Madonna the Mom: The Bizarre Parenting Rules That the Queen of Pop Makes Her Kids Follow

Tue Mar 22 2022

Madonna may be known as a musical icon to most of the world, but there are six people on this planet who know her simply as “mom.” They are Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, Mercy James, and twins Stella and Esther Ciccone – and while Lourdes and Rocco are her only two biological children, Madonna’s love for her adopted children knows no bounds. She treats them all equally… especially when it comes to laying down the law.

Although Madonna may have built up a reputation for being a wild and free spirit, it seems as though she’s a real stickler for rules when it comes to her children. In her words “I’m bad cop… I’m not the popular parent’, and that might have something to do with the bizarre rules that she has in place for her kids. In fact, these rules have become so intense that her son Rocco packed up his stuff and moved in with his dad. This is what pushed him over the edge.

The Only Person Allowed a Smartphone in Madonna’s House Is Madonna Herself

All but two of Madonna’s six kids are now teenagers, and while most other teenagers across the globe spend their days scrolling through social media or taking selfies with their friends, Madonna’s kids don’t do that. That’s because the only person allowed a smartphone in Madonna’s house is Madonna herself – and this rule was inspired by past experience.

According to the 63-year-old singer “I made a mistake when I gave my older children phones when they were 13. It ended my relationship with [my children], really. Not completely, but it became a very, very big part of their lives.” So, she refuses to buy her other teens a cell phone in an effort to encourage healthy communication between the whole family. They have to use hers if they want to take a selfie.

All of the Kids Have Had to Follow Madonna’s Macrobiotic Diet Since Birth

One thing you might not know about Madonna is that she’s incredibly strict when it comes to her diet. For decades she has followed a macrobiotic diet that is packed full of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fermented soy sauce, and fish. You won’t ever see her eating refined sugar, candy, dairy, or any preserved foods. But what about the kids?

Well, Madonna isn’t the kind of mom who will get the chef to make multiple meals. The kids have also eaten this same macrobiotic diet since birth, which means that they’ve always eaten as cleanly and as healthily as possible. They are banned from bringing any outside food into the house – but we have a feeling that they probably don’t follow that same diet when they’re out with their friends.

Madonna Believes That TV Is ”Poison” and Has Banned It in Her House

As one of the most famous women in the world, Madonna can often be found on television screens across the globe. From television interviews to music videos, her career has skyrocketed thanks to her time on TV. That’s not enough for Madonna to agree to have a TV in her house, though. Her kids aren’t allowed to watch it at all.

Yes, Madonna has banned the small screen in her house, and she has some very strong opinions about it. In the past, she’s noted that “TV is trash. I was raised without it. I didn’t miss anything. TV is poison. No one even talks about it around here. We don’t have magazines or newspapers in the house either.” Instead, her kids are encouraged to have a good old conversation.

Toys Aren’t Allowed in Madonna’s House if They’re ”Spiritually Unsound”

In the later part of her career, Madonna has become increasingly spiritual – and it seems as though these ideologies have also made their way into her personal life and her interactions with her children. And while many other celebrity parents buy their children as many toys as they could want, Madonna has strict guidelines when it comes to her kids and their toys.

When Madonna put together a list of parenting rules during her divorce from Guy Ritchie, she told her ex that her children were by no means allowed to play with anything that was “spiritually unsound.” Although it’s not known what exactly she meant by this, critics have suggested that the toys need to be safe, ethical, and carry a healthy and positive message.

Dating Is Off-Limits for Madonna’s Kids Until They’re at Least 18

The realm of celebrity children is a small circle, and you often find that the children of celebrities often date one another. Not in Madonna’s house, though. Written in Madonna’s rulebook is the decree that her children aren’t allowed to date anyone until they’re at least 18 years old. Her daughter broke that rule, though…

When Lourdes Leon was just 16, she started secretly dating American actor Timothee Chalamet. Of course, things don’t stay secret in the A-list world for long, and Madonna was extremely upset when she discovered that her daughter had broken the rules. While she still allowed Lourdes to date the young actor, she wasn’t allowed to meet him without a Madonna-approved bodyguard by her side.

