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Hotel Fails: 23+ Times Hotels Have Been Caught Making Embarrassing Choices

Now that things are opening up again, we’re all starting to plan for some future holidays. What better time to relive some of the weirdest and downright most ridiculous hotel fails that have ever been captured on camera? It’s easy for us to laugh knowing that we’re not the ones staying in them!

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up16
Image: The Sun

Hotels are meant to bring to mind a safe haven or a relaxing home away from home, where you don’t have to deal with the usual home stresses. But these ridiculous hotel snaps captured by real guests prove that our trusted temporary lodgings might not be all they’ve cracked up to be.

The Restroom That Gives Unique Views To Guests and Outsiders Alike

You’d think that paying a high price for a luxury hotel would at least guarantee you a private restroom experience. But unfortunately, staying at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan will actually expose you to New Yorkers on the street. Pictured are a series of unassuming guests at the Boom Boom Room club…

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up17
Image: Daily Mail

Most people using their restrooms naturally assumed the windows were reflective on the outside, as there’s no warning sign upon entering. But… there definitely should be. Because not only can people on the street see you, but they can also take your picture!

The Curtains That Mysteriously Conceal Absolutely Nothing

What an absolute anti-climax this must have been for the hotel guests. In their hotel room, right beside the bed, hangs floor-to-ceiling curtains that promise all sorts of exciting secrets. Could it be a stunning view? Or perhaps a secret room? Even a built-in wardrobe would be better than nothing!

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up6
Image: Distractify

Unfortunately, all your getting is more wallpaper real estate behind these curtains. We wonder why they were installed in the first place since there wasn’t even space to put anything there. Just like the guy in the photo, no one really knows what this mystery curtain is doing there.

The Coffee Machine With a Cable That’s Too Short to Reach

It’s a nice perk to have your very own coffee machine sitting in your hotel room, so you can grab yourself a fresh brew the minute you’ve woken up. But it doesn’t mean an awful lot when the cord is too short to plug in. Just what are they expecting guests to do to make the Nespresso machine work?

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up5
Image: Daily Express

“Had to puzzle out my coffee maker with too short a cord in a hotel room,” wrote the guy who took the picture. We wonder what he could have done to fix this issue. All we can imagine is him holding the coffee machine in his hands up to the height of the socket until it’s finished making a cup.

The Hotel Ensuite That Doesn’t Respect Your Privacy

Sadly, high hotel prices don’t necessarily guarantee you four walls these days. These innocent travelers were unsurprisingly shocked to find that their ensuite toilet and shower was in full view from their hotel room. It’s nice of them to have made the decision for you as to whether or not you are comfortable being watched in the bathroom.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up4
Image: Reddit / scarletttohara

“This is the room my friend and I got in Cuba. The shower wall was a window & you could see into the entire bathroom.. even the toilet,” wrote the Reddit user who shared the photo. That’s one way to bond… if only they left it up to the guests to decide if it was their cup of tea or not!

The Unreachable Sitting Area With Suspiciously Fresh Flowers

One internet user couldn’t help but share the hotel fail they witnessed in The Holiday Inn in New Boston, Texas. “My hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it,” they wrote. But something tells us this creepy waiting area is only meant for those brave enough to hang from the chandelier and swing from it.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up10

What we’re saying is, perhaps it’s a challenge. There’s only one other possible explanation we can think of as to how it came to be. Perhaps the designer was making a joke at the expense of the hotel. As one commenter wrote: “One rarely gets to see sarcasm expressed through the medium of interior design.”

