Lookalike Baseball Players With the Exact Same Name Take a DNA Test to Find Out Whether They’re Related Once and for All

Thu Apr 07 2022

Although there are over 7.5 billion people around the world, scientists and folklorists alike have suggested that every single person on this planet has at least one doppelgänger. This is someone who looks identical to them in every way, and someone who could be mistaken for their twin. And while most people never get to meet their doppelgänger, there are some that do – and in some rare cases, the similarities are too striking to be just mere coincidence.

For these two minor-league baseball players, the similarities were too strange to ignore. They share the same name, they share the same profession, they share the same physical attributes, and they’ve even shared many of the same life experiences. As more and more of their fans noticed these bizarre coincidences, they began to question whether their likeness wasn’t a coincidence after all. Perhaps they were long-lost brothers? Maybe they were related in some way? In the end, a DNA test answered the question everyone was asking.

Brady Gregory Feigl Graduated From College and Joined the Single-A Beloit Snappers…

It’s not every day you come across two people with the same name that are both professionals in the same field, but that’s just the start of what makes the story of the two Brady Feigls so incredible. To avoid any confusion, we’ll call the two minor-league baseball players by their full names; Brady Gregory Feigl and Brady Matthew Feigl.

Brady Gregory Feigl is the youngest of the two Bradys, having been born on November 27, 1995 in Missouri. He spent his early years hanging out with his friends and living a relatively normal life, but he developed a deep and intense love of baseball. So, he headed to Mississippi to play baseball at college, and then he became a member of the Oakland Athletics affiliate, the Single-A Beloit Snappers (now called the Beloit Sky Carp)

He Didn’t Realize That Brady Matthew Feigl Had Already Made His Own Professional Debut

What Brady Gregory didn’t realize when he made his professional debut was that there was already another Brady Feigl on the baseball scene. Brady Matthew Feigl was born five years earlier on December 27, 1990 in Maryland. Like the other Brady, he had grown up with the sport at the front of his mind, and he was eager to make his way into the world of professional sport.

Instead of moving states to pursue a career in baseball, Brady Matthew stayed in Maryland and played collegiately in his home state. After graduating from college, he became a member of the Texas Rangers Triple-A affiliate, the Round Rock Express. He hoped to be in a league of his own when it came to his talent and hoped to make his way up the baseball ladder. Little did he know that he’d go viral for a very different reason.

Both Bradys Are Pitchers and Look Almost Identical With Their Red Hair and Beards

As both Brady Matthew and Brady Gregory were in the midst of their baseball careers, they both had so much going for them. Coincidentally, they were both picked as pitchers for their respective teams – but that’s just the start of their similarities. In terms of their appearance, they look almost identical.

Not only do the Brady Feigls have the same red hair, the same red beard, and the same style of glasses, but they are also exactly the same height. Both men stand at an imposing 6-foot-4-inches tall, and from far away these two could pass as twins. However, that’s not all. They’ve also shared the exact same life experiences, and one particular experience saw them meet for the first time in the flesh.

The Only Difference Between the Two Bradys Is That They Throw With Different Hands

Looking at Brady Matthew Feigl and Brady Gregory Feigl, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are brothers whose parents just really loved the name Brady. They have the same interests and their physical attributes are almost identical, but what baseball players may realize from their photos is that there is one key defining difference between the two of them.

Yes, the only difference between the two Bradys is that they throw with different hands when they’re pitching. Brady Matthew is left-handed, and Brady Gregory is right-handed. This can make a serious difference in the game of baseball, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t enough to put their fans off the scent that these two were connected in some way.

Despite Their Identical Careers, Neither Brady Had Any Idea Another Brady Feigl Existed

Although the world of minor-league baseball in the United States is pretty big, both Brady Feigls were so invested in their own respective careers that neither of them knew that there was another pitcher with the same name as them. They didn’t even know the other one existed, or that there were any other Feigls in the world.

One of the Bradys told Inside Edition that “Outside of my family, I didn’t think there were any other Feigls.” Throughout their lives, they had never met anyone else with their uncommon family name – but it wasn’t long before they were faced with a bizarre reality that they weren’t the only famous Brady Feigl around.

