How Disney Would Be Different if the Characters Were Modern Day Millennials

Thu Dec 22 2022

This article was originally published on For What It’s Earth and has been republished to The Gossip Geek with permission.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and think of all our favorite Disney characters. Now, let’s try to apply them to our modern-day world. Some of these characters would be thriving millennials, while others would probably get canceled in today’s day and age. Which category does your favorite character fall into?

So what would these Disney characters be like as modern-day millennials? Would our favorite couples still be together? Would we still hate the same villains? Would we still be rooting for the same princesses to win? Or maybe these epic characters’ lives would be pretty similar to ours, just a bit more magical…

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Would Snow White still be the fairest of them all? Probably. In fact, we can see her as some sort of a beauty queen, or a model. Imagine if Snow White were an Instagram influencer? She’d have a lot more than seven men chasing after her then! You’ve probably noticed that she’s taking a selfie but did you notice the phone she’s using?

Yup, apples are still ruling Snow White’s life, just in a different way now. Ironically, her Apple phone could also put her into a coma-like state. Let’s be honest, a great kiss from a handsome guy would snap her out of it. Basically, her phone would replace the magic mirror, and she’d use likes and followers to see her status within the village. Fair enough, we all do that sometimes.

Pizza Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Modern-day Cinderella is 100% living her best life. Eating pizza, drinking Coke, and watching Netflix seem like the best way to live! We’re happy to see that she’s switched to sneakers, too, those glass slippers looked super uncomfortable and dangerous.

We hope that millennial Cinderella knows how to stand up for herself a bit more than the original. Why would she let her stepmom and stepsisters push her around like that? And waiting for others to save her? No, thank you. This Cinderella looks like someone who can take care of herself.

She’s Part of Our World

Millennial Ariel has fulfilled her lifelong dream of living on land, but she’d better not have traded her voice to do it! Let’s be honest, The Little Mermaid was about as anti-feminist as you can get and would never fly in today’s day and age. Let’s hope Ariel befriends some of the more recent Disney princesses and takes a page out of their books.

Let’s talk about the details here: Of course, she’s at the beach. Where else would Ariel be? And she’s drinking Starbucks. Probably because the logo reminds her of herself. It seems that she and Flounder got friendship tattoos, too! We’ll admit it, we’re jealous.

Beauty Without the Beast

It seems that Belle has left her Beast boyfriend and we couldn’t be happier for her! There’s no need for anyone ever to be in a forced relationship, but especially not a catch like Belle. She’s smart, beautiful, kind, and the beast is… controlling and manipulative. Yikes.

Belle seems to be thriving as a single woman. She can walk the streets of Paris, now that she’s free to leave the castle. We don’t blame her for missing some good old-fashioned fast food after eating gourmet meals for so long! And of course, she’s all dressed up to go to Mcdonald’s, because why not?

The Hottie From Hell

Is it weird that Hades is well… hot? Aside from being evil and all of that, of course. Look at him just casually playing with a lighter, as one does. The sweatshirt is an interesting choice though, isn’t it a bit warm in Hell? Maybe it’s frozen over?

His hair would probably work pretty well in today’s day and age, we don’t even think he’d be that out of place. The tattoos, the skull necklace, it all fits with a millennial’s look. The only thing is, knowing Hades, that’s a real skull on his necklace and not just a fashion choice.

The Colors of the Festival

Of course, Pocahontas would be enjoying a festival. She loves to be free, run around, surround herself with beautiful colors and sounds. A festival is literally the perfect place for her. We have no doubt that she’s enjoying her modern-day millennial life in the most epic way possible.

We’re absolutely living for Pocahontas’s outfit here. The awesome shirt that’s reminiscent of her heritage, the beautiful feathers in her hair, and the cool-girl sunglasses are all perfect. Notice what’s completing the outfit… She still has her mother’s necklace! We’re so glad to see that Pocahontas got her happily ever after.

We Want to Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? We do! We absolutely love Anna and Elsa’s modern-day looks. We’re even happier to see that their millennial selves are still close. Of course, they’re still enjoying the snow and Elsa looks about ready to start a snowball fight. Maybe she’ll throw it at Hans?

If you think Anna is wearing a cape, check again. This is modern-day Disney so no capes here. Anna is actually wearing a flowy scarf that cleverly looks like a cape, just in case anyone forgot that she is a princess. Elsa doesn’t seem to be too bundled up, but we know that the cold never bothered her anyway.