The Shower That Comes With a Maximum Height Requirement

This unlucky guy found himself in a hotel that didn’t particularly cater to his height. He found himself in the unfortunate position of having to bend down very low to wash his hair, or else just get down on his knees. That’s not really what you’re looking for when you’re trying to have a relaxing weekend getaway.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up14
Image: eBaum’s World

He wrote, “Wish hotels posted shower head height. I would filter for that when booking,” and we couldn’t agree more. If he’s lucky enough, he can angle the showerhead up so it sprays him directly in the face. But something about that loose connection tells us

The Hotel That Doesn’t Pass Health and Safety Regulations

We have to appreciate the irony at play here. Judging by the furniture, they’re appealing to an older demographic. But the stair design they’ve opted with is a sure-fire health and safety hazard at the best of times. From the looks of it, this hotel is just begging to get a lawsuit on its hands.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up23
Image: Bored Panda

Never has the term “climbing the stairs” been so relevant as it is here. That’s probably because this staircase reminds us of a ladder more than anything else. At least they were considerate enough to install two handrails, one on either side. They know their guests are gonna need it.

The Emergency Exit Signs With Conflicting Information

At times when you really are in an emergency, safety signs need to be easy to understand. But someone dropped the ball at this hotel when installing the neon “EXIT” signs. Their arrows are pointing to each other, and there’s nothing but a fire alarm between them.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up24
Image: Reddit / yeaabut

Perhaps they’re instructing us to take a Harry Potter approach in the case of an emergency, by ramming ourselves into the wall, platform 9 and 3/4 style. Hilariously, the user who posted this photo on Reddit captioned it “Welcome to the Hotel California.” As the lyrics go in the Eagles’ famous song, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

The Bathroom Mirror That Calls You Ugly Every Morning

This hotel is doing everyone a service. They were nice enough to install a highly magnified mirror right into the middle of the bathroom mirror, just to keep your ego in check. Should anyone be feeling extra confident in how they look that day, this intense magnification will enlarge every pore and bring you back down to reality.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up18
Image: The Chive

Who needs their morning coffee when you have this waiting for you in the bathroom? Just imagine; you stumble out of bed half asleep, grab your toothbrush, and look up to find your face in terrifyingly close proximity. It’ll scare you just enough to ensure you won’t be falling back to sleep any time soon.

The Hotel Shower That Prioritizes Handrails Over Hot Water

After a long day of sightseeing or spending a long day at the beach, the only thing you really want is a nice hot shower. But at this hotel, the option has been taken away entirely due to a shower handle installation fail. Whichever genius drilled this into place, they did it so that you can’t turn the temperature up!

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up12
Image: The Sun

The guy on Imgur who uploaded this photo originally just posted it alongside the caption: “Just wanted a nice, hot shower at the hotel I was staying at.” We can’t decide what amazes us most – that someone made the mistake in the first place, or that the hotel didn’t do anything to rectify the mistake!

The Toilet Paper Dispenser That’s Too Far To Reach

If you were looking for some extremely terrible bathroom design, look no further. For some unknown reason, the person who came up with the layout of this restroom decided to put the toilet and the toilet paper dispenser on opposite sides of the room. Unless you happen to be Stretch Armstrong himself, this just won’t work.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up19
Image: Bob’s Hideout

Perhaps the person who designed this toilet had the environment in mind and thought about all the paper we could be saving on behalf of the earth. That, or they wanted the guests to predict how much paper they’d need before sitting down. Whatever their reason, we’re sure the guests aren’t laughing.

The Shower Door That Got Stuck at the Worst Possible Time

Unfortunately, you can run into shower issues with your shower even in a hotel. One Reddit user posted this photo and wrote: “My buddy traveled across the country to visit me last weekend. Unfortunately, he got stuck in his hotel shower for 3 hours. Shout-out to Julio for helping out a man in need.”

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up1
Image: The Chive

You might be wondering how he got someone to come and free him from the shower, but there’s a perfectly good explanation for it. “My friend’s girlfriend (who I owe photo creds) was in the room when he got stuck! She called down to the front desk to get help.” All we can say is, thank goodness there was an opening above the shower door for his girlfriend to chuck him a towel.