Madonna’s Kids Have to Wash Their Hands Every Time They Touch Something

It’s not uncommon for parents to be focused on hygiene and cleanliness. After all, they want their kids to be healthy, and they want to avoid germs at all costs. However, it seems as though Madonna takes this notion to the extreme. She’s become known as somewhat “obsessive” when it comes to her kids and how often they clean their hands.

She makes sure that her kids are regularly washing their hands with disinfectant, and she’s set out guidelines of when specifically they should clean them. For example, they are required to wash their hands as soon as they walk into their house, after they’ve touched their pets, and before and after they’ve played with their toys.

Her Kids Are Only Allowed to Read Books Written by Madonna Herself

Parents often encourage their kids to read from an early age. They sit down and read to them when they’re young, and then eventually the kids grow up and read to themselves. As their reading ability changes, so does their choice in the book… but Madonna doesn’t exactly give her kids much of a choice. It’s her book or no book.

The pop singer has written countless books and essays over the years, including eight children’s books, and it’s been reported that Madonna told Guy Ritchie after their split that their kids were only allowed to read books written by her. These include titles like The English Roses, The Adventures of Abdi, and Mr. Peabody’s Apple.

Madonna’s Kids Are Required to Check In With Her at Least 3 Times a Day

Although Madonna’s children aren’t allowed smartphones, it seems as though she does provide them with some kind of basic cellular device. After all, she requires them to check in with her at least three times a day – which means that they need some way to follow this rule. In fact, this is one of Madonna’s strictest household rules.

Madonna ensures that she knows where her kids are at all times, and her kids are required to let her know who they’re with, what time they’re going to be home, and even what they’re doing. Although they have to do this at least three times, the singer actually prefers to have constant contact, so she encourages her kids to update her even more than that.

Madonna Refuses to Let Her Kids Wear Anything Made From Man-Made Fibers

Kids grow incredibly quickly, and many parents often feel like they’re buying new wardrobes for their ever-growing children all the time. Because of this, they often buy cheap and cheerful clothing that won’t break the bank – because their kids won’t spend much time wearing them, anyway. Madonna isn’t like that, though.

Madonna spares no expense when it comes to her kids’ clothing, and that’s because she has some very strict rules about the materials they’re made from. In fact, she outright refuses to let her kids wear any man-made fiber, and instead buys them natural fibers such as wool and cotton. She believes that this is healthier and safer for her children and the environment, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Madonna’s Kids Are Only Allowed to Drink $10,000-a-Month Kabbalah Water

For many years, Madonna has been a follower of the Kabbalah discipline. While she has allowed her children to make their own decisions regarding their faith and their spirituality, she has put her foot down when it comes to their drinking water. They’re not allowed to drink the normal bottled water you get from a store, and they’re definitely not allowed to drink from the faucet.

Instead, Madonna’s kids are only allowed to drink Kabbalah water – which is water that’s been blessed by religious Kabbalah leaders. It’s been noted that she spends upwards of $10,000 a month on this bottled water and that her kids have been banned from buying branded bottles you’d get from a store. There are even rumors that she’s even filled her swimming pool up with it, but this claim has not been confirmed.

The Only Person Allowed to Make Any Noise in Her House Is Madonna Herself

We’ve heard of silent retreats, but what about silent houses? Well, it seems as though the Queen of Pop has some very strict rules when it comes to the noise levels in her home. More specifically, the only person allowed to make any noise in Madonna’s house is Madonna herself – especially when she’s sleeping.

Madonna loves to have a quiet home, and her former nanny can attest to that. Melissa Dumas worked for Madonna for a few years and spoke to TheTalko about this silent rule. She confessed that Madonna “won’t allow anybody to make noise in the house while she’s sleeping – not even running water for showers.”