She Went From Kissing Frogs to Wearing Them

Being the bada** that she is, Tiana is wearing a frog on her shirt, instead of kissing one. Millennial-Tiana is all too relatable as we’ve all kissed some frogs at some point in our lives. Just for us, they’re not literally frogs… But in the end, we all find our prince or princess. Or we don’t. And that’s okay too.

Notice that Tiana is wearing all green, which is fair enough. She even has some cute lily pad tattoos on her stomach. So cute! Despite what people think about millennials, Tiana being a hard worker is right on-brand with this generation. Being an aspiring business owner is super relatable, which is probably why everyone adores Tiana so much!

We’re All Mad Here

Alice looks like she saw some serious stuff when she was in Wonderland. What would modern-day Wonderland be? Maybe Vegas? You see some crazy stuff in Vegas that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. And the famous saying “we’re all mad here” definitely rings true to the sin city. So let’s call her: Alice in Vegas.

There’s so much going on here that we’re simply in love with. Her outfit is on point, along with her trademark choker. Notice her bracelet says “eat me”. Brilliant! She’s got the tattoo to show that she’s been down that rabbit hole. And check out the company her drink is from: Mat Hatter Tea Co. Sounds delicious.

She’s Just as Evil and Epic as Ever

Cruella looks fabulous, as always, too bad she’s incredibly evil. Given the way she treats animals, she would most definitely be canceled in today’s day and age. Cruella may be a successful fashionista, but she’d be ruined as a millennial if she tried to harm any cute dogs.

Cruella has what to learn in regards to the appropriate treatment of animals, but her fashion sense is on point! From the Louboutin shoes to the skull tattoos, she’s just rocking it. Her motorcycle is enviable as well. The dalmatian pattern is super cool, as long as it’s not actual fur. Her license plate number is perfectly on-brand. It was definitely custom-made.

We Can Wait for Him to Be King

Not only is Scar human now but he’s also a millennial! We definitely wouldn’t want him to be king or president, or in any form of power really. Let’s just hope his climb to the top wouldn’t work out in our modern times. Because evil people never get into positions of power. Right?

For those who didn’t notice, Scar’s shirt reads “long live the king.” Well… let’s say “long live the king” as long as the king is Simba. At the very least, we can rest assured that modern-day Simba will assume the throne in the end. In the meantime, we know another millennial Disney character that’s ready to defend the throne in Simba’s name…

We’re Okay With Her Being King!

Millennial Nala is here and ready to defend the throne! She’s exactly the type of strong female we need to help restore world order. We have no doubt that she’ll hold down the fort while Simba’s transitioning to modern times. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nala did a better job than him anyway.

There are so many epic things here, we don’t want to miss any of them, so we’ll start from the top and work our way down. The buns in Nala’s hair look like lion’s ears and we’re here for it. Her paw print tattoo is everything. Her sweatshirt clearly states who she believes deserves the throne. And her zebra-print skirt is adorable. All hail, Queen Nala!

Be a Man? No, Thanks. Just Be Yourself

Mulan would definitely be welcome in our modern-day world, as she was arguably Disney’s first feminist. She had already figured out what all the other Disney princesses of her time were still learning: You don’t need a man to save you. You can save yourself. Or in her case, you can save your entire country.

We could see millennial Mulan working in the government, as an advisor of some sort. Or maybe as the leader of a feminist movement? Or both. Perhaps she’s a general in the military, instructing her soldiers to “be a woman.” Whatever she’s up to, we’re sure that she’s absolutely killing it.

Get Ready to Have a Phil Collins Song Stuck in Your Head

Tarzan and Jane are still together, even in our modern times, and we couldn’t be happier! Those two have really had their relationship tested, multiple times, so it’s nice to see that they got their happily ever after. It looks like they live a happy and cozy life together. That’s some serious relationship goals.

Instead of being tangled up together in vines, Jane and Tarzan are tangled together in Christmas lights. That’s definitely a mood! We suspect that Tarzan works as a rock climbing instructor while Jane has found a job as a teacher. Or perhaps they work on a gorilla sanctuary together. Either way, we love that they’re still in love.

We’d Take That Yoga Class

Jasmin is, arguably, the sexiest of the Disney princesses and now we can see why. She stays in shape by doing yoga, like every other millennial. She’s probably even the class’s instructor, which would be awesome. We’d definitely sign up for that yoga class!

Notice, that her yoga mat is actually a modern-day version of the magic carpet. And her bejeweled headpiece is now her gym headband. Jasmin has traded in her princess lifestyle for something a bit more laid back and we couldn’t be happier for her. Namaste, Jasmin.