The Emergency Exit That Won’t Be Saving Lives Anytime Soon

This looks like a still from a horror movie more than anything else. The first mistake this hotel made was painting the color of this room a sickly yellow taupe shade. The second mistake is letting this fire exit get to such a state whereby you can’t even use it. It’s been sealed shut by the ice!

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up2
Image: Noteabley

How did snow, hail, or frost even get on the inside of the building? Whatever the explanation is, it’s definitely not a comforting sight for an out-of-town hotel guest. That exit sign is positioned so low to the ground so that in the event of an emergency, someone crawling on the floor can find their way out. Only for them to be met with a wall of ice…

The Maid That Uses a Stolen Shopping Cart For Everyday Housekeeping

Oh dear. Is there anything more depressing than opening your hotel door in the morning on your way to the breakfast buffet and seeing that they use a stolen supermarket cart for housekeeping? We’re sure the maids who come to tidy the room didn’t sign up for this.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up8
Image: Bored Panda

“The housekeeping cart at my hotel is a stolen shopping cart,” wrote the Reddit user who posted the image. What makes it even worse is that they didn’t even bother to remove the “Marshalls” sign on the front. This hotel doesn’t even care if the guests know they stole a cart…

The Hotel That Wants to Believe Their Robes Are Universal

This couple just wanted to enjoy a romantic getaway together, not have their height differences emphasized by horribly ill-fitting bath gowns. The guy on the right posted this photo online with the caption: “My wife is 5’1” and I am 6’7″, when it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all.”

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up7
Image: BrightSide

One size clearly doesn’t fit all, and when it comes hotel robes we think there should definitely be a few sizes to choose from. After all, if this tall guy should want to pop outside his room for a second in the complimentary robe, he could be in danger of flashing someone.

The Hallway of Nightmares Has a Trippy Carpet Pattern

Upon seeing this for the first time, you might think the people behind this German hotel must be totally mad. They’ve opted for a nauseatingly designed carpet that somehow makes us feel seasick. Those potholes in the floor aren’t potholes at all; if you can believe it, the floor is actually totally level.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up9
Image: Twitter / Jerry Avenaim

The trippy carpet design just makes it look as though the floor has an uneven surface. But despite the dizzying effect, it’s purposefully meant to slow down hotel guests. The idea is that this 3D-looking carpet should puzzle people so much that they stop running in the hallways.

The Windows That Allow Their Guests a Huge Amount of Privacy

Unlike the image before, these curtains actually do reveal something beneath them. Unfortunately, what they conceal when closed is hardly worth mentioning. Instead of a gorgeous vista, all you get with this room are two depressingly small windows that are level with the floor.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up11
Image: eBaum’s World

Should you want to see some daylight, you’re going to need to get down on the floor and crane your neck. It’s hardly necessary to have huge and heavy curtains for windows that small. And the funny thing is, even if you do go to the effort of looking out of the window, all you see are bricks and mortar.

The Pool That’s In the Shape of One Big Mistake

This really has us thinking that the architect was trolling the hotelier. How else would you be able to explain the extremely suggestive shape of this swimming pool? The hotel owner probably only saw it from ground level. But from above, there’s no denying the shape of this body of water.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up13
Image: Noteabley

On the other hand, it’s possible that no one noticed its provocative shape. They simply wanted the pool to be long enough for a decent lap, deep enough on one side to jump into, and shallow on the other side for babies to paddle in. If that’s the case, it really is an unfortunate mistake to make.

The Hotel Room With A View That Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

It doesn’t get more creepy than this. For some unknown reason, this hotel built over an existing window with bricks, blocking off access to a view and fresh air. That’s one way to make your guests feel claustrophobic and like they’re trapped in a dungeon.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up20
Image: Noteabley

But look on the positive side – you’re pretty well protected from the elements and even a freak accident like a meteorite falling. Basically, being a guest at this hotel is like staying in a bunker, and if that makes you feel safer then this is definitely the place for you.