You Won’t Find Madonna Cooking for Her Children, or Anyone for That Matter

Madonna may be one of the most talented singers in the world, but it seems as though there are some things that she just won’t do – and one of them is cooking. In an interview with ABC, Madonna confessed that “I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself” and she hasn’t even made an exception when feeding her children.

Like many other celebrities, Madonna pays for a chef to cook their meals for them, but her kids also like to get involved. She’s noted that “My kids all cook really good… after a long day at the office I want to come home and find dinner on the table.” If she really had no other choice, she has confessed that she could boil eggs or cook pasta at the very least.

All of Madonna’s Kids Are Held Under a Very Strict and Early Curfew

Madonna’s 21-year-old son Rocco Ritchie is close to his mom, but he hasn’t lived with her for many years. While all of her strict household rules seemingly pushed him towards his more lenient father, it seems as though one rule, in particular, pushed him over the edge. That was the very strict and early curfew that Madonna has for all of her kids.

While the exact time of this curfew is not known, it’s been suggested that it’s much earlier than others their age. A source close to the family told the New York Daily News that Rocco loves living with his father, Guy Ritchie, because he can “meet his friends, eat fast food, he doesn’t have an early curfew.”

There’s Absolutely No Talk of Divorce Allowed in Madonna’s House

In 2008, Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie finalized their divorce after eight years of marriage – and considering he helped raise Lourdes, Rocco, and David, much of their divorce settlement was focused on the co-parenting of their kids. However, you won’t find anyone talking about this divorce in Madonna’s house.

One of Madonna’s big household rules is that she refuses to talk about the divorce in front of her children – and she expects her children to follow it as well. It’s been noted that she has banned “any discussion of it in her house” as she wants to keep them focused on the future, rather than dwelling on the past.

Madonna Will Punish Her Kids if They Leave Their Clothes on the Floor

With an $850 million net worth under her belt, Madonna has the money to employ housekeepers, cleaners, and all kinds of staff to keep her house in order. However, she still expects her kids to pick up after themselves – and in the past, she’s had to teach her eldest daughter Lourdes a real lesson when it comes to leaving clothes on the floor.

Years ago, Madonna stated that “She has to earn all of her clothes back by being tidy, picking up things in her room, making her bed in the morning.” She even explained that if Lourdes left her clothes on the floor, she simply confiscated them until her daughter had just one outfit left in her closet. As you can imagine, she eventually learned her lesson.

Madonna Has Banned Her Sons From Meeting Her Ex’s New Girlfriends

Although Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie is now married to his second wife, there was a time when he was a single man dating around the Hollywood scene. During this period of his life, Madonna outright banned her sons from meeting his new girlfriends. Strangely, it was only her sons who were banned.

Madonna’s daughters could still meet these women without any problem, but her sons weren’t allowed any contact with them at all. It seems as though she wanted to protect her sons from getting too emotionally attached to these women before he was willing to settle down again. Now, we can only assume that her sons are allowed to interact with Guy’s new wife.

Madonna Teaches Her Kids All About Community Spirit and Outreach

Madonna adopted four of her children from the poverty-stricken country of Malawi, and she knows that they would have lived a very different life if they have stayed there. Because of this, she doesn’t want them to forget their roots or lose their humble natures. That’s why she teaches her kids all about community spirit and outreach.

This has been the case since her biological children Lourdes and Rocco were younger, too. She’s noted that “I regularly remind my children how fortunate they are to have the things they do and encourage them to share. My daughter [Lourdes] goes to children’s hospitals to read my books to other children, and as she and my son get older, I’m sure they will become more involved in community service.”

The Only Person Allowed to Dye Their Hair Under Her Roof Is Madonna Herself

Madonna is certainly quirky when it comes to her style and her overall look. In fact, since the beginning of her career she has been known for her blonde hair – but what you might not realize is that she’s not a natural blonde. As someone who dyes their hair, you would assume that Madonna would also let her kids dye their hair, but that’s not the case.

