Every Woman That Leonardo DiCaprio Has Ever Dated, As Far As We Know

Emma Smith | Mon Oct 31 2022

48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio is once more single and ready to mingle now that his relationship with Camilla Morrone has come to an end. For a second there, it seemed as though they were getting more serious, but after four years of dating, the age-gap relationship came to an end in August 2022.

DiCaprio has been in several relationships over the years but never settled down. From Victoria’s Secret models to high-profile actresses, he’s developed a reputation for dating women who are much younger than him, and we’re talking over 20 years younger. After all, Camilla was just a teenager when she started dating the movie star, then 43 years old. Here’s a total rundown of everyone that DiCaprio has ever dated.

Camila Morrone

DiCaprio’s most recent girlfriend, Camila Morrone, is a model who has worked with brands like Topshop, Desigual, and Ay Not Dead jeans. But in recent years, she’s shifted her focus away from the fashion world and into the acting world. Her role in James Franco’s movie Bukowski was her first, and she starred in it when she was just 15 years old.

Before Morrone’s four-year relationship came to an end this August, she defended the criticisms that she had garnered for her age-gap relationship. She told the Los Angeles Times: “There’s so many relationships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

Anne Vyalitsyna

When DiCaprio took a break from his years-long relationship with Bar Refaeli in 2009, he dated Russian-American Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne Vyalitsyna for a period. She was 23 years old at the time and had appeared in major publications like Vogue, ELLE, and Glamour.

Apparently, Vyalitsyna and DiCaprio hit it off after meeting at a party while holidaying in Ibiza. The relationship didn’t last very long, and the couple never attended any public functions together. Two years later, Vyalitsyna moved on with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine.

Kelly Rohrbach

DiCaprio dated another Sports Illustrated model a few years after his relationship with Anne Vyalitsyna. For a few months, the Titanic star went out with the model and actress Kelly Rohrbach, who is best known for starring as C. J. Parker in the 2017 action-comedy Baywatch.

They started dating in 2015, and it was thought that DiCaprio had even proposed to Rohrbach after only a few short months together. The pair broke off their supposed engagement at the beginning of 2016, however, allegedly citing their intense work schedules as the reason for their separation.

Bridget Hall

The first relationship that DiCaprio went public with was in 1994 when he started dating model Bridget Hall. She had appeared on the front cover of Vogue, and was listed in Forbes as one of the “best ten” moneymaking models at the young age of 17. In 1994, they attended tons of public events together.

DiCaprio was at the beginning of his career when he and Hall broke up, which according to The Sun, was due to Hall’s disappointment with the actor during a “night of love”. Interestingly, Hall’s then-agent didn’t believe they were really going out, once commenting about DiCaprio, “I remember him. He was such a twitty little guy.”

Laura Whitmore

Brits know Laura Whitmore as the Irish television presenter best known for presenting Britain’s Love Island dating show. In 2016 she made international headlines when she was spotted on a night out with the Shutter Island actor. The pair looked as though they were very familiar with each other, and according to accounts, they stayed by each other’s side the whole night.

Whitmore was also seen going to DiCaprio’s hotel room at the end of the night, but she denied such claims. Supposedly, the pair met at the 2016 BAFTA Award Show, but the relationship didn’t last a long time. In response to speculation after their night out, Whitmore told Hello! magazine, “Everyone was just having fun — there was a lot of dancing”.

Georgia Fowler

New Zealand model Georgia Fowler made a name for herself when she walked in Victoria’s Secret fashion shows from 2016 to 2018. She also presented the first season of Project Runway New Zealand in 2018, but it’s her love life that’s been of most interest to the public over the years.

She was dating singer Harry Styles for a period of time in 2015, before starting something up with DiCaprio shortly after. She was photographed partying with the Great Gatsby actor in Cannes at one point and seen rubbing shoulders with DiCaprio’s close friend Tobey Maguire. The pair split not long after however in 2016.