She’s Both Brave and Beautiful

Merida’s millennial look seems to suit her way more than the contrived royal look she used to have. We think that our modern times will be the perfect fit for her. No one will force millennial Merida to get married if she doesn’t want to. Although let’s be honest, it’s not like they succeeded in forcing her before anyway.

We’re living for the “good vibes only” shirt and we couldn’t agree more. The bow and arrow tattoo is also perfect for Merida, as we all know what an amazing archer she is. We imagine she’s an archery instructor, or athlete, of some sort. Don’t miss out on her “brave” tattoo either. Modern times look good on her!

From Sea Witch to Millennial

Ursula has left the sea, herself, and found her way into our modern world. Perhaps she’s coming to find Ariel? Whatever her reasons, something tells us that she won’t be too well received in today’s times, given that she tries to silence young women.

We imagine Ursula to be a powerful attorney who makes people stick to their contracts, no matter what! She’s even got a tattoo that says “poor unfortunate souls” so that people know exactly what they’re getting into when they work with her. To be fair, Ariel did sign the contract…

Peter Pan May Never Grow Up but Someone Else Did…

Tinkerbell is all grown up and the millennial look really suits her. She’s living her best life, all on her own, without needing to take care of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Tinkerbell’s immense efforts weren’t appreciated anyway, so it makes sense that she’s chosen to fly solo.

We bet she’s still able to fly using those wing tattoos. And that cute clutch definitely contains some fairy dust. Check out her shadow, though… It looks like someone misses her and wants her back. Maybe she’ll allow Peter Pan into her world if he can learn to grow up and get with the modern times.

What Can We Say, Except ”You’re Welcome”?

Millennial Moana is everything and in our modern times, there’s really no limit to how far she’ll go! With her surfboard, she looks ready to venture out into the water as far as her heart desires. We bet she’s working as a surf instructor now, and we would 100% take those lessons.

Moana is still probably living her best life in Hawaii but isn’t stuck there anymore. We have no doubt that she travels around the world, finding the best waves, and is having the time of her life. Side note: Make sure you check out her necklace!

She Won’t Say She’s in Love, but We Will!

Megara is no longer a slave to the Underworld, instead, she’s chilling and relaxing on the beaches of Greece. Her fierce and fiery personality may not have gone over too well in ancient Greece, but we have a feeling she’ll fit right in here in the modern world!

We imagine Meg working as a waitress on a beach bar and giving all of her customers a run for their money. She’d be the type of waitress who doesn’t take anyone’s BS and isn’t afraid to put a rude customer in their place. Don’t mess with Meg, you guys, she’s been to Hell and back.

She Let Her Hair Down

Rapunzel has let down her hair… all the way over the edge of the balcony! She’s still in a tower, but this time, she’s not locked in it. Instead, she’s chilling on a balcony, eating a delicious meal, and living her best life. In fact, she just did an epic hair flip to show how well she’s doing.

Clearly, Rapunzel is enjoying her newfound freedom, as she’s traveling the world. She’s currently in Paris but who knows where she’ll go next? She’s free now to see the whole world if she wants to. We bet she’s working as a traveling hairdresser, learning techniques from all over the world. We’d let her do our hair!

She’s No Tramp

Lady is now, well… a lady! This beloved dog is now a modern-day woman and she’s absolutely killing it. We have no doubt that she’s roaming around, with Tramp, testing out all the spaghetti restaurants in town. We bet they have some cute puppies, by now, too.

Lady’s hair perfectly mimics her ears from back when she was a dog. Her choker looks like a collar while her pendant looks like a dog tag. We love the fur coat, assuming it’s not real fur, which we’re sure it isn’t. And her “spaghetti date nights” shirt is everything. We want one too!

Will He Kiss the Girl?

Prince Eric is now in our modern world and we have to admit: He’s probably gonna have a hard time. Best of luck to him finding a woman who won’t speak. Maybe he’ll finally have to develop some form of a personality for himself? Or he can just nearly drown again, hoping his dream woman will save him.

Eric seems to live near the beach, so maybe he’s learned how to swim? We do love his Flounder shirt. It seems like they’re still friends! Honestly, we think he looks like the type of guy who’d follow us around on the beach, asking for a date. No, thank you. We’re a bit too talkative.