They Finally Figured It Out When They Had Identical Surgical Procedures in 2015

In fact, Brady Matthew Feigl and Brady Gregory Feigl continued with their professional careers for a few years before they realized that they were part of something so much bigger. After both suffering UCL tears in their elbows, they made their way to world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews for surgery.

Both Brady’s were booked in for Tommy Johns surgery in 2015 by the same doctor – and what makes this situation even stranger is that they both had their injury and had their operation within six months of each other. Of course, they weren’t in the surgery at the same time, but it was an admin mix-up with their names that led them to learn of their unique situation.

An Admin Mix-Up At the Doctor’s Office Saw the Two Bradys Learn of Each Other’s Existence

It was Brady Gregory who had his Tommy Johns surgical procedure first, which is why he was very confused when he was approached by the doctor’s office months later. He told The Ledger that “The way we found out about it actually [was through] Dr. Andrews’ office. He’s the guy who performed both of our surgeries.”

The right-hander went on to note that “I was probably six or seven months out of surgery and their office called our trainer and said, ‘Hey, when’s Brady reporting for surgery? Is he getting down here tomorrow?” He was like, “He had it six months ago. What are you talking about?” That’s how I found out there was two of us.”

The Men Saw It as a Funny Coincidence, but their Fans Were Astounded by Their Likeness

Before too long the same news had made its way to Brady Matthew, and, unsurprisingly, their reactions were exactly the same. While both Brady Feigls were naturally curious about the other minor-league baseball pitcher that shared their likeness and their name, they just saw it as a funny coincidence. After looking at themselves in mirrors for the past 20+ years, they could see differences in their appearances.

So, the two men decided to forget about the other Brady for a while. They focused on their recovery and their careers, and they tried to move on with their lives. But it wasn’t long before news of their identical lives made its way into the public eye, and it was clear to see that the baseball players’ fans weren’t going to ignore the situation like they had.

Baseball Fans and Critics Began to Get the Two Players Confused

By the time news of their likeness was made public, both men were at the top of their games professionally. They were strong players on their respective teams, and so everyone had something to say about them. However, this caused even more confusion when fans and critics wanted to talk about them in the press or on social media.

In 2017, Ole Miss – which is where Brady Gregory Feigl played collegiate basketball – tried to wish him a happy birthday on their Twitter account. While their intentions were good, what they didn’t realize was that they had attached a photo of Brady Matthew Feigl instead. Hilariously, Brady Matthew decided to respond…

The Lookalike Players Have Even Been Asked to Sign Autographs for Each Other’s Fans

However, it quickly became apparent that people weren’t just getting confused online by the obvious twin-thing going on between Brady Matthew Feigl and Brady Gregory Feigl. Many fans were even getting confused in real life, as they just couldn’t tell the difference between the two of them – even when they saw them in the flesh.

Not only have the pair picked up each other’s Twitter followers, but they’ve even been asked to sign each other’s player’s cards and sign autographs for their respective fans. Brady Matthew confessed that “He has like a Perfect Game card. I’m always like, ‘Ah, yeah, it’s not me. I’m sorry, I can’t sign it.’ They’re like, ‘Can you still sign it?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m sorry, it’s not my card.'” 

The Two Brady Feigls Were First Interviewed About Their Likeness in 2018

As more and more people began to realize that the world of baseball was occupied by two Brady Feigls who looked identical to each other, their story was picked up by the TV show Inside Edition. The intention of the interview was to bring the two Brady Feigls together for the first time, while asking them all about the strange coincidence.

Their interview made its public debut in November 2018, and instantly the baseball “twins” caused a stir online. Those who didn’t already know about them were astounded to see just how weird their whole situation was, and viewers were convinced that there was more to their story. They assumed that they “had to be related” or that they were “long-lost twins who were separated at birth.”

Brady Matthew Had to Turn Off His Phone After the Interview As It Was Blowing Up

While Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl obviously knew that their situation was strange, they didn’t realize just how much their likeness would pique the interest of those at home until the first Inside Edition interview was released. They just couldn’t understand why people were so intrigued by their story, and in the end he had to turn off his phone.

As their story grew, both Bradys found themselves inundated with new followers and notifications on social media. Brady Matthew Feigl noted that “the week that it hit TV, my phone blew up.” He ultimately had to turn his phone on airplane mode for hours on end so that he could get on with his life. But it was this public interest that allowed the two Bradys to get their answers after all.