From an early age, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes started experimenting with her own style, and while she often asked her mom if she could dye her hair, Madonna always said no. Her kids have to be at least 16 years old before she’d even consider them doing such a thing, which apparently caused some serious tensions between her and Lourdes.

Madonna Is Willing to Spend Millions to Give Her Kids a Good Education

Although Madonna dropped out of college, she was still a straight-A student while in high school – and as such, she understands the value of a good education. Because of this, she’s willing to spend as much as she needs to so that her kids can be given the best education that money can buy.

Madonna has made sure that all of her kids have got into good schools, but she also lays down the law when it comes to this education. Her rule is that if they don’t appreciate their education and they don’t make the most of it, it’ll be taken away from them. She wants them to know that they need to follow through with their commitments until the end.

Madonna and Her Family Celebrate Holidays in Their Own Unique Way

While most families sit down with their relatives and eat turkey on Thanksgiving, Madonna does things a little differently. As a follower of the Kabbalah discipline, she has her own beliefs and her own special dates in the calendar – which is why her family celebrates holidays like Thanksgiving in their own way.

Years ago, Madonna and her family flew out to Malawi to celebrate this American holiday. They didn’t eat turkey and they didn’t pose for photos with pumpkins. Instead, they hung out with local people, and Madonna wrote on Instagram that “What I am most THANKFUL for! My children have led me down roads and opened doors I never imagined I’d walk through.”

Madonna Is Allowed to Post What She Wants Online, Even if It Upsets Her Kids

Although Madonna doesn’t allow her kids access to social media until they’re much older, it seems as though she has a different rule for herself. The Queen of Pop is incredibly active on Instagram, and she regularly posts photos and videos of her life for her 17.8 million followers. However, her kids don’t exactly appreciate her transparency with her fans.

Madonna often posts personal snapshots of her life and kids online, but her eldest son Rocco didn’t appreciate it when she posted a picture of him with two pigtails in his hair. Although she chose to captain this artsy photo with “Blonde ambition” Rocco was reportedly fuming with his mother and begged her to take it down. However, the image is still online today.

You’ll Often Find Madonna’s Kids Traveling on Tour With Her

While many celebrity children are raised by nannies and household staff while their busy parents go about their lives, it seems as though Madonna likes to do things differently. She likes to be close to her kids at all times, which is why she often chooses to take them on tour with her, rather than leave them at home with the staff.

Not only that, but her kids have also joined her on-stage, which means that they get more than just the backstage experience. However, many critics have slammed her decision to do this, as they believe that children need stability and routine – especially when it comes to keeping their education in check.

The Whole Family Needs to Be Willing to Move Abroad to Support the Kids’ Dreams

Madonna may have some controversial and bizarre parenting techniques, but she wholeheartedly puts them first – and she’s their number one fan. She’s shown this over the years by moving the whole family abroad for the sake of her children’s dreams. When David Banda was accepted to the Benfica Youth Academy to play soccer, the whole family moved to Portugal.

David has since become a dancer, and Madonna has opened countless doors for her son to succeed – but he’s not the only one. Rocco Ritchie is a keen artist, and Madonna has connected the budding artist with a network of contacts in London’s art scene so that he can speak to the right people and get “in” with those who will help him become a success.

Madonna Refuses to Raise a Kid That Doesn’t Have Good Manners

Those familiar with Madonna’s personal life will know that she had a troubled upbringing, and she actually rebelled during her teenage years. She puts this down to having unreliable parents as her mother died when she was young and she didn’t get along with her step-mother – putting her relationship with her father at risk. Because of this, Madonna wants to be a reliable and inspirational figure for her kids.

That’s why she absolutely refuses to raise a child without good manners. She wants her children to be well-rounded and competent, and she believes that she’s the person to teach them this. In the past, she has spoken about this, stating that “Mothers teach you manners. And I absolutely did not learn any of those rules and regulations.”

Madonna’s Kids Have to Be Financially Independent When They Get to College

We already know that millionaire Madge is more than happy to pay for the best schools for her kids – no matter the cost. However, there does come a point where her generosity ends, and Lourdes Leon has confirmed that she had to pay her own way when in life when she turned 18 years old. In fact, all of Madonna’s kids will have to be financially independent when they get to college.