We Wouldn’t Eat That Apple

The Evil Queen has followed Snow White into the modern world. But something tells us that she won’t feel the same animosity towards Snow White anymore. The Evil Queen doesn’t need to be the fairest of them all anymore. At least not naturally, that is…

In today’s day and age, the Evil Queen can become the fairest of them all in ways that simply weren’t available in her time. There’s plastic surgery, there’s photoshop, there are all sorts of ways to enhance her beauty. No poisonous apples are required.

She Still Looks Royal

Anastasia still looks just as royal as ever, even with her millennial makeover. Her style is simply on point and we are living for that hat! Everything about her says that she’s happy and thriving, which is exactly how it should be. We bet that she’s traveling the world and having modern-day adventures.

We bet that millennial Anastasia is working as some form of a musician, or dancer, something creative and artsy for sure. She may be teaching dance or vocal lessons, or may fashion given her killer outfit! We would absolutely buy these cute clothes. Maybe she’ll open a store?

He’s in a Whole New World

Aladdin is in a whole new world, the modern-day world, and it seems to be working well for him. He looks like a proper playboy! He’s definitely going around conning women into thinking he’s rich. Well, he is doing a lot better financially, at least he can afford shoes now.

Everything about Aladdin screams “player.” The shirt that’s open for no reason, the beaded necklace, the underwear poking out from his pants. We won’t lie: He has a charm to him. But we know that he’s a conman at heart. That’s fine, we’re sure he’ll try to find millennial Jasmin and win her over again. Maybe he’ll pretend to be a yoga instructor?

We Want to Hear This Toy’s Story

Everyone’s favorite cowgirl has come to life. Meet millennial Jesse! She’s made it out of the toybox and is ready to take over the real world. We suspect she’ll move to Texas, as that would really be the perfect place for her. Maybe Woody and Buzz will join, too?

We’re totally living for Jessie’s cool cowgirl outfit! Her horseshoe bracelet is simply adorable, and we need a pair of cow-print jeans like that. The best part of her new look is her tattoo, which shows what she’s all about. We have a feeling that Jessie will be welcome into Texas with open arms.

Ariel’s Posh New Life

Just what we expected – Ariel might not have traded her mermaid tail for fins, but she’s definitely taking advantage of the good life onshore. She’s sitting in a pool with a floating tray, enjoying a delicious brunch filled with tropical fruits and tea.

She’s most definitely enjoying her time on her girl’s trip, looking over the edge of her Infiniti-edge pool, out at the beautiful ocean she calls home. She’s sipping on her iced coffee, eating finger sandwiches and soaking up all of the sun rays and positive vibes while she can.

Aladdin and Jasmine Get Cozy in Couple’s Pics

Is there anything more millennial than this? Eye masks and all, Aladdin and Jasmine took this mirror selfie to not only express their affection toward each other but to show just how good it is to practice #selfcare, whether you’re alone or with a pal.

She’s got the most updated version of the iPhone, ready to take that mirror selfie to show the world just how hot her boy toy is and how everyone should be jealous of how chilled out her day-to-day is. We guess that’s just life when you’re born to royalty.

Aurora’s Newest Getup

Our gal Sleeping Beauty took a new twist to her look. She looks like she is about to go join some other youth in revolt at a rave in Berlin. She’s dressed in a mesh top that looks like it’s fresh out of the late ’90s or early ’00s. She’s going hard and everyone knows it.

She’s kind of horrifying to some, but others would argue that it’s part of her charm. It’s a total vibe and we’re totally digging it. If only we were able to look half as cool as her in her modern-punk outfit, maybe we’d be more intimidating to others!

Aladdin Shows Some PDA

Taking a break from palace life and hopping into a tropical vacation means that Aladdin and Jasmine can take some time to themselves and dress comfy and casually. In true millennial fashion, Jasmine is sporting a shirt that says “I’ve got it, so I’ll flaunt it.”

The cones over her bits are almost completely covered by Aladdin’s hands, almost as if to say “Property of Big Al” across her chest. This is the kind of pic they would post so as to say “we’re handsy and we know it, which is why we’re taking a sensual little getaway together.”

John Smith and Pocahantas Tried to Look Natural

John Smith and Pocahantas wanted to have their little chilled morning to themselves. They were cozy in their pajamas, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t put on a show for the rest of us. We’re lucky they posted some intimate moment for us all to see.

She’s reading a copy of Harper’s Bazaar while he cozies up to her. They’ve got an assortment of treats and quite the pastry spread, so we can’t help but wonder if this is them spending time together as a couple on a normal morning, or if this is some kind of special occasion.