Kristen Zang

Model and actress Kristen Zang went out with Dicaprio when he was a rising star in the 90s, seeing him for a total of four years. She is supposedly one of the great loves of his life, but she dumped him a few months after her 35th birthday. “It was a choice I made. I don’t how to explain it exactly, I just felt like I was ready for our relationship to be done,” she later explained in a People magazine article.

Zang continued: “It was like I had outgrown that version of myself, the Hollywood high school girl. I wanted to figure out who I was and what I wanted.” Apparently, she also wasn’t happy with DiCaprio’s “posse of young model-hounds”. Eventually, she did figure out what it is she really wanted. She left behind the glitz and glam of Hollywood and started a locally-sourced dog food company, and claims that she’s never been happier.

Naomi Campbell

DiCaprio has been friends with supermodel Naomi Campbell for years, with the pair having been seen out together several times over the years. But their friendship only came later in life, as the pair used to be romantically linked back in the 90s. It’s not known to have been a serious relationship, but something more like a momentary fling.

Either way, we’re glad to see that there were no harsh feelings between the stars. Over the years, they’ve retained their friendship, with DiCaprio even joining the supermodel and her then-boyfriend on a super-yacht holiday with his then-girlfriend. Considering how their friendship has lasted through the years, we’re sure there are no hard feelings involved.

Gisele Bündchen

DiCaprio dated Gisele Bündchen for six years, from 1999 to 2005. In 2018, she released a memoir where she explained that she had so much anxiety during her relationship with DiCaprio, she numbed herself with alcohol. “I had been smoking cigarettes, drinking a bottle of wine and three mocha Frappuccinos every day”, Bündchen explained.

The supermodel admitted to feeling so bad at one point during their relationship that she considered throwing herself from a balcony. “I was becoming more and more aware of things that I’d chosen not to look at,” she wrote, adding, “Was I alone in wanting to do some serious soul-searching while he stayed the same? In the end, unfortunately, the answer was yes”.


DiCaprio took a break from dating models to go out with popstar Rihanna in 2015. The actor was photographed spending Valentine’s Day weekend with the “Umbrella” singer, where by they hit up a couple of New York City clubs and until the small hours of the morning.

But the public didn’t hear anything else about the couple for a while after that. Then, in 2016, the Wolf of Wall Street actor met up with his famous former flame again in a Parisian nightclub, before flying out to Coachella with her. We don’t know why exactly they stopped seeing each other after that, but we’re guessing that their busy schedules had something to do with it.

Gigi Hadid

It’s not just a rumor – DiCaprio and supermodel Gigi Hadid definitely have something going on. Hadid’s real estate mogul father didn’t deny that something may be brewing between them, and in October 2022, Hadid and DiCaprio were seen sneaking into the same Parisian hotel, albeit at slightly different times.

In September 2022, the pair were photographed at a party together in New York City. As of yet, they haven’t commented on their relationship status, and who’s to say if it will develop into anything more? All we know is that it’s coming soon after DiCaprio’s split from model/actress Camila Morrone.

Nina Agdal

DiCaprio spent a year of his life, between 2016 to 1017, going out with Danish model Nina Agdal. They were first seen together partying in a New York nightclub in the V.I.P. section, before going on vacation together to Montauk, New York. A month after that, the pair jetted off to another vacation on a private Bahamian island called Over Yonder Cay. Later that same month, DiCaprio and Agdal were seen soaking up the sun on a beach in Malibu, California.

A few days later, they were spotted attending a yacht party in Ibiza, Spain. Things actually seemed as though they were getting more serious after that, with the actor introducing Agdal to his mother in November. She even attended a Golden Globes after-party with him in January 2017. But by May, the couple had split, with neither speaking out about what had happened.

Erin Heatherton

Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton was DiCaprio’s girlfriend in 2011, with the couple going their separate ways sometime in 2012. She was a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show “angel” at the time, but they had to ultimately break up due to DiCaprio’s demanding filming schedule.