After the Success of the First Interview, Inside Edition Arranged a DNA Test for the Bradys

It wasn’t just the two Bradys who could see how much their interview had stirred up conversation, though. Those behind-the-scenes at Inside Edition could also see that the story of the baseball doppelgängers was a home run – and they also knew that people still had questions about their possible relationships. So, they decided to go one step further.

A short while after the story aired, Inside Edition got back in contact with the two Bradys and asked them whether they would be interested in taking a DNA test to find out whether they were related. While they were both wary, they did have a few questions themselves – so they decided to go ahead with the DNA test.

The Baseball Players Sent Off Their DNA Samples and Awaited the Results

Inside Edition arranged everything for the two Bradys, and they ordered the DNA kits and sent them to the two baseball players. All they had to do was put their DNA samples into a tube and send them back for testing. Their story had developed incredibly quickly, and the two men still couldn’t believe that they were taking a DNA test to see if they had a long-lost brother.

Although the Bradys understood why everyone was so interested and why people were convinced that they were secretly related, they still weren’t convinced. They had developed a bond between them, but they had no knowledge of any secret siblings – but even they couldn’t deny the fact that the results of the DNA test were unusual.

More Than Anything, the Bradys Just Wanted to Know More About Their Heritage

Despite the fact that both Bradys took a little more convincing than the general public to realize that there was a kooky connection between them both, they still eagerly awaited their DNA test results. More than anything, they were intrigued to learn a little more about their heritage and where their family tree stemmed from.

Brady Gregory confessed that he’d always thought the name Feigl stemmed from Germany and that he had German heritage running through his family, and he couldn’t wait to know for sure. Brady Matthew simply stated that “It’ll be cool just to see where I come from more than anything.” So, what did the results say?

Brady Gregory’s Test Results Stated That He Had 53% German Heritage

To make the momentous occasion even more incredible, Inside Edition brought the two Brady Feigls back together to reveal their DNA test results. They stood alongside each other with the cameras on them, and they looked at their own test results on the tablets that were provided for them.

As the younger Brady Feigl (Brady Gregory) read his results, he realized that his suspicions had been correct. His DNA test stated that he had 53% German heritage and 4% Italian heritage, and this made sense from what he knew about his family. But what about the other Brady Feigl? Were they biologically related in any way?

Amazingly, Brady Matthew’s DNA Test Also Confirmed That He Was 53% German

By this point, both Brady Feigls understood that they had weird coincidences about them. Not only were they both pitchers in minor-league baseball, but they were also exactly 6-foot-4-inches tall, and they both sported red hair and a red beard. However, their test results concluded that they were even more similar than that.

Amazingly, Brady Matthew’s DNA test results also stated that – just like Brady Gregory – his had 53% Germanic heritage. This was just another thing to add to their list of identical traits, and fans once again couldn’t believe that these doppelgängers were becoming even more alike with each new piece of information. In their eyes, this was further proof that they were related, but the full DNA test results quickly knocked that notion down.

The DNA Test Confirmed That Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl Aren’t Related

Both Bradys were obviously intrigued when they learned that they both had 53% Germanic heritage, but more than anything they wanted to put the main question to rest; were they related? In the end, the DNA test confirmed that they share absolutely no DNA, which means that – despite their public’s insistence – they aren’t related at all.

Of course, this news took everyone by surprise, including Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl. They had started to believe themselves that maybe they were long-lost brothers after all, but instead the DNA test confirmed that their doppelgänger characteristics were simply a fluke.

Despite the Fact That They’re Not Related, the Bradys Are Still Connected

In the back of their minds, Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl always knew that they weren’t related. They knew intrinsically that they weren’t long-lost brothers, but there was still a part of them that questioned their identities. And while they ultimately learned that there was no genetic relation there, they both still knew that they were connected.

Brady Matthew noted that “We’re still brothers in a way,” and Brady Gregory finished that sentiment with “And we’re always going to be Brady Feigl.” In truth, they know that their unique situation will link them together for life, and that they have a connection that nobody else in the world can understand.