Lourdes told Interview Magazine that “We don’t get any handouts in my family. Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege. There’s no denying that. But I think my mom saw all these other kids of famous people, and she was like, ‘My kids are not going to be like this.’ Also, I feel like if your parents pay for things, then it gives them leverage over you… I needed to be completely independent from her as soon as I graduated high school.”

All of the Kids Took Kabbalah Lessons Until They Decided Otherwise

Drinking $10,000-a-month Kabbalah water is one thing, but it seems as though Madonna has brought her Kabbalah teachings and beliefs into the family’s everyday life as well. Madonna has followed the branch of Jewish mysticism for many years now, and she can often be found taking lessons to enhance her spiritual education. When her kids were younger, they did too.

Like many religious parents, Madonna took her children along to these lessons and had them all learn the Kabbalah ways when they were younger. However, as they got older, she told them that she wanted them to make their own decisions as to whether they wanted to continue in the faith or choose their own path. So, she gave them a choice.

All of Madonna’s Kids Have to Learn Multiple Languages and Be Bilingual

One thing you might not know about Madonna is that she’s extremely clued up when it comes to languages and communication. She herself is fluent in Italian, and she can hold a conversation like a native in French and Spanish. She believes that being bilingual is one of the best gifts a person can have, which is why all of her kids have been forced to learn different languages.

Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes attended a French private school, which means that she’s not only fluent in French, but that she also knows Italian and Spanish like her mother. The same can be said for her other children, who are currently in the process of learning these extra languages at school.

Her Kids Must Be Cool With Madonna’s Much Younger Boyfriends

Madonna has been married twice in her life; the first marriage was to actor Sean Penn from 1985 until 1989, and then her second marriage was to British filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Her last divorce was finalized in 2008, and since then Madonna has found herself in the company of much younger boyfriends. Since 2019 she has been dating backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams.

Ahlamalik is 27 years old, making Madonna 36 years older than her beau – but they have made no secret of the fact that they’re completely loved-up on social media. The couple does everything together, and it seems as though Ahlamalik feels right at home with Madonna’s kids. Although they may not feel the same, Madonna wants all of her kids to make an effort with her boyfriend – whether they like him or not.

Illicit Substances Are a No-No for Madonna, but That Didn’t Stop Rocco

A quick scroll through Madonna’s Instagram account will show you that she’s not afraid to show off her smoking adventures on social media. She’s often posing with joints in her mouth, or posting videos of herself blowing smoke into the camera. While this is legal if Madonna at her home in Los Angeles, she doesn’t take too kindly to her kids smoking elsewhere in the world.

In 2016, 16-year-old Rocco Ritchie was arrested in London for the possession of cannabis – which is illegal in the UK. He was cuffed and taken to the police station, but was ultimately bailed out of jail in favor of a drugs awareness course instead. Madonna was furious that her son had been caught with illicit substances in his possession, but ultimately stated that “I love my son very much. I will do whatever I can to give him the support he needs.”

Madonna Has to Have a Say in Her Children’s Style and Fashion Sense

Not only does Madonna ensure that her children are wearing ethically sourced fabrics and not going anywhere near man-made fibers, but it seems as though she also has a say in terms of the style of clothing they wear. While she’s all for them experimenting with their style – much like she does – there are certain things that she wishes they wouldn’t wear. In that instance, she’ll tell them.

In the past, Madonna has spoken out about the fact that she wishes her children would wear clothes that are more practical for their lives. She told British Elle that “My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day…”

Laughter Is Mandatory Is Madonna’s House

Many families find that laughing and having a joke together can be a great bonding experience, and while Madonna is certainly more of a controversial parent than most, it seems as though she agrees with this notion. She’s made it mandatory for her kids to laugh and joke in her house, and she’s spoken about why.

