Epic Thanksgiving Fails You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Worst Enemy

Mon Oct 25 2021

The holidays are always a stressful time and there’s tons of pressure to get everything perfect, especially on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for these people, they had epic failures on Thanksgiving day. Fortunately for us, the results are hilarious and these holiday victims had the humor to post their failures on social media, for all of us to enjoy. Check out these epic Thanksgiving failures and let’s try to learn from these hilarious mistakes.

While some of these disasters may make you cringe from second-hand embarrassment, just remember that there’s a lesson to be learned here. Consider this your go-to guide of what NOT to do this Thanksgiving holiday. And if you do make one of these mistakes, make sure to post it online for everyone to enjoy.

Turkey Doll Will Give Your Children Nightmares

Someone took holiday costumes to a whole new level! This strange turkey doll is definitely nightmare fuel. We wonder how the child reacted to their doll’s makeover. The whole concept is one big question mark but perhaps the biggest question is why does a children’s toy look so sexual?

Perhaps the goal was to scare the child? Maybe this doll’s makeover was the result of a sibling rivalry? Or a prank? Or maybe it was a well-meaning parent who got a little overenthusiastic with the holiday spirit. Either way, we hope this family, and the creepy doll, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe They Were Going for the Black Food Trend?

Black food is very popular at the moment, maybe that was the goal here? Is there any chance this was intentional? Not only is this turkey a strange color but it looks very…. Leathery. We imagine it tastes like a rubber tire. Whoever made this definitely won’t be in charge of the turkey next year.

The post attached to the photo is captioned, as follows: “Wow! People are up early in the kitchen ruining food already! Looks like the poor bird is wearing a leather jacket! Lol.” It’s good to see that they seem to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Laughter is the best medicine, and they’ll need plenty of medicine after eating that turkey!

Someone Needs a History Lesson

You really don’t need to be a history buff to know that there weren’t any dinosaurs at the first Thanksgiving. Someone needs to brush up on their education about both dinosaurs and American holidays. Although a dinosaur-themed Thanksgiving dinner does sound like a lot of fun.

As if the lack of historical knowledge isn’t disturbing enough, there seem to be some strange religious connotations here, as well. It looks like the pilgrims are bowing down to the dinosaur while it’s giving some sort of Thanksgiving sermon. What sort of religion is this?!

We Really Hope This Won’t Become a Trend

We understand the desire to dress up according to a holiday’s theme and we’re all for it! Holiday costumes can be really fun, cute, and glamorous, but this is just embarrassing. Turkey hats should NOT be a thing, especially not CROCHET turkey hats! Even the model looks dead in the eyes like she just really doesn’t want to be there.

Let’s talk about the practicality of this hat: How does one even move around in it? Isn’t it itchy? How does one go about having a serious conversation while wearing a crochet turkey hat? Let’s just all hope that the fashion world will never pick this up as an actual trend.

This One May Not Be Safe for Work

This is the perfect example of good intentions gone wrong. Clearly, this was meant to be a children’s art project, so we almost feel bad laughing at it. We only wish we could’ve seen the looks on the parents’ faces when they saw this piece of art! We’re willing to bet that the kids were very proud of themselves.

To be fair, one could see how a child’s drawing of a turkey could end up looking like a certain body part. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here? Children’s art projects should never be of things with phallic shapes unless you need the extra conversational boost at the dinner table. Lesson learned.

Poor Barney!

Say goodbye to your childhood for this one. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took a dark turn when Barney split open and eventually fell onto the crowd. The paraders tried to keep Barney afloat but they just ended up falling, as well. We just hope that there weren’t too many traumatized children watching.

This seems to have happened to poor Barney only once, so apparently, the parade’s balloons were made of stronger material the following years. Thankfully, the rest of the parade seemed to go smoothly and no other beloved childhood characters were harmed. RIP Barney, and yes, we do love you too.

How Does This Even Happen?

Somehow, this poor person made the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, without the pie tin! They simply put the pie filling in the crust and put it straight into the oven. The result is an oven full of pie, an empty tin, and no dessert at this unfortunate family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

We can understand forgetting an ingredient or losing track of time with turning off the oven, but forgetting to put the pie in a pie tin seems a bit extreme. We hope the family wasn’t too upset and we’re sure that this budding baker will do better next time. There’s always next year…

This Turkey Is Political

This turkey wanted to get political this Thanksgiving! We hope Goerge W. Bush enjoyed the attention although his facial expression indicates otherwise. Maybe the turkey was just trying to get Bush to listen to its politics? That will definitely be a Thanksgiving the former President will never forget!

In all honestly, we should consider ourselves lucky that this was Bush and not Bill Clinton. Clinton definitely would have gaslighted the poor turkey just like he did to Monica Lewinsky. At least Bush can laugh about the whole thing without turning it into a scandal.

This One Just Seems Unnecessary

Everything about this product seems unnecessary. First of all, the product itself just seems like something no one would need and it doesn’t look like it actually works. Furthermore, the super sexualized image of the turkey is strange and completely unnecessary for something that’s supposed to help people prepare a family meal.

We suppose this gift could work well as a prank for a loved one with a unique sense of humor. It can be an addition to someone’s collection of tacky kitchen items. Whoever this was meant for, it’s definitely a very niche market that we are simply too boring to understand.

This Is Our Worst Nightmare

Our worst nightmare has been realized: a perfectly beautiful bottle of wine has been compromised. Not to worry, it’s still drinkable if you’re adventurous enough. Honestly, we love ourselves a good bottle of wine and nothing can get in the way of us drinking at Thanksgiving!

We’re extremely curious how this happened… especially considering that the cork is in one piece! It seems as if someone intentionally put the cork inside the bottle, if that’s the case, everyone else at that Thanksgiving party should call the police! Ruining a perfectly good bottle of wine has got to be a crime.

