, Dina had recently divorced from her husband of 20 years and father to her kids, Michael Lohan. At the time, it wasn’t clear what had caused the break up of their marriage. But as we’ll come to see, there was more to their marriage than met the eye.

2009 – Dina Tries To Sneak Her Underage Daughter Ali Into a Nightclub

It was reported in 2009 that Dina had taken her younger daughter, at the time only 15, to a nightclub in Hollywood. Ali was stopped at the door by the bouncer. But according to Zimbio, it didn’t end there. She is said to have challenged the bouncer’s decision on account of her famous family name.

It’s not the first time Dina has tried to get her underage daughter into a nightclub. Before Lindsay was of age, the actress was seen attending nightclubs with her mom in Hollywood. On top of that, Dina has been spotted partying with her famous daughter during periods when she had been in and out of rehab.

2010 – Lindsay Admits To Having a Difficult Relationship With Her Father Throughout Her Life

The truth is, Lindsay had a seriously tumultuous relationship with her father for much of her younger years. Michael had been dealing with addiction since before Lindsay was born, and by the time she was a toddler Michael had to spend three years in prison. In 2010, Lindsay told The Irish Examiner that she had witnessed domestic violence against her mother Dina ever since she was little.

“He’s put myself and my mother and my mom’s parents through so much hell,” Lindsay explained, adding “I grew up really fast just because of the situations I was subjected to because of my father. My mom would try to shield me from that as much as possible, but I chose to get in the middle of my parents my entire life.”

2012 – Dina Is Accused of Taking Something Before an Interview on Dr. Phil

Dina went on Dr. Phil to talk about Lindsay, but her own sobriety was called into question instead. It wasn’t just viewers who thought she looked out of it, as Dr. Phil even said “You’ve come on here and been phony… You’re flitting around!” To which Dina replied “Oh stop! I’m not flitting around. I’m being scrutinized by you people.”

People accused Dina of drinking before the interview as an explanation for why she was slumped over the arm of her chair. After hearing the accusation, Dina stated “I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says. I think the interview will be good. I know what I said and the facts are what the facts are. The proof is in the facts. The truth will set you free.”

2012 – Michael Lashes Out at Dina, Accusing Her of Being the Source of Lindsay’s Problems

2012 saw Michael throw a ton of accusations toward Dina. He told RadarOnline that she was always under the influence, stating “Are you kidding me? She’s out of her mind,” adding “You have no idea what she has done TO Lindsay. And if she doesn’t keep from pulling her crap and using Lindsay, the TRUTH will be proven and come out!”

Michael also exclaimed, “She brought OUR kids to many levels of success? Please, Lindsay is the talented one; she did it on her own. And as for Ali, her beauty got her in the door. Dina never made it in the modeling or entertainment business.” He also told the publication, “All she can do is lie and get people to spread rumors and lies… But hey, it all came back to her and will continue to. I feel bad for her next victim.”

2012 – Lindsay Calls the Police on Her Mom After a Domestic Dispute Gets out of Hand

2012 also saw the police respond to a domestic violence issue in Lindsay’s childhood home between herself and her mother. The mother and daughter had been partying in New York City, before taking an hour-long limousine ride back to the house in Long Island. It was during this limo ride that things started to heat up between the pair and it turned into a full-blown argument.

TMZ got hold of an audio recording that heard Lindsay calling her father, Michael from the limo. The two had a strained relationship at the time, but the actress is heard saying at 4 in the morning that Dina “[Is] saying disgusting things to me… I’m dead to her now.” She was also heard saying that Dina was “on cocaine.” Police responded to Lindsay’s 911 call, but quickly left the scene due to “no criminality.”

2012 – Lindsay Loans Mom Dina $40,000 But She Refused To Pay It Back

The divorce from Michael had taken away Dina’s financial security, and her decision to stay in the home that her kids were living in meant that she needed money to pay her mortgage. In the end, Lindsay gave her $40,000 in 2012 in order to stop her getting evicted. But the tape recording obtained by TMZ heard Lindsay telling her father that Dina was refusing to pay her back.