She’s confessed that “Humor is essential in teaching children. Children have to understand that being a good person doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.” Yes, she sees laughter to be an extremely important teaching tool, which is why she tries to have as much fun with her kids as she possibly can.

Madonna Won’t Hesitate to Send Her Kids to Military School if They Don’t Behave

In Madonna’s eyes, hard work gets you everywhere. She owes her career to working hard and dedicating herself to music, and she wants the same thing from her children – especially while they’re at school and learning necessary life skills and obtaining an education. Because of this, she has no qualms about sending her kids to military school if needs be.

When Rocco Ritchie was younger and going through an extremely rebellious stage, she hoped to control his rebellion by threatening him with military school. And while she had good intentions behind this threat, Rocco didn’t take too kindly to it. According to sources close to the family, this was another reason why he decided to leave his mom’s in favor of his dad.

Madonna Encourages Her Daughters to Ditch the Razors

After raising four daughters, Madonna knows what it’s like to be a female influence in a young woman’s life. Because of this, she has taught her daughters everything they need to know about being a woman – and she’s also opened up a very frank discussion about body hair. In her eyes, every woman should ditch the razor and embrace the hair they’re meant to have.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna noted that her own unshaven arms were her way of rebelling. She confessed that “Popular girls have to behave to get the boys… I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits.” It seems as though this notion has been passed down to Lourdes Leon, who has made a bold statement over the years with her armpit hair. She has rocked the runway without shaving her underarms, and she’s even stopped shaving her legs.

Her Kids Have to Understand That She Has a Favorite Child

Many parents of multiple children refuse to even acknowledge the notion of having a favorite child, but for others it’s only natural to have a child that you connect with more. This could be something that stays the same throughout your life, or your “favorite” child could change over the years. In Madonna’s case, she has confirmed that there’s one child she feels more connected to out of her brood.

Madonna has stated that her adopted son David holds a special place in her heart: “What he has more than anything is focus and determination. I’m pretty sure he got it from me. He’s the one I have the most in common with. I feel like he gets me; he has more of my DNA than any of my children so far.” However, she has stated that Lourdes also fills her with love, as she’s extremely talented at “everything she does.”

Her Kids Had to Be Able to Multi-Task From a Very Young Age

There are many tools and lessons that parents teach their children, but multi-tasking isn’t always at the top of the priority list for most mothers and fathers. However, multi-tasking is something that Madonna holds in high esteem, as she believes the ability to multi-task is the reason why she’s been so successful in life.

In 2001, Madonna noted that “Meeting the demands of my career and those of parenting is a balancing act, but I’m able to do it with the help of my husband, my incredible staff, and the ability to go for long periods of time without resting,. Multi-tasking and a steel-trap memory are also essential.” So, since then, she’s taught her kids the importance of multi-tasking so they can be as successful as her.

Her Kids Have to Realize That She’s Not a Normal Mom, Nor Does She Want to Be One

What sets Madonna apart from regular celebrities is that she’s not afraid to be herself – whether you like it or not. She’s confident in who she is and how she presents herself online, in public, and through her music, and she’s built her career off of her differences. So, one big rule in her household is that her kids have to realize that she’s not a normal mom, and she’ll never be one.

Madonna has maintained that “Just staying home and looking after my children and being a mother and a wife is not what I want. I want more.” She has found more in the form of her tours, her business deals, and her celebrity appearances with the biggest names in show business. While she loves being a mom, she doesn’t want it to consume her.

No Question Goes Unanswered Under Madonna’s Roof

While some parents let their kids have more control and freedom over their own lives when they get older, Madonna prefers to know exactly what’s going on in the lives of Rocco, Lourdes, David, Mercy, Stella and Esther. She has been extremely outspoken about the fact that she’s not a passive parent, and she’s even explained that every single question she asks her kids has to be answered when they’re under her roof.

Yes, Madonna gives her kids a list of questions they have to answer on a daily basis, and they can revolve around anything and everything from their homework to what they have eaten that day. While some parents have criticized this method and likened it to interrogation, it seems as though Madonna likes to keep tabs on what her children are up to at all times.

