Out of Place? Fast Food Chains In Amazing and Highly Unusual Places

Tue Feb 28 2023

Pizza Hut: The People’s Pizza Amidst Ancient Egytian Wonders

Generally speaking, these fast food restaurants can be found on nearly every central location or busy street corner, making it incredibly convenient for people to grab a quick meal on the go. One of the biggest reasons why fast food restaurants are so successful is because they offer dependability and a consistent experience, so people can trust in the quality of food and service.

Fast food chains are ever-present and found all over the world. But these days, they’re so ubiquitous that some of them are popping up in the most unusual places. Forget malls and high streets – these fast food joints are paving the way for a whole new type of restaurant. You can get the same dependable food for a low price, but have a completely new experience.

When you go to a Pizza Hut, you’re generally looking for a piping hot pan of pizza with a topping of gooey mozzarella and classic marinara sauce. You certainly not expecting a one-of-a-kind view of the Great Pyramids of Giza! But that’s exactly what you get if you travel to into the desert of Cairo, Egypt.

Located southwest of Cairo city center, this Pizza Hut restaurant offers five-star views of the largest Egyptian pyramid and the ancient tomb of a Fourth Dynasty pharaoh. It’s considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world, but you can sit and enjoy one of your fast food favorites only a quarter of a mile a way. And if you pop in to the restaurant at night, you’ll be treated to the evening light show.

KFC: Finger Lickin’ Chicken In a Historical Azerbaijanian Rail Station

If you were to use head into the old Sabunchu rail station in Baku, Azerbaijan, you would be greeted by the site of huge KFC restaurant instead. Located in the capital city, it’s one of the single biggest KFC joints in world, and succeeds at being the biggest restaurant in all of Baku. Amazingly, it can seat up to 300 hungry customers at once.

The interior of this KFC is an architecture-lover’s dream, from the huge cathedral arches to the oranate panel detailing. When KFC took over the space in 2012, they completely refurbished the dilapidated historical site, which was initially built in 1926. They made sure to keep the north African design elements intact so that customers could enjoy fried chicken and chips in a one-of-a-kind location.

Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Lattes on Traditional Japanese Tatami Seats

Starbucks decided to elevate the coffee and tea drinkers experience by opening their first ever traditional Japanese townhouse in Ninenzaka, Japan. The Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya Starbuck has done away with the typical table and chairs and opted for tatami seating, lanterns, and hanging scrolls instead.

It took 10 whole years for Starbucks to create this space, and it took working with the local government to see it through. But we think you’ll agree that it definitely looks worth it – remove your outdoor shoes, sink into the calming atmosphere, and unplug from the outside world to get the most out of your favorite beverage.

Burger King: An All-American Whopper in a Classic Finnish Sauna

Burger King succeeded in bringing their customers the most unexpected fast food experience in Finland, by opening up their very own luxurious spa. Located in Helsinki, this Burger King capitalized on the Finnish affinity for spa’s by incorporating their flam-grilled burger meals with a session at the sauna.

Estimated to have around three million saunas across the country, it’s clear that Finland is definitely the best place to try this bizarre prototype. Aside from the heated amenities, customers are also welcome to use the Burger King lounge, dressing room, and showers to really complete the spa experience.

As we can see, the fast food industry is proving that it is willing to evolve with the times. In an increasingly competitive market, some of the most famous fast food names are experimenting with alternative locations. It isn’t the norm, and it won’t ever be. But we can’t deny how novel it is to see some of our favorite chains offer their menu items in uncommon settings.