Modern Anastasia

Anastasia was one totally underrated film. If she were a character living life today, this is probably the most on-brand thing we would see from her. Mirror selfies with those full-length gloves and a sultry corset is everything we’re pining for and honey, give us more!

She’s got this extra sense of sophistication that goes with her seductive outfit that we simply cannot match ourselves. She looks like she’s getting ready for a night on the town in Moscow, or even Paris, London, or Rome. Nonetheless, she looks ready for a big night.

Tatiana is as Tasteful as They Get

This princess of the southern city of New Orleans has taken her own twist to be a modern princess. She takes southern hospitality to a whole new level while simultaneously showing that she is indeed a belle who can hold herself to the highest of standards.

She stylishly accessorized like a modern minimalist with sophisticated taste: diamonds. Some styles expand far beyond our regional tastes and Tatiana has proven through and through that she’s one of the highest-class princesses around. She kept her outfit simple and emphasized the accessories like a true millennial.

Crazy Rich Asians Meets Mulan

Mulan was finally recognized for her hard work, and she was rewarded with a shopping trip local to her. We can see her strolling down the street in Hong Kong, Paris, or Rio de Janeiro, ready to cash in her reward after lots of convincing to finally put herself first.

These days, Mulan is working as a consultant to the many companies that need her strategy skills. This allows her to travel often for work and compensates her generously, but between chairing so many charity events, it’s hard for her to take a moment for herself. Fortunately, her man pushed her to stop at Dior to blow off some steam.

Pocahantas Takes SoHo

Just around the Hudson River pier, Pocahantas took to the streets of SoHo, in downtown New York City. She’s dressed in earthy tones while wearing her sheer and shapely dress. She is sporting both her tribal body art as well as a homemade necklace.

She’s sparkling from head to toe like a star shining in the sky. While she may come from a strong tribal connection, her hubby John has really managed to spoil her. Now, her every wish is his command. There’s nothing he won’t buy for her. What a life she’s got!

The Fairy Godmother Had a Glow-Up

We’re pretty sure that the Fairy Godmother went to a blowout bar to get her hair done before this photo because she looks absolutely incredible. Her makeup looks like it is perfectly contoured, plus, her lipstick and eyebrows look so good that they’re practically painted onto her face.

As is the style, she’s serving major “ombre” vibes. Not quite tie-dye, but something a little more subtle that allows her to focus on more than one color without taking attention from the others. If she wants to know, what we’re wishing for is a dress just like hers!

The Lost City of Atlantis Rebranded Itself

As it turns out, the lost city of Atlantis wasn’t quite “lost,” but rather rebranded as a meditation guru’s home base. She’s not the only one who looks like she’s heading to a music festival in the deep woods of Michigan… we wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up alongside Alice (you know, from Wonderland).

Princess Kida is just showing us her new rave-goer persona. Just when we started to think she was heading to a festival, we think that maybe she was the one performing there. Who wouldn’t want to attend a festival in a lost city? That must be one heck of a party…

Tarzan and Jane Get Adventurous for the ‘Gram

This Tarzan and Jane match-up is exactly what we’d expect today. These days, they probably met on a vacation down under in Australia. She came from high society, while he was just a surfer dude she met out during a Saturday session at a bar on Sydney’s harbor.

His outfit could very well be from the hippy commune on the beach he spends his evenings at. Really, anything goes, especially during their silly season. They may have come from two different worlds, but that only reaffirms our belief that opposites really do attract.

Alice in Wonderland Followed Her Third Eye

This futuristic Alice in Wonderland looks like she’s right out of a Coachella tent. The third eye is very of-the-moment so it wouldn’t be that far off to say that this could very well be an instant tattoo that Alice ordered off of some Etsy boutique.

Her sheer outfit covered in stars makes her appear to be a total night owl. She’s about to catch the next act of bands you’ve never heard of (trance music only) at some music festival you’re probably not hip enough to even secure a pass to. She’s living her best life.

Snow White Turned Survivalist

This is Snow White like we’ve never seen her before. Unlike her image at the very start of the article, Snow White is stirring up more bada** vibes than ever before. If this sleepy Disney princess learned anything from her experience, it’s that she always needs to be ready to support herself in the wild.

She’s sporty and maybe, just maybe, this was a major takeaway from her time with those seven dwarves. Maybe they taught her how to fend for herself, and she’s just having an Instagram photoshoot to show the rest of the world what she learned from them… in true millennial style.