Madonna’s Kids Have to Be Mindful of What They Say in Public

As one of the most famous – but also one of the most infamous – women in the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that Madonna’s life, music, and many interviews have been put under the microscope over the years. She would be one of the first to tell you that she’s got in trouble for some of the things she’s said in the public, which is why she’s teaching her kids to be mindful of what they say.

Madonna knows that people think she’s a “diva” from the interviews she’s done in the past, but over the years she has taught her kids to realize that language and speech can have a big impact. She hopes that by teaching the true importance of language she will be able to stop them from harming others with their words and using their speech to inspire and entertain.

Madonna Forces Her Ex to Abide by Her Strict Rules as Well

While Madonna and Guy Ritchie are no longer together, they still work hard to co-parent together – despite the rather public and long custody battle they faced many years ago. Nevertheless, as part of this custody agreement, Madonna put down in writing her list of household rules that she expected Guy to enforce under his own roof.

Guy shares custody of both Rocco and David Banda, and he’s expected to keep the boys away from the television, away from meat, dairy, and processed foods, and even away from newspapers and magazines. However, it’s been suggested that Guy isn’t quite as strict as Madonna. That’s why Rocco chose to live with him, despite the custody agreement that stated that he should have been living with his mom.

Madonna’s Kids Aren’t Allowed to See Their Grandparents for Too Long

Madonna is the primary caretaker of all of her kids – apart from Rocco, who permanently lives with his father in the UK – and it seems as though she wants to keep them all to herself. In the custody proceedings that took place between Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, she outlined that Rocco and David weren’t allowed to see their grandparents for too long.

Yes, in her lengthy rulebook she stated that she wants the boys to spend their time with their dad with him and him alone – and not with his parents or their grandparents. It’s not known why she’s put this rule in place, but it’s also not known whether Guy actually upholds this rule or not.

Her Kids Have to Cope With the Fact That She’ll Always Be More Famous Than Them

Raising a child as one of the most famous people in the world must be hard, let alone having a large family like Madonna. Their situation is certainly a unique one, but it’s one that also comes with its challenges – especially when Madonna and her kids want to be normal for a while. So, Madonna wants her kids to be able to cope with the fact that she’ll always be more famous than them.

While Madonna tries to be normal and live a normal life, it’s sometimes impossible. When Lourdes went to study at the University of Michigan, Madonna struggled to visit her. She confessed that “When I go to visit her I have to stay in her dorm. I can’t even go out on the streets with her. It’s so embarrassing.” However, it seems as though her kids just appreciate the effort.

The Queen of Pop’s Sons Aren’t Allowed to Be Photographed With Their Dad

With a strict custody agreement split between them, Madonna and Guy Ritchie try to co-parent as best they can – but Guy has made no secret of the fact that he thinks many of his ex-wife’s rules are a little far-fetched. This is especially true when it comes to the rule that their sons, Rocco and David, aren’t allowed to be photographed with him.

In the custody agreement decided in court, Madonna stated that “The boys should not be photographed when they are with Guy and it’s his responsibility to arrange security so it doesn’t happen.” As one of the most famous filmmakers in the world, and as the ex-husband of the Queen of Pop, we bet it’s hard for Guy to keep that rule in place.

Madonna Teaches Her Kids to Stick Up for Family – Including Her

To Madonna, family is everything – which is why she teaches her children to put family above all else. One of the biggest lessons she believes she can teach her kids is to support each other, and in many cases, the children have even had to support their mom when haters tried to tear her down. Lourdes Leon is particularly fond of clapping back at online trolls who try to get a rise from her.

When Lourdes posted a photo of herself on Instagram a few years ago, a troll replied with “not u thirst trapping… what would ur mom think?” The young woman replied with “does your mom know u don’t wash ur ass.” She’s explained her outspoken nature on social media by stating that “It’s really funny to me. People are always really taken aback when I say that, because it’s like, ‘B**ch, don’t talk about my mom if you don’t want me to talk about your mom… If you feel like you have the right to comment on my mother, then I’m going to do the same to you.”