The DNA Results Were Met With Public Outcry, and People Couldn’t Believe It

Although it didn’t take the Bradys long to digest the information that they weren’t genetically related and that their likeness was just a coincidence, the same couldn’t be said for those who had been following their story. People couldn’t believe that there was absolutely no genetic link between them, and so they took to social media to let off some steam.

Twitter and Reddit threads have popped up across the internet, with people debating the Brady Feigl results. Some comments and remarks include, “The fact that they aren’t related is astonishing,” “Alright, who cloned this dude?” and “Serious question: what happens if they were on the same team? Would they have to make one of them Brady 1 and Brady 2 on the roster? Or would just having two different numbers be enough?”

Both Bradys Still Keep in Touch, but They’ve Both Moved on With Their Lives

Brady Gregory Feigl and Brady Matthew Feigl know that people will be talking about their story and their unique likeness for years, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this has drawn them together. They laugh about the public mix-ups, they point confused fans in the right direction, and they have connected on their shared life experiences.

While they’re now friends and enjoy meeting up every now and then, they have also moved on with their lives. They will remember their DNA test experience as a strange and unique chapter in their lives, but they’ve since focused their attention on their own respective lives – rather than the life of their doppelgänger. And they’ve done pretty well for themselves.

The Two Baseball Players Are Still Big Names in the Minor League World

Since their DNA test results in 2018, both Brady Feigls have certainly achieved a lot – both in their personal lives and their professional lives. Left-armer Brady Matthew got married in 2020, and in March 2022 he signed a new deal with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

However, he’s the only Brady Feigl to change teams. At the time of writing, Brady Gregory is still playing with the Oakland Athletics affiliate – but his career has been dampened by injury in recent months. In early 2022, it was noted that Brady Gregory had been suffering from an undisclosed injury setback, but he’s keen to get back up and running again soon.

The Brady Feigl Story Is Proof That Doppelgängers Really Do Exist

While it’s safe to say that the outcome of the Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl DNA test wasn’t one that people hoped for or expected, their existence is still a revelation. In fact, many have stated that their story is proof that doppelgängers really do exist – and that sometimes they can be much closer to home than you realize.

Both Bradys had no idea that another person who looked identical to them and had similar experiences to them was living on the other side of the country, and they had no clue that they were also a minor-league baseball player. However, now they can move on with their lives knowing that they have a connection unlike any other.

Despite the DNA Evidence, Fans Still Can’t Believe That They’re Not Connected in Some Way

When looking at the comments of the Inside Edition video of the DNA test, it’s clear to see that fans are disappointed the test results didn’t link the two Brady Feigls together genetically. Many fans wanted this to be an intriguing story of long-lost siblings – but were instead met with disappointing results. However, that hasn’t stopped people from believing.

Comments on the video say things like “Plot twist: he actually time traveled and met his past self to save humanity” and “When they were mentioning all their similarities I was like, “wow that’s cool” but when they said they had the same name I was like “WHAT?!?!” In fact, some people are so convinced that Brady Matthew and Brady Gregory are related that they have called into question the accuracy of the DNA test.

Many People Believe That the DNA Test Results Weren’t Accurate

While it’s not known what DNA test Inside Edition used for the two Brady Feigls, many testing companies have been called out in the past. Their accuracy has been doubted – especially as there are so many companies out there who promise the same thing. There have even been some instances where identical twins have been told that their DNA is not 100% the same.

Yaniv Erlich, the chief science officer at MyHeritage has noted that DNA tests aren’t 100% accurate: “We’re talking about 99.9 percent accuracy… but even with that high level of accuracy, when you process 1 million places in the genome, you might get 1,000 errors. Those small errors alone can help explain why one twin might have slightly different results from another.” So, does that mean that we should take the Bradys’ results with a pinch of salt?

They’ve Suggested That the Bradys Should Trace Their Genealogy Rather Than Their DNA

When it comes to the fans who are convinced that Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl’s connection is more than just pure coincidence, they are clinging to this 1% chance that the DNA test was wrong. In fact, they have suggested that what the two baseball players really need to do is take a genealogy test rather than a DNA test.

Many people wrote about this in the YouTube comments, writing that “There’s probably a common ancestor a few generations back. Forget DNA, they need to trace their genealogy. That’ll explain the last name” and “Just because the tests show different results doesn’t mean they aren’t related. The Irish and Italian and other smaller numbers could be made up of their (sic) individual parents and grandparents. They could still be related by great, great, great grandparents.”