In the recording, Lindsay is heard telling Michael that they were fighting in the limo because of the $40,000: “I was like, ‘Give me money back! Give me my 40 grand back that I just gave you… I asked her to give it back and she’s like, ‘You’re sick. You don’t give me anything. You don’t do anything for child support.'”

2012 – Michael Seeks Conservatorship for Lindsay but Little Sister Ali Quickly Comes to Her Defense

Before the controversy regarding Britney Spears’ conservatorship became a public concern, Michael had actually tried to become Lindsay conservator. Lindsay appeared to be in a bad situation, and the paparazzi were frequentley capturing photos of the actress stumbling out of nightclubs looking worse for wear. Michael had apparently tried to stage an intervention, before approaching courts with a plea for conservatorship.

In response, Michael’s younger daughter Ali released a statement that said, “I have always tried to stay out of the press because it hurts me to see how you malign my mother. But in this instance, I am breaking my silence. Please stop waging your own personal war against my family. We don’t need you to intervene because we can take care of ourselves without you, as we have been all these years.”

2012 – Dina Embarrasses Lindsay at a Fashion Week After Party Due to Her Drinking

It was reported in 2012 that Dina had been embarrassing Lindsay after a show at New York Fashion Week. The mother-daughter duo were seen arguing at an amfAR gala after-party, where they were seen arguing about Dina’s conduct during the event and general drunkness. This was further substantiated when a British DJ uploaded a photo on Twitter of himself with Dina that same night.

In DJ Theophilus London’s tweet, he captioned the photo, “Lindsay Lohan mommy want to get it. Should we give it to her?” It’s thought that Lindsay told her mom to leave the party during their fight, as Dina was seen leaving the amfAR gala event at one in the morning drunk, and in a seemingly bad mood.

2012 – Michael Goes on Dr. Phil To Accuse Dina of Being Wasted and Maybe “Even More”

Dina denied being drunk at her recent Dr. Phil appearance, but ex-husband Michael went on the show himself to publicly accuse her of intoxication and “probably even more than that.” On the show, he stated: “Whenever sees the interview they’re going to know that she’s not sober I guess.”

“Any father of a daughter that’s been through so much would think they need positive role models round them, it’s not right for Dina or Lindsay,” Michael continued. “You can’t say you’re doing the right thing, being your daughter’s best friend and staying around her house in that condition,” he stated, summarizing his speech by saying, “I mean, that’s only on Dr. Phil’s interview… at 10 in the morning!”

2013 – Dina Is Arrested for Drunk Driving and Speeding

In 2013, Dina was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding in Long Island. She pleaded not guilty, but eventually accepted a plea deal that required her to admit she was guilty. In the end, she had to do 100 hours of community service, pay of fine of $3,000, and have her driver’s license revoked for a year.

It was just the start of Dina’s encounters with the law. In a statement after the sentencing, her lawyer released a statement: “…Dina Lohan has been a life-long resident of Nassau County, a good and loving Parent to four children and the arrest was borne out of an isolated act of indiscretion on the occasion of her 50th Birthday. Dina Lohan is happy to put this unfortunate event behind her.”

2013 – Dina Claims That Michael Had Been Abusive During Their Marriage, and Witnessing It Screwed Lindsay Up

2013 saw Dina talk to The New York Daily News and claim that “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me – that’s why she’s so screwed up.” It was the day before Lindsay was due at court, but Dina didn’t hold back, saying “Michael beat the hell out of me,” and “[Lindsay] saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems.” Michael spoke to the same outlet after, referring to Dina as “the devil.”

In response, Michael denied Dina’s abuse allegations, saying “She’s bringing this up now because she’s drinking and partying with Lindsay. And she keeps robbing Lindsay.” Dina had provided photos to the news outlet of her with baby Lindsay and sporting a black eye, claiming that it had been at the hand of Michael. She claims not to have reported the abuse at the time as Michael was about to serve a three-month prison sentence for fraud.