Still, there were no hard feelings between the former couple: “He’s [DiCaprio] a wonderful person and he’s a friend of mine, I wish him all the best”, she told the Daily Mail in 2015. In 2019, she made headlines again, but this time it was because of her tremendous credit card debt. She ended up filing for bankruptcy after an ex-business partner sued her for $10 million.

Maria Beregova

DiCaprio was seen going out on dates with Ukrainian model Maria Beregova immediately after his split from Camila Morrone. Most recently, he took the 22-year-old out for dinner in September 2022 and left the restaurant walking a few steps ahead of her. He was probably just trying to keep a low profile following his public split.

It’s believed the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor took Beregova on holiday to St. Tropez sometime in the summer following his split from Morrone. Despite her young age, she has only recently split from her husband Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, a property and fashion living in Monaco.

Claire Danes

DiCaprio used to watch actress Claire Danes in the ABC series My So Called Life, before starring opposite her in the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet. She returned the interest, however, having admitted to having a crush on him when filming started. Danes stated, “That was problematic… I couldn’t really have a crush on the guy I was professionally having a crush on!”

Danes was only 17 years old at the time, while DiCaprio was 21. DiCaprio later revealed what their first audition together was like: “As soon as I met with Claire and did auditions, everyone else was doing it the traditional way and she, like, grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me… I was a little taken aback by the whole thing but I realized she knew what she was doing.”

Eva Herzigova 

OG Wonderbra model Eva Herzigova had a month-long affair with DiCaprio back in 1998. The actor met the Czech model at the movie premier for Man in the Iron Mask, in which DiCaprio starred as King Louis XIV. Some accounts claim that their affair went on for two months, but neither of them ever confirmed it.

That’s likely due to the fact that Herzigova was married at the time of the alleged affair to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres. While we don’t know much about the details of their time together, we do know that they were glued to each other’s side the whole time during that movie premier.

Helena Christensen

DiCaprio hit it off with another Victoria’s Secret model in 1997. He began dating the Danish beauty Helena Christensen soon after Titanic was released, just as DiCaprio was catapulting to worldwide fame. Neither of them have spoken publicly about what went on with one another, but photos from that time period say it all.

DiCaprio and Christensen were pictured out together on numerous occasions, usually partying. DiCaprio was only 23 years old at the time, however, while Christensen was six years his senior. Whatever did happen between the two, the last time they were spotted out together was in 1998.

Kat Torres

In 2013 Brazilian model Kat Torres revealed that she was dating DiCaprio. She’s a former 2012 Miss Caieiras beauty queen who hailed from a small city in Sao Paulo. “I met Leo in Cannes. We were staying in the same house at the festival”, Torres told a Brazilian newspaper, adding that, “I really don’t know how the photographers got the picture because we were well guarded and no one could come close in any circumstances”.

Torres added that she was unsure of what would happen to their relationship after conducting this interview: “Leo is amazing, but I worry about what he will think about me talking to you. We have a pact that nothing can ever be said about our relationship.” Well… perhaps unsurprisingly, it was the last we heard of Torres of DiCaprio.

Demi Moore

Actress Demi Moore had been married to actor Bruce Willis since 1987, but ten years into their marriage, they were having troubles. Supposedly, Moore and Willis were living fairly separate lives when she started seeing DiCaprio. At the time, Titanic had only just been released, and he had been nominated for an Oscar.

Moore and DiCaprio were photographed one evening having a romantic dinner together, which for many, confirmed the dating rumors to be true. She was still married to Willis, but she would later claim that Willis had been engaging in his own extra-marital affairs at the time. The following year, Moore and Willis publicly announced their separation, and DiCaprio was out of the picture.

Miranda Kerr

Rumors about DiCaprio and Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr started to surface in 2012 when fans spotted them on a night out together. Kerr was married to actor Orlando Bloom at the time, but rumors about their marriage troubles persisted. It wasn’t until 2013 that Kerr and Bloom officially announced that they were getting a divorce.

