From Secret Marriages To Wrestling Mayhem, This Is How the Bella Twins Have Stuck Together Through It All

Sun Mar 13 2022

Twins have a connection that no one can deny. There’s often a cosmic connection that no one outside of a twin pairing can truly speak to. They spent nine months in their mother’s womb together, so it seems like there is no limit to what they can do together.

When it comes to twinning, no one has taken it to the same extreme as the beautiful Bella Twins. Before adding “Bella” to their stage names, they were born as Stephanie Nicole and Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace. These two have struggled and succeeded, all with the help of their best friend and wombmate.

They’ve Stuck Together Through Childhood Trauma

From an early age, Nikki and Brie have been through the most tumultuous of times. They were born to a parent who abused substances, which later wreaked havoc on their life at home. They grew up in an unstable home and matters would only get worse as time went on.

As the girls got older, they were put through more and more strife. They were exposed to their parents bad behavior, they moved around quite a few times, and didn’t feel like they had much stability without each other. For that, they were incredibly thankful.

They’ve Always Used Their Twin Intuition For Good

They’ve always felt their connection went unsaid. They didn’t need to speak about how they were feeling, but they always knew what the other wanted to say. As children, they refused to let their mother dress them the same. She even put them in separate classes, though they attracted the same friends.

 “They could sense each other’s feelings and would sustain similar injuries at the same time or within weeks of each other. They often finish each other’s sentences,” AZ Central wrote. That is really some serious twin intuition, wouldn’t you say?

Their Early Life Started on a Farm

The girls spent their earliest days living on a farm just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. In an interview with a fitness magazine, the twins divulged a routine that we would have never seen coming. You guessed it: they experienced farm life.

“We were raised with horses, cows, and chickens,” Brie told said in an interview. “We’d have to wake up before school and feed the animals, come home and feed the animals, and then go straight to soccer practice.” Who would have thought?

They’ve Been Building Their Athletic Empire Since Childhood

Somehow, they knew that they were destined for athletic greatness since childhood. They played anything their mother allowed them to, and whenever they did, they fully threw themselves into it. They had a ton of tension in their personal lives they needed to work through, and athleticism helped that tremendously.

Long before they were brought to the WWE stage, other sources across the globe saw their potential and wanted to cash in as soon as possible. “I was being recruited by a professional league in Italy,” Nikki divulged. Turns out, that was only the beginning.

They Were Superstar Atheletes In Their Teen Years, Too

Nikki and Brie loved to play soccer. They started playing at a young age, starting when they were in fifth grade, and continuing to play competitively for another 11 years. Then, an unexpected injury got in the way of one of the twins’ athletic ambition.

“I snapped my tibia on the field senior year in high school which wasn’t fun, but never stopped the love for soccer,” Nikki said on Fox Sports. This injury caused her to need a rod in her shin. Even then, she went on to play at Grossmont College in San Diego, California.

They’ve Moved All Over the USA

The two sisters grew up in a couple of different places as children. They moved between Arizona and California, but they ultimately say they hail from Scottsdale, Arizona. They were born in San Diego, but they spent a good chunk of their lives on their farm outside of Phoenix.

The two also had a job that’s probably the most American thing ever: they worked at Hooters. They worked there through college, when they moved back to California, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Ultimately, that’s what they got.

They Were Initially Rejected By the WWE

As the girls pursued their acting careers, they found themselves in a couple of roles. They appeared on the show Meet my Folks, where daughters introduced their dads to their significant others to their fathers. They’d be hooked up to lie detectors, and so on.

This opportunity turned into the girls appearing in the International Body Doubles competition, a twin search for stardom. They then went on to audition for the WWE Diva Search. They, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut, but that didn’t stop them from trying again.

They Fully Threw Themselves Into the Hollywood Lifestyle

The Bella Twins were an undeniable face of positive change in the WWE. Previously, they’d only really marketed toward teenage boys and young men. The franchise was completely missing the family demographic that would later help boost the brand.

So, when the Bella Twins joined the ranks around 2008, they really helped the brand launch into a new direction. When they became involved with the WWE, they had no clue it would turn into such a significant brand for them. It would launch an empire in reality TV.

Their WWE RAW Debut Was Written by Freddie Prinze Jr.

Legendary actor, Freddie Prinze Jr., wrote the Bellas’s first-ever match. When the two made their debut on the entertaining WWE center ring, the actor happened to be writing for World Wrestling Entertainment. He was in the right place at the right time, for them.

He was instrumental in helping them maximize their twins-on-set potential. He came up with strategies like the two switching while their opponent was in the ring. They were really entertaining to watch, and even if it wasn’t super believable, it was pretty entertaining.

They’ve Both Had Serious Relationships Within the WWE

The Bellas have both had long-term relationships that sprouted from seeds planted by WWE entertainers. They had their romantic dirty laundry aired from time to time, especially because their partners were athletes in the same environment.

Nikki Bella famously dated (and was even shortly engaged to) John Cena, actor, and fellow WWE wrestler. They had a beautiful relationship, though they had to deal with their relationship pressure in the public eye. Nikki also famously dated Dolph Ziggler.

Double Trouble: Their Parents Didn’t Know They Were Having Twins

These American-born twins of Mexican-Italian descent were born to parents Kathy Colace and Jon Garcia. As it turned out, after older sister Nikki was born, their parents thought they had finished delivery. There was another baby they were unaware they were having.

The parents had no clue that they were expecting twins – that’s a pretty fun surprise to find, especially when you are in labor and pushing a baby out of your body! Lucky for each of these sisters, they grew up with a built-in partner-in-crime forever.

What Made Nikki Call Off Her Engagement With Cena?

Unfortunately, Nikki and John Cena’s engagement did not end up in the fashion she would have liked. Nikki ended her six-year relationship with Cena in 2018 after realizing something important that was a complete dealbreaker for her. It may be more shocking than you think.