And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day…

Picture this: You spend all day cooking a delicious Thanksgiving turkey. You get dressed up nicely for a fancy dinner party. Then, you fall over while holding the turkey, which falls on the floor and all over your nice dinner clothes. And you thought you were having a bad day…

We feel so sad for this guy, we really don’t blame him for just lying on the floor in defeat. He can’t even use the ten-second rule because the dogs are already devouring the turkey! We don’t know what happened next but we really hope this poor guy’s family cut him a break…

The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving

This turkey is absolutely terrifying, it looks like it’s supposed to be a spider! This looks like the type of Thanksgiving that Tim Burton or The Addams Family would host. Maybe this family is very gothic or just has a thing for spiders? Call us crazy, but we believe that Halloween and Thanksgiving simply should not mix.

The tongue is what really gets us, it’s so detailed with the white spots! It looks like it’s made of bacon which is an unfortunate waste of delicious food, not to mention the poor turkey! We do have to give props to the artwork, though, as it is very well made. A bit too well-made…. To the point that it looks too terrifying to eat.

Note to Self: Always Check the Background in My Photos

We love this elderly couple, they’re simply adorable! Everything in this picture is on point: The table looks beautiful, we’re sure the food is delicious, the woman is dressed nicely and looks super proud of all her hard work, it’s a lovely picture. Except… Did you notice the mirror in the background? 

This poor guy apparently forgot that there’s a mirror in his house, behind the dinner table. Clearly, his wife wanted a photo before her husband was finished getting dressed for dinner. Maybe next time she’ll ask him to get dressed first? Either way, they seem like a cute couple and we hope they had a wonderful Thanksgiving, fully clothed.

This Diet Has Gone Too Far

Don’t get us wrong, we totally understand that it’s hard to keep in shape during the holidays and we fully support not letting things get out of hand. However, this diet is just way too extreme. We’re sure this person has a beautiful and healthy body and can absolutely spare a cheat day on their diet, especially on a holiday.

It’s already sad because it’s Thanksgiving and all holidays should be diet cheat days. But it’s extra unfortunate because the portions are so tiny, even for a regular day. This diet seems to be going way too far, no matter what time of year it is, and we really hope this person just gave up on it and enjoyed a regular-sized Thanksgiving meal.

This Should Be Considered Animal Abuse

We get it: people like to dress up their pets sometimes, especially around the holidays and it can be adorable. We’re all for a cute Christmas sweater for your fur baby or some cat ears on your dog for Halloween, but a turkey hat for Thanksgiving is where we have to draw the line.

This poor pup does not look happy, and we can’t say we blame him. He has a very phallic-looking turkey hat on his head and we bet his owners wouldn’t be caught dead in the same hat. Let’s all agree, for future reference, that Thanksgiving is simply not a holiday to dress up for.

This Is Taking Thanksgiving a Little Too Far…

It seems like Yankee Candle Company misunderstood why people love the smell of Thanksgiving food: because we know we get to eat it! Why would we want our house to smell like a delicious Thanksgiving meal that we can’t eat?! What’s next? Gravy deodorant? Cranberry perfume? The line needs to be drawn and it needs to be drawn now.

Who were they making this for? People who don’t have a Thanksgiving meal to go to, so they can at least smell what they’re missing out on? This candle seems like the equivalent of offering someone to smell a million dollars but be unable to spend it. They missed the entire point.

Melted Pumpkin Pie, Anyone?

This poor pumpkin pie looks like melted ice cream. Apparently, the pie tin wasn’t strong enough to hold the pie crust and pumpkin filling. Let this be a lesson to us all not over overdo it with pumpkin filling, no matter how delicious and tempting it may be to just pour in ten cans of it.

At least, the other pie seems to be doing okay, it looks like the family will still have some dessert for their Thanksgiving dinner party. We just hope that the one pie that’s still edible will be enough to feed all of this baker’s guests. Maybe they can offer the biggest slice to whoever volunteers to clean that oven.

Another Childhood Hero Falls Victim to a Parade Fail

Spiderman and Uncle Sam seem to be getting along a little too well. These two beloved characters are the latest victims in the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade’s fails. We wonder if the children watching understood what it looked like and how their parents answered the many questions that must have followed.

We have to hand it to the universe, it definitely has a sense of humor! The two balloons fell at precisely the same time in just the right way to create a suggestive scene. This not safe for work image was certainly a hilarious coincidence. We’re excited to see what the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will bring next!

He’s Honestly Too Cute to Stay Mad At

This cute doggy seems to have gotten into the Thanksgiving food, but honestly, who can blame him? The food looks delicious and the dog is way too adorable to be mad at. We don’t blame his owners for simply posting a photo on social media, what else can you do in this situation other than laugh?

Let this be a holiday lesson to us all: When you’re cooking the Thanksgiving dinner, keep your pets on a leash and your food out of reach. That even rhymes, so it’s easy to remember! We’re sure that this is a lesson this unfortunate chef will remember for next year!

Do You Prefer Your Food to Be Raw or Burnt? Either Way, We’ve Got You Covered

This chef has managed to make something for everyone in just one dish. Whether you like your food raw or burnt, they’ve got you covered! Unfortunately, if you want your food cooked just right, you’ll have to look elsewhere. We can’t help but laugh at this dish that looks like only half of it made it into the oven, and stayed there a little too long.

This photo was taken at a Church’s potluck event so we hope that everyone was Christian about it. We’re a bit surprised that the chef had the courage to bring this dish to the event, although we’ve got to admire their grit. Maybe it was meant to be a representation of the light of good and the darkness of evil? Your guess is as good as ours.