Then, Kerr and DiCaprio were seen having dinner together in 2013, only three months after Kerr and Bloom’s separation announcement. The public waited to hear more about this blossoming relationship, expecting that they would soon go public, but that time never came. Whatever they had, it presumably ceased to be around the end of 2013.

Bijou Phillips

DiCaprio dated Bijou Phillips back in 1998. She was the daughter The Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips and was trying to break into the acting world at the time. But she was having a hard time staying focused, later admitting to drinking and partying heavily during this period of her life.

Phillips does however, credit DiCaprio with having landed her a starring role in the 1999 drama Black and White, starring opposite Robert Downey Jr., Jared Leto, and Brooke Shields. Her relationship with DiCaprio didn’t work out though, and she went on to date Elijah Wood the following year.

Bar Refaeli

Famously, DiCaprio dated Israeli model Bar Refaeli on-and-off for six years, putting a final end to their relationship in 2011. He had only recently split from Gisele Bündchen when he met the then 20-year-old Refaeli. Their relationship seemed as though it was going well until 2009, when they first broke up.

The split only lasted six months, but Refaeli claims that it was an important period for her. “I worked on myself – I grew up”, she stated, adding “I got my girlfriends back. From a very young age, I have always had a boyfriend and I didn’t know what it was like to be inside my own skin”. DiCaprio and Refaeli tried again in 2010, but broke up for the last time in 2011.

Toni Garrn

DiCaprio dated yet another Victoria’s Secret model in 2013, this time being German model Toni Garrn. They didn’t attend public events together but were frequently spotted by paparazzi and fans until their split in 2014. News of their split came shortly after DiCaprio was spotted leaving a nightclub in Miami with several women.

Then, in 2017 Garrn and DiCaprio were unexpectedly seen dining out together for the first time in years. It’s unsure whether they were attempting to rekindle their romance or just meeting up as old friends. It’s worth mentioning however that DiCaprio was spotted with another model earlier that same day.

Blake Lively

Before actress Blake Lively was married to actor Ryan Reynolds, she dated DiCaprio in 2011. Years earlier, she had admitted to having a huge crush on DiCaprio when she was a kid after watching Titanic, having admitted in an interview that, along with Justin Timberlake, DiCaprio was one of “the two I can really think of just being completely in love with”.

Not much is known about the intimate details of their relationship, except what Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran told Vanity Fair about the couple. He explained how Lively “had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo.” …Whatever that was about, the couple went their separate ways after a five-month-long relationship.

Natasha Henstridge

DiCaprio dated Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge back in the nineties, not long after the time she was starring in the science fiction horror film Species. She later starred in the movies The Whole Nine Yards and Ghosts of Mars in 2000 and 2001, but she had actually started out in show business as a model.

There were tons of rumors swirling around at the time about the up-and-coming stars, not least of all because she became pregnant around the time that they were supposedly seeing each other. It would eventually come out that DiCaprio wasn’t the father of her child, but actor Liam Waite was instead. That being said, their romantic fling is said to have taken place between 1997 to 1998, with the pair having chosen never to go public with their relationship.

Juliette Lewis

DiCaprio has dated lots of the women who he has happened to star opposite, and it started happening as far back as 1993. Actress Juliette Lewis had only recently just broken up with her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, when things quickly progressed with her What’s Eating Gilbert Grape co-star.

The actors dated for a short period of time in 1993, but they would find themselves reunited (on-set at least) in the 1995 film biographical crime drama The Basketball Diaries. Luckily, the former couple appears not to have held any bad feelings towards each other and have been seen happily greeting one another at awards ceremonies.

Brittany Daniel

DiCaprio actually had a romance with more than one of his co-stars in the 1995 movie The Basketball Diaries. You may recall a scene of his with a young Brittany Daniel, who later went on to star in movies like White Chicks, Joe Dirt, and Cheaper by the Dozen. As it turns out, their on-screen chemistry translated off-screen as well.