The Bathroom Tap With Water That Misses the Sink Completely

This hotel messed up big time when they installed these taps. If you hadn’t noticed already, they basically positioned the whole the completely wrong. Rather than having the water flow directly into the sink, it actually hits the marble tabletop and spreads the water everywhere.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up15
Image: The Chive

Unfortunately, the mistake has already been made, and fixing it would cost way too much. They’d need to shift the tap forward, leaving a huge hole in the table’s surface. That, or the hotel would need to fork out the money for a brand new slab of marble. Either way, it was a costly mistake.

The Handrail You Have To Jump Over To Access Your Hotel Room

The only reason we can imagine why someone would choose to stay in this hotel room is if the room was heavily discounted. This hotel has gone to the trouble of installing a handrail for the stairs. After all, you can never be too safe! If only they applied that philosophy to the entire length of the stairwell.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up22
Image: The Sun

They built a handrail over the landing of a hotel room! Honestly, it’s easy to blame the guy who installed it. But we think the person responsible for this dangerous design is actually the architect themself. Why was a door installed in such an awkward wat right in front of the carpeted steps?

The Hotel Room Window That Looks Straight Out Onto Garbage

What would you do if you were given a room with a view like this? If you were staying at this hotel, a garbage dump is the first thing you’d see when you open your eyes in the morning as this window is right beside the bed. We guess this hotel guest should just be counting their blessings that the bin isn’t very full.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up21
Image: The Chive

The worst thing about is that this rubbish bin probably belongs to the hotel, and they’ve still chosen to part it right in front of one of their rooms! Sure, the bed is freshly made. It still doesn’t make up for the shabby view. That’s what you get for taking a chance with a Groupon holiday deal!

The Bedroom Lights That Should Come With an X Rating

This bedroom lighting setup must have been a happy accident. When this guest went to turn their hotel room lights on, they got an unexpected eyeful that should come with an X rating. Because of the way the lamps are positioned in the multi-level ceiling, the shadows cast an image of someone’s chest!

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up3
Image: DeMilked

And the cylindrical lampshades only make matters worse – the shadow casted by them is almost too good to be true. But you have to admit, if you were staying in this hotel room and looked up to see this, you’d probably be chuckling yourself to sleep that night.

The Toilet With Serious Height Discrimination

This poor guy had no idea from the photos that the toilet was basically stashed away in some closet space. Not only is it not big enough to stand up in, but it’s also not big enough for someone to kneel down in, too! The slanted wall above the toilet ensures you can only get so close to this toilet bowl.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up33
Image: SciencePhiles

Basically, if you’ve accidentally booked at this hotel get ready to practice your aim. It’s so bizarrely small, that it would seem as if it was intended only for children. But as we can see from the decor, that’s not the case at all. We shudder to think what the shower situation must be.

The Bathroom That Tried Too Hard To Be Different

Sometimes, being different pays off. This isn’t one of those times, however. This guy was left feeling puzzled when he went up to the sink to wash his hands, and he looked at his reflection in the mirror. The guy he saw looking back didn’t look the same as he did before.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up25
Image: Buzzfeed

His face was chopped up into three segments, and that’s because of the multi-mirror layering. Fair enough – they wanted to do something different. But they really didn’t think this design through properly. As this man wrote online, “This hotel mirror has a mirror… just why?”

The Olympic Games’ Twin Toilets That Foster a Sense of Togetherness

When athletes turned up for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, they were in for a rude surprise at their hotel. Rather than having their own toilet as one would expect, they found these bizarre twin toilet cubicles, presumably to share in the experience with the other guests.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up26
Image: The Chive

It actually went pretty viral for the time, as no one understood why they had been designed like that. Would it have really killed them to put a simple wall between the bowls? Did they really need to be that close to one another? Had the hotel really spent so much of the budget by the time they came to building the bathrooms?