2015 – Michael and His Wife Kate Lose Custody of Their Two Sons

Michael had remarried in 2014 to Kate Major, a woman who was 23 years his junior. They had two sons called Landon (three years old) and Logan (10 months old), lived in Boca Raton, Florida, and seemed to have it all. But in 2015 their kids were taken out of their custody and put in the guardianship of Michael’s mother.

The boys were taken out of their parents’ custody after the Florida Department of Children and Families acquired a video of the couple arguing. The kids were present, and Michael and Kate were seen having an explosive altercation right in front of them. In an episode of Dr. Phil, Michael made an appearance to explain why they lost custody: “When Kate’s drinking, she’s a train wreck… She lies, she’ll manipulate, and she’s a danger to the kids and me.”

2016 – Michael Admits To Sending Threatening Messages to Lindsay’s Fiancé and Calls His Wealth Into Question

Michael returned to the press in 2016 to trash talk Lindsay’s then-fiancé Egor Tarabasov. He admitted to sending Egor threatening text messages after the couple was experiencing relationship issues. When asked about the messages, Michael stated: “Absolutely, and I stand by them. You’d think he would have called me up and apologized or given me an explanation, but he didn’t.”

Michael, who confessed that his relationship with Lindsay had been “strained,” also told the press, “All I know is my daughter’s paying most of the bills and trips were complimentary because of Lindsay’s name. She was a segue way for him to live that lifestyle.” Egor was a wealthy Russian a real estate agent whose playboy lifestyle was slowly coming to light.

2016 – Michael and Dina Reveal Their Heartache Over Realizing Their Negative Impact on Lindsay’s Life

In 2016, Michael and Dina admitted to the role they’ve had to play in the downfall of their famous daughter. In an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, Michael said, “I think, inevitably I think we are responsible for the path that Lindsay took.” Dina echoed Michael’s thoughts, saying: “Lindsay did witness a lot, and I absolutely think it takes its toll on children.”

Michael elaborated: “Our divorce, because of our relationship, affected Lindsay to the point where she drowned her sorrows and numbed her pain. And it breaks my heart to think that she suffered because of the way I acted. I see it every day, and I see how people struggle with it. This kid is such a talented girl and she’s come such a long way.”

2016 – Michael Loses Contact With Lindsay After Selling Stories About Her to the Press

Lindsay gave an interview to the Daily Mail in 2016, in which she revealed that she had cut ties with her now-estranged father, Michael. She told the publication, “My father is known for talking to the press and selling stories. He loves the attention. In the past he’s said I’ve done drugs, he put my number on the internet.” Those were some shocking allegations.

Lindsay asked rhetorically, “Who does that? Some of the stuff he’s done proves to me he doesn’t care about me.” She also blamed him for telling the papers that she was pregnant, and said that living him was “like walking on eggshells.” Instead of drawing any comparisons with her father, she simply stated, “I’ve become my mother.”

2018 – Dina Filed For Bankruptcy and Declared That She Was Over $1.5 Million in Debt

In 2018, Dina was in major debt – $1,578,049.00 to be exact. Dina filed for bankruptcy, noting that most of the money she couldn’t pay back was owed to PennyMac Loan Services. On top of that, her Long Island home was in foreclosure – something that she was likely trying to keep through filing for bankruptcy.

Lindsay, on the other hand, had just recently opened her very own nightclub in Greece, estimated at the time to have cost her around $800,000. Obviously, for whatever reason, Lindsay wasn’t going to bail her mom out on this occasion despite having the funds to do so.

2020 – Mom Dina Becomes Engaged to Internet Boyfriend She Hasn’t Met IRL

2020 saw 57-year-old Dina become engaged to her boyfriend Jesse Nadler and announce the happy news on her personal Facebook page. The only thing is, the pair had never met in real life – their entire relationship had taken place over the internet over the course of six years, and it would continue to remain like that for the time being due to pandemic travel restrictions.