Daniel is said to have been involved with DiCaprio between the years 1994 to 1995 when they were filming for the biographical crime drama directed by Scott Kalvert. For anyone who’s seen the movie or remembers them starring opposite one another, it will come as no surprise to learn that the pair shared a very real bond.

Alicia Silverstone

DiCaprio is said to have angered then-girlfriend Kristen Zang during the late nineties when he developed a crush on actress Alicia Silverstone. She was still basking in the glory and success of the 1995 cult classic Clueless and had recently made it on to FHM’s hottest women list.

In 1997, she starred in the critically panned Batman & Robin movie directed by Joel Schumacher, and she met and dated young DiCaprio that same year. Their romantic relationship is said to have been very brief, but nonetheless took place during an important time in both of their lives.

Emma Bunton

DiCaprio hasn’t only dated women from his neck of the woods. He also had something going on with British girl group singer Emma Bunton in 1997. Bunton, whose career was skyrocketing at the time with the Spice Girls, was the “Baby Spice” that stole DiCapiro’s young heart.

Considering how Bunton was the only blonde-haired beauty of the British girl group, it’s hardly a surprise that DiCaprio favored her out of the others. The year after her fling with the actor, however, she ended up meeting and eventually marrying Jade Jones, with whom she stayed married to for 24 years.

Kidada Jones

Actress, model, and fashion designer Kidada Jones is the daughter of musician Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. She is best known for her work as a designer for The Walt Disney Company, where she has a line of clothing and accessories called Kidada for Disney Couture. But for a brief period during the mid-1990s, she also dated DiCaprio.

It’s unclear how the pair met, but however it happened, they appeared to enjoy a romantic relationship for a period of time. They were spotted out together on numerous occasions but the paparazzi, but the pair never chose to make a statement about their relationship. It caused quite a stir at the time as she was said to be involved in a love triangle situation involving Sean “Puffy” Combs, too.

Sara Foster

Actress Sara Foster has been married to tennis sensation Tommy Haas since 2010. She’s best known for her role as Jen Clark on 90210, but she actually got her start in Hollywood through the modeling industry. In 2002, she was dating DiCaprio when he was on a break with Gisele Bundchen.

They were seen out together a handful of times, including one particular occasion in which DiCaprio took her to a fancy dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, accompanied by former President Bill Clinton. Whatever the pair had together, it didn’t make it to 2003.

Sienna Miller

DiCaprio was still in and out of his on-again-off-again relationship with Gisele Bundchen when he met actress Sienna Miller. Miller was on a break from her relationship with actor Jude Law at the time, and the pair met during a night out in Los Angeles’ Mood nightclub in 2005.

After a brief fling with DiCaprio, Miller eventually kissed and made up with beau Jude Law. DiCaprio, on the other hand, is said to have put the nail in the coffin of his relationship with Bundchen after hitting it off with Miller. With the Casanova actress in her ex’s arms and Bundchen seemingly over the relationship, it was sure to have been a confusing time for DiCaprio.

Anna Jagodzinska

DiCaprio tried to keep his dates with Polish model Anna Maria Jagodzinska out of the public eye, but unfortunately for him, the paparazzi were on to him and managed to photograph their blossoming relationship. She had graced the covers of magazines like Vogue and L’Officiel, while he had recently starred in box office hits Shutter Island and Inception.

Despite the cute couple moments captured by the paparazzi, DiCaprio and Jagodzinska’s relationship didn’t appear to last long. They were pictured taking strolls through the streets of New York together, going out for dinner, or visiting a nightclub. But their time together ended before 2010 was over.

Emma Miller

DiCaprio and Bundchen were in the middle of one of their breaks in July 2009 when the actor visited paid a visit to London and hit up the club scene. That’s where he met future Made in Chelsea cast member Emma Miller, a model who hailed from an upper-class English family.

Their fling is said to have lasted no longer than a few weeks. Presumably, it would have been difficult to maintain a growing relationship once DiCaprio flew back to the states. Miller would go on to star in the Channel 4 Made in Chelsea series, where she went on to date one of her co-stars.