She Is Happy for Her Kids to Get Matching Tattoos With Her

Although Madonna considers herself to be a strict parent, she’s also a parent who lives in the modern world. And as someone who has many tattoos herself, she will never tell her kids that they can’t get some ink themselves. Of course, there are still a few rules when it comes to tattoos, as her kids still have to be of legal age to get one.

Madonna has shown this progressive nature by first getting tattoos of her own, with her first one being inked when she was 62 years old. She had the initials of each of her children etched on her wrist, and she’s since had two more. As if that wasn’t enough, Madonna and her 16-year-old son David also got matching tattoos in 2022, and this ink was inspired by their Kabbalah beliefs.

There’s No Time for Mom-Shaming Under Madonna’s Roof

While there are many people who believe that Madonna’s parenting techniques are bizarre, they obviously work for her and her family. Of course, as a public figure, the Queen of Pop knows that people will always have something to say about her and her life – but she doesn’t think that anyone should be shamed for how they live their lives.

No, Madonna has absolutely no time for mom-shaming, as she understands that every mom’s journey is completely different. In the past, she’s spoken about this, stating that “I can’t comment on other people’s parenting but it does require a lot of time and effort and paying attention to.” She’s focusing on herself, and she believes that other people should do the same.

Madonna Puts Her Kids to Work as Soon as They’re Able

Many celebrity parents allow their children to be who they want to be and live off their riches for much of their lives. They don’t pressure their kids to go to work, and they don’t give them any ultimatums. However, things are a little different for Madonna. As someone who values hard work, she puts her kids to work as soon as they’re able to.

In order to get her kids to understand hard work early, she takes her kids on tour – but they don’t just sit around and watch from the sidelines. When they were teenagers, both Lourdes and Rocco were working behind the scenes to bring this tour to fruition. Lourdes stated that “It’s really a great experience to be able to work on a large production, traveling around like a family, setting up for an amazing show, and all having the same purpose. To be able to be a part of such an inspiring production was one of my best summers so far.”

All of Madonna’s Kids Have to Be Creative in Some Way or Another

After building a career out of music, dance, performance, and even writing, Madonna is someone who truly appreciates the ability to be creative. In her eyes, creativity is a form of expression – and that’s exactly why she pushes her kids to be as creative as possible. Of course, they can all find their own way of being creative.

While Lourdes has found her calling in the modeling world, David Banda has become a soccer player and dancer, and Rocco is a professional artist. The younger kids are still finding their feet, but Mercy has already shown off her piano playing skills on her mom’s social media account, and Stella and Esther love dressing up and trying on their mom’s outfits.

Madonna Wants People to Know That Parenting Isn’t Easy

Madonna is constantly bombarded with messages and comments online from people who don’t approve of the way that she’s parenting her kids, but she wants people to know that what they see online is what she chooses to share. There’s so much that goes on behind closed doors in Madonna’s house, and she knows that – just like other moms and dads around the world – parenting isn’t easy.

To make matters worse, Madonna’s kids are in the limelight, which means that, if they put a foot wrong in public, it instantly comes back to Madonna. This was the case a few years ago when Lourdes Leon was caught smoking during an interview with NBC. As soon as the interview aired, Madonna was hit with criticism, but she chose to deal with her daughter in private and discipline her accordingly behind closed doors.

Madonna Believes There’s Always Room for Her to Be Stricter

There are many people out there who will slam Madonna’s parenting style for being too strict, but it seems as though that’s the way Madonna likes to live her life – and the way that she likes to bring up her kids. What you might not expect, though, is that the Queen of Pop actually thinks that she should be stricter with her kids.

In 2012, she stated in an interview that “I think I am a [tough parents], but honestly, I don’t think I’m as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It’s hard though. It’s hard, every day is a negotiation.” We’re not sure how her kids will feel about this fact, but as they’re all getting older they’ll soon all be flying the nest anyway.