Since the engaged couple couldn’t seal the deal in the flesh, Jesse sent Dina an engagement ring in the mail. He was living in California at the time, where he cared for his unwell mother, whereas Dina was still living in Long Island. Speaking to Page Six, Jesse said. “We never fight, and I’m close to Aliana and the girls accept the relationship. I wanted to make sure Dina’s girls were on board with our relationship… I always respected that.”

2020 – Michael Was Charged With Assaulting His Second Wife Kate After She Confronted Him About His Internet History

Michael and Kate were still married but estranged five years after their kids had been taken out of their custody and put in the care of Michael’s mother, Lindsay’s grandmother. But in 2020, Kate accused Michael of physically attacking her at home after she had discovered his internet browsing history and confronted him about it.

Apparently, Michael had been searching for escort services for an upcoming business trip to Houston. Kate called the police on Michael and he was arrested for domestic violence, but he vehemently denied the claims. Still, it’s now the second wife to have accused him of assault.

2020 – It’s Discovered That Michael’s Ex-wife Dina and Estranged Wife Kate Started Living Together

In a surprising turn of events, Michael’s estranged wife Kate was living with his ex-wife Dina in her home in Merrick, Long Island. This was confirmed by Page Six, who actually called Kate up and asked for her to comment. Instead, the publication was met with Dina on the other end of the line, who gave them a supposedly long and convoluted explanation as to what was going on.

Dina told Page Six that she was “being a mother” by protecting Kate from Michael. Dina stated, “I’ve been through it all before,” suggesting that her abuse allegations against her ex-husband had taken place in his second marriage, too. But Page Six admitted to feeling confused about their unexpected phone conversation with Dina after she told them, “I love you.”

2020 – Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan arrested for DWI on Long Island

Dina found herself in trouble with the police once more when she was caught drunk driving in 2020. She was speeding on Long Island when she had an accident with a Honda and quickly fled the scene. Dina was followed in her Mercedes back home after she failed to provide any information to the Honda driver.

Allegedly, when the police arrived Dina was still sitting in the driver’s seat of her Mercedes with the engine still on. The police officer on the scene said her breath smelled like alcohol and that eyes were “glassy and bloodshot.” She told the officer that she only had a glass of wine that evening, before refusing to take a breathalizer test. At that point, Dina was arrested.

2020 – Wendy Williams Gives Lindsay Lohan a Public Warning To Steer Clear of Her Mom’s Situation

TV personality Wendy Williams got herself involved with the drama surrounding Dina’s recent run-in with the law, by giving the actress some advice about staying away from her mother’s mess. The broadcaster publicly warning Lindsay to stay out of her mom’s business: “Dina just plead guilty and could go to jail for six months… Stay out of it.”

Wendy also warned Lindsay that her career wouldn’t bounce back if she did get herself involved. “Dina just plead guilty and could go to jail for six months,” Wendy informed her audience, before telling them that as an adult, Dina she clean up her own mess and not lean on her daughter for support.

2021 – Dina Pleads Guilty To Drunken Driving and Gets 18 Days of Jail Time

Dina knew that if she pleaded guilty, she’d be setting herself up for jail time. But she didn’t have much of a choice as the evidence was against her. After pleading guilty, Dina was given a total of 18 days of jail time for her hit-and-run crash the previous year.

She was also given five-year probation and forced to take part in a victim impact panel and recidivist (reoffending criminal) alcohol probationer program. But she got let off lightly. Before she received the final sentencing, Dina was facing up to six months in prison.

2021 – Michael Is Sent To Prison For Treatment Center Patient Brokering

It wasn’t just Dina who was having brushes with the law. In April 2021, Michael was jailed for five separate occasions of patient brokering, with another charge for conspiring to commit more patient brokering in the future. Basically, it was in his best financial interest to bring addicts to Florida treatment centers in exchange for kickbacks.

Michael recommended Pride Recovery over a period of about five months, pocketing a total of $27,750. One of Michael’s former patients and a victim of the brokering had this to say: “Lohan is a monster and will do anything for money.” Michael was 60 years old at the time, and released less than 24 hours later.