Nikki broke up with John Cena because he didn’t want to have kids. Who can blame her – if that is a priority to her, then she needed to be in a relationship with someone who wanted the same future that she did. We can’t blame her for planning ahead.

Careers Moved In Positive Directions

As time went on and their careers advanced, each twin had her own set of professional experiences in entertainment that they didn’t have prior. The Bella Twins have gone on to perform on Dancing with the Stars and have worked as judges on America’s Got Talent.

Nikki Bella became a judge on America’s Got Talent after her stint in extreme sports. She approached her role in a very “been-there, done-that” manner. Now, she’s clearly besties with her team, with members like Terry Crews sitting by her side at the judge’s table.

Twins Stick Together Through Every Trauma

These girls have been through every big event in their lives together. They’ve been around for the ups and the downs, and not-so-shockingly, they’ve kept each other’s biggest secrets. They showed up for each other when one of their high school boyfriends was killed in a car accident, and they showed up at other times, too.

While on Total Divas, Nikki Bella had a tough conversation with her boyfriend at the time, John Cena, about the secret previous marriage she had. Though her ex’s information is not public, we know she was supported by her sister as she dealt with divorce proceedings at age 23.

They Were Queens of Trash Talk in the Arena

When Brie debuted on WWE RAW in 2008, her feud started instantly with Victoria and Natalya. Brie started out by fighting the two one-on-one, but wouldn’t lose her steam because she had her identical twin hiding under the ring to switch out with her.

Both on and off of the ring, these two are constantly coming at anyone who starts beef with her twin sister. These ladies wouldn’t take smack talk from anyone, however, they totally dish it out. They’ve had some of the best comebacks of all time.

They Had Twins Within Weeks Of Each Other

Talk about a cosmic connection – these two sisters not only had babies the same year, but they had babies within two weeks of each other. They loved that they had that extra level of sisterly connection when they realized their kids might have something of the same.

When Nikki and her twin sister Brie gave birth to their beautiful baby boys just a day apart from each other in late July 2020, Nikki’s ex-boyfriend, wrestler John Cena, reached out to both sisters and congratulated them on their new roles as mothers.

Nikki and Brie are Family Women Now

Nikki Bella has picked a partner for the rest of her life, the man of her dreams, Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. The two were first romantically linked in 2019, around seven months after her relationship with Cena ended.

Apparently, the two initially met when the WWE exes were performing on Dancing with the Stars. They must have reconnected later as they both became single. Now that they’ve found their way into each other’s hearts, there’s no looking back.

Brie Also Jumped Into Her Mom Role

Brie has double the fun in her household, now that there are two little tykes running around. Brie met her husband Bryan Danielson while they were both wrestlers in the WWE. She’s now raising two beautiful kiddos alongside the fully-bearded man of her dreams.

Brie and Bryan have added to their crews, naming their daughter Birdie and their son Buddy. They have created a close family unit from the moment the kids were conceived to give these siblings the same kind of bond that their mom has with her own sister.

They Had Their Back Up Plan In Tact

These two entertainers didn’t really expect their careers in the WWE to last forever. As a result, they knew they had to come up with their next steps in case things worked out not to be in their favor. Plus, everyone likes to think of what they would do if they could do something else.

They had big ambitions for life after their time with WWE was up. Nikki has training as a real estate agent, which can be even more successful than being a WWE Diva. Brie’s backup plan is quite different but truly peaceful; she wants to own and operate a flower shop!

Cousins Close As Ever

Cousins Birdie, Matteo, and Buddy love that they basically have an extra built-in mom and set of siblings. They will, most likely, spend every possible moment together growing up, especially seeing as they all live in the same area and their moms are besties.

Plus, they get to call one of the same ladies grandma. They love spending cousin time, as demonstrated by both Nikki and Brie’s social media pages. Their moms are always posting photos of the cousins together with captions like “finally back together!”

Artem Helped Nikki Cope With Previous Trauma

When the twins were in high school, both girls had gone through unfortunate and traumatic experiences that no one should ever have to experience in their lives. For Nikki Bella, she couldn’t really move on until she shared her trauma with her husband Artem.

In high school, both girls had experienced sexual violence and assault. Those painful experiences failed to receive their consent and in order to feel like they could go on with their lives, they needed to find partners to help them trust again. Luckily, Nikki found that with Artem.

Playing Dress Up

This family does not take costume prompts lightly. Nikki Bella and her husband Bryan made sure that their kids were fully engulfed in their family’s culture and tradition of taking things to the next level. Here, they’re dressed as the Addams family.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Bellas and their families get really into every theme they have. In the case of Nikki and Bryan, both of them spent a large part of their careers in costume in the center of a ring. Why wouldn’t they pass that onto their kids?

Mom and Baby’s Nature Time Is Important

In a product-sponsored post, Nikki posted a heartfelt message out in the wilderness posing with her son, Buddy.
I’m a nature girl and it was really important to me to bring that into my children’s lives when Birdie was born I was always trying to think of baby activities to get her busy,” she wrote.

She continued her post, “I quickly realized hiking with her in nature was not only nurturing to her but to me. Love that I now get to do that with Buddy!” She continued to sell followers on a baby carrier, and honestly, she’s completely sold us solely on the cuteness of the baby himself.

Family is Everything

So much of the Bella twins brand is about the sibling relationship between the two. They’re beyond excited to raise their children alongside each other and they’re even happier that their kids could potentially grow up with a partner in crime like they did.

However, it isn’t likely that they’re both going to continue growing their families. Nikki Bella has two already, but she’s still counting and hoping to have more. Her sister Brie, on the other hand, is fine sticking with just one kid and remaining a small, cohesive family unit.