The Toilet With an Easy-Access Viewing Chamber For Creeps

The last thing anyone wants is a peeping-Tom when you’re going to the bathroom. But it’s nice to see that this hotel caters to that demographic, as they’ve provided their very own viewing room for fellow guests who wish to watch people. And it’s a generous window they’ve provided for them, too.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up32
Image: DeMilked

We’re not sure why this was necessary, or what the architect was thinking. But regardless we really think the hotel should have taken matters into their own hands and at least thrown some drapes over the window. Sometimes, guests really are left scratching their heads as to what the people running their temporary lodgings were thinking.

The Hotel Maid With an Artistic Side and a Weird Sense of Humor

The guest occupying this hotel room was pretty shocked to come back to his room and find this hanging in the entranceway. It took him a second to understand what was going on, but once he did he knew he had to share this strange hotel experience with people online.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up31
Image: Bored Panda

“The cleaner at the hotel in Egypt, made this towel-monkey, and dressed it in my used boxers,” he wrote alongside this photo. With that context, we’re only left asking more questions. We’ve got no idea if he’s delighted or insulted by the hotel maids’ creation.

The Frosted Toilet Door That Leaves Nothing To the Imagination

It’s bad enough when the hotel you’re staying at places the toilet uncomfortably close to the bed. But it’s a whole other level of unpleasantness when they use a transparent glass door for the bathroom. In this instance, a woman was lying in bed minding her own business when she turned her head and saw her husband on the other side.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up27
Image: Bored Panda

Yep, when booking at a hotel you can’t expect privacy anymore. Whether or not you’ll be one of the unlucky ones that has a frosted door (that doesn’t exactly conceal much) is just down to chance. Let’s hope for this woman’s sake her husband wasn’t in there for too long.

The Bathtub That’s Big Enough For Half of a Person at a Time

This tiny bathroom has had more than one person post its ludicrous proportions on to the internet. In this case, however, they actually got into the tiny tub to show us just how cramped it really is. It’s barely big enough to squat in it, let alone lay down like normal.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up34
Image: eBaum’s World

And on top of that, the bathroom sink is actually protruding into the available tub space. If you’re one of those people who hate getting the floor wet after a shower, tough luck. There’s no chance you aren’t making a huge mess in this tiny bathroom space.

The Hotel Staircase That Stops Guests Wandering Around at Night

Was it really all that necessary for this hotel to paint a life-size image of a guy in a robe on their staircase? We’re definitely not the first ones to ask that question. This hotel painted this man here, presumably, as some sort of a greeting for their guests making their way to their fitness center.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up28
Image: Bored Panda

But it doesn’t quite have the welcoming effect the hotel had intended. As one person online wrote: “Every time I went up I would get a scare seeing this random guy waiting for me.” We can’t decide if we’re more unhappy about the fact that he’s in a robe or the fact that he has no feet.

The Inflatable Pool Inside of a Real Pool That Proves Sometimes Nothing Is Best

Talk about disappointing the guests. When people booked with a hotel that boasted about having a private pool, this isn’t what they imagined. They have the facility for a decent swimming pool, but to save money they’ve forgone filling it water and opted for a blow-up paddling pool instead.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up30
Image: Daily Mail

But there’s nothing more depressing than approaching the pool with your flip-flops and towel, only to find this waiting for you once you get there. They’ve tried their best to dress it up with a couple of inflatable toys, but they’re gonna need a lot more than that to make up for it.

The Ensuite With an Unreachable Bathroom Sink

This hotel opted for a generous vanity and mirror for guests to get ready in the mornings. But for some unknown reason, they didn’t feel the need to allow guests enough space to actually use it. The only way in fact for people to wash their hands at this sink is if they twist their spine to reach the faucet.

Hotel Fails 23 Times Hotels Have Hilariously Messed Up29
Image: The Sun

We wonder what was so important that they had to cut out half of the available bathroom space. Whatever the reason, they definitely should have made the layout different to this – even if it meant having a smaller vanity space. Because this just isn’t working for anyone.