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Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is? One Man Proved Not Very

Admit it; we’re all guilty of treating ourselves to that piece of food we’ve waited all day for, despite the label saying it expired yesterday. We bet this is only a once-in-a-blue-moon activity for you, though; it certainly is not a frequent pastime for us over at Popular Everything. For one man though, eating expired goods was his daily norm. Before you turn away in disgust, have a quick read of this remarkable story.

Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is One Man Proved Not Very2

You may find this disgusting, but the brave Scott Nash set himself the challenge of eating food that had gone past its sell-by date. Every single day. For an entire year. Each to their own we guess, but we’re unsure he would’ve got through those grueling 52 weeks without his fair share of illnesses, right? Well, the results have taken us all by a huge surprise.

The Method Behind His Madness

So, what’s the purpose of this Maryland man forcing himself to eat foods he’s been warned not to? Some may say he’s merely a mad man; others might believe he actually likes the taste of gone-off food. In reality, the real meaning behind his masterplan serves quite a logical purpose.

Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is One Man Proved Not Very1

By eating the gone-off produce, Nash wanted to put forward a very strong moral message: to hell with consumerism! Or at least something along those lines. He wanted to convince not only his family, but the entire nation not to give in with the ways of today’s buying culture. If that means chewing on some year-old tortillas, then so be it. As long as the world isn’t giving in to spending more money than they should, through society’s influence.

Saying Goodbye to Wastage

We want to know Nash’s main concern with the sell-by dates of products. The truth is, it causes a lot of food to go to waste. Not convinced it’s that much of a big deal? Each year, 40% of food produced in the United States goes straight into our trash can, with sell-by dates being the leading cause for this. Nash was keen to put an end to this dramatic statistic.

Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is One Man Proved Not Very3

Being the health-conscious freaks most of us are, it’s merely a natural reaction these days to chuck out food that’s gone out of date. But what constitutes a “expired” piece of food? The founder of MOM’s Organic Market was keen to settle the score by proving that expired food isn’t really what we think it is, through his year-long mission into eating these foods.

The Big, Brave Mission

Much to our surprise, Nash came out alive after his year of eating only gone-off food. Not only was he still living, but he was just as fit and healthy as he would be eating the produce that was pre-expiration. The market owner admitted to wolfing down “yogurt that was seven, eight or nine months past date” and was still fine. Well, now we feel a little stupid.

Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is One Man Proved Not Very4

With all these discoveries about expired food being edible, the window of opportunity was left wide open for Nash. What do we mean by this? He was able to feast on some of his favorite foods while saving a good deal of cash here and there. Are you feeling hungry? Just scape up everything in your fridge instead of hitting the supermarket.

A Truth Known For Years

We feel well and truly deceived. What’s more shocking about all these revelations is that many experts have known this truth about expired foods for years. A recent study carried out found a direct link between the amount of thrown-away food and the misleading dates on them. It’s literally a scientifically-proven fact that we’re all getting fooled by sell-by dates, but consumerism still wins the battle every time.

Ever Wondered How Scary Expired Food Is One Man Proved Not Very5

The association of sell-by dates and food safety was the main incentive for Nash’s wild experiment, and much to all of our surprises he succeeded to prove us all wrong. We’re not saying to only eat year-old chicken from now on, but the next time you’re thinking of chucking away that week-old cereal, think of Nash and think of food wastage. We predict you’ll start having second thoughts, and so you should!