Fans Have Asked Them to Trace Their Family Tree, but the Bradys Don’t Seem Interested

The quickest way to test genealogy is by looking at the Y chromosome, which fathers pass to their male children. Plus, you can also put together a family tree by linking relatives and ancestors together by simply asking family members. Fans believe that if Brady Matthew Feigl and Brady Gregory Feigl did this, they would ultimately find the link that connects them together.

While they’ve asked the baseball players to do this, it seems as though they’re not too interested. Not only would this take a lot of time and effort, but they also have their own busy lives and their own busy careers. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve probably also seen the many comments from other people who have seen their story. And those comments aren’t quite as positive…

The Bradys Still Don’t Think They Look Alike, and They’re Not the Only Ones

More than anything, it seems as though the Bradys aren’t interested in testing their connection any further because they’ve moved on with their lives – and because they don’t think they’re related in any way. While they appreciate the fact that their similarities are extremely bizarre and coincidental, they still believe that they’re just accidental doppelgängers.

While they know that they look alike with their red hair and their red beards, they don’t think that they look identical. And it seems as though they’re not the only ones who think that way. Despite the fact that there are many fans who can’t tell these two baseball stars apart, there are others who don’t think they look alike at all.

Many Think That Brady Matthew Looks Different Without a Beard

When the phenomenon of the two Brady Feigls came to light, both of the men had red hair and had grown out their red beards to around the same length. Of course, this made them look identical in every way – but critics of their story believe that Brady Matthew doesn’t look anything like Brady Gregory when he doesn’t have his beard.

Looking back at photos of Brady Matthew at the start of his career, he didn’t have the red beard that he has today, so you can see more of his face. Plus, when his red hair is covered he looks very different from the other Brady. Many believe that this is proof that they’re not related – and people haven’t been shy about commenting their thoughts about this.

Critics Have Commented Their Thoughts About Brady Matthew’s Beardless Look

No matter where the story of Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl is posted, there are always people who comment their opinions – both in support of their connection and against it. While there are countless people who believe that they must be distantly related, there are others who believe that Brady Matthew’s beardless look is enough for it to just be pure coincidence.

Comments on YouTube have noted that “Other than having red hair, a beard, and wearing glasses, there really isn’t much of a resemblance. The guy wearing the A’s jersey has a short rounded face. While the other guy has a long, thin face. If I met them together in person, the resemblance wouldn’t even be remarkable. Them having the same name though is absolutely remarkable.”

In Their Eyes, Brady Matthew and Brady Gregory’s Faces Are Completely Different

According to the many other comments like this, it’s their faces that give their lack of similarity away. These critics believe that hair and their outfits make them look more identical than they actually are without these extra, superficial additions.

Another YouTube commenter wrote “When they took their caps off, I knew they were not related. As a molecular biologist quite familiar with bioanthropology; I could see that their facial features had very distinctively different forms. But having the same names, height, and red hair – totally cool! Really fun to see.”

Some Critics Even Think It Was a Waste of Time Them Taking a DNA Test

In fact, some people were so convinced that they weren’t related in the slightest that they couldn’t quite understand why others were so enamored with their story. In their eyes, it was obvious that Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl weren’t long-lost brothers or even twins separated at birth. So, they thought the DNA test was a waste of time.

One commenter even went as far as to write “They could of just found out if they were twins by asking each other their birthday.” However, it’s fair to say that the mix between those who did believe there was a relationship between the two baseball players and those who didn’t were split equally. Everyone had their own opinion, and everyone had their own way of looking at their story.

Nevertheless, Their Story Does Make the World Seem Pretty Small

Despite the fact that many people still have questions about whether Brady Matthew Feigl and Brady Gregory Feigl are related, their incredible story does seem to have brought people together and blown many people’s minds. More than anything, it proves that life is full of little coincidences that don’t always make sense.

While there are billions of people in the world, your doppelgänger could be living just around the corner, in the next state, or halfway across the world. And although many people won’t ever get the chance to meet theirs, the Feigl story proves that some people do – and that possibility is what proves that the world can be small.