Epic Life Hacks That Will Make Every Day 1000 Times Easier

Tue Nov 09 2021

Life can be tough at times, but luckily, there are often simple solutions to everyday problems that can make our day just a bit easier. There’s no need to sweat the small stuff when there are so many tips and tricks to make each day a bit smoother. And who wouldn’t want that?

Now, we’re not saying that we can fix all of life’s issues. But with these handy hacks, you can save yourself several moments of frustration. At the very least, these will certainly brighten your day. Read on for life hacks that you’ll love and you’ll wish you’d known about sooner.

The Perfect Glass of Wine

We’ve all been there: we want our wine chilled but when we put ice cubes in the glass, it gets all watered down and gross, effectively ruining the delicious wine. This is particularly frustrating when drinking expensive wines. Why pay more for wine that will just taste like water? Luckily, the geniuses of the Internet have found the solution to every wine lover’s problem.

Put frozen grapes in your wine glass. The frozen grapes will serve as ice cubes, effectively chilling your wine, but they won’t water it down at all. Also, you get to eat the wine-soaked grapes as an extra treat for finishing the whole glass! Because who doesn’t want a surprise dessert with their wine?

Cut a Cake Perfectly

We definitely know the feeling of having created the perfect dessert masterpiece, just to have the aesthetics be completely destroyed by a hack-cutting job. Cutting a cake can turn into a hot mess if you’re not coordinated, putting all your decorating efforts to waste.

The trick to cutting the perfect cake is, believe it or not, dental floss! Use a string of floss to cut perfectly even slices through the cake, no mess, and no destroying the decorations. This trick also works for cheeses, dough, or any other soft foods. Just make sure that the dental floss is unflavored, so you don’t ruin the taste of your food.

Travel More Efficiently

Traveling with lotions and potions is always tricky. Maybe you don’t want to pay for check luggage or waste money on travel-sized lotions that you already own at home. Or perhaps you need your lotions on the flight itself, in your carry-on. Surprisingly, the answer is probably already in your bag.

Put all of your lotions in a spare contact lens case. It’s small, easy to travel with, and isn’t going to spook TSA. It’s a much more economical option than buying travel-size lotions or checking in a suitcase. Just make sure that you don’t get that case confused with the one you actually keep your contact lenses in.

No Bottle Opener? No Problem!

One of the most frustrating first world problems is when you have a lovely bottle of wine waiting for you but you can’t open it. Maybe you don’t have a bottle opener, or maybe you don’t know how to use a bottle opener. But we know that it can be so upsetting you can be tempted to just break the bottle. Luckily, there’s no need.

The answer is actually in your toolkit, all you need is a hammer and a nail. You hammer the nail into the cork and then use the back end of the hammer to pull it out, the cork will come out of the bottle along with the nail. Let’s be honest though: if you’re the type of person that owns a toolkit but not a bottle opener, you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

The Kid-Proof Way to Prevent a Mess

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold popsicle on a hot summer day? But no one loves the clean-up that we’re all destined to after our treat. The sticky hands are the least of your worries if you have kids, they can manage to get melted popsicles all over the house! When you see our hack for this, you’ll wonder why popsicle companies haven’t thought of this themselves…

Create a “carry-along” bowl to trap all the melted stickiness, because let’s be honest: your kids are not going to eat over the sink. Take a cupcake liner and use the popsicle stick to make a slit at the bottom. Then, slide the cupcake liner up under the popsicle. The cupcake liner will catch all the gooeyness, leaving your house and hands perfectly clean.

This One Could Save Your Fur Baby’s Life

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your pets if something were to ever happen to you? This is especially relevant if you live alone. Our fur babies rely on us for their wellbeing and it’s important to make sure that they’re taken care of if we’re unable to be around for them ourselves.

By carrying one of these useful cards in your wallet, you could be saving your pet’s life. There are also variations of this card for children if you’re a single parent. There’s even a card you can carry for yourself that details any medical conditions you have that could be relevant. Obviously, we hope you’ll never need this card, but we do recommend carrying it around just in case.

Iron Your Shirt Like a Professional

Next up in frustrating first-world problems is how to iron a button-down shirt. Ironing the strip with the buttons can feel like playing Jenga. Do you weave the iron in and out? Do you just run the iron over the buttons and hope for the best? Or do you leave that part of the shirt wrinkled and hope no one will notice? The answer is: none of the above.

You flip the shirt over and iron the button strip from the other side. This way, your shirt will be fully ironed and you won’t have to deal with maneuvering around those pesky buttons. Now if only there were a way to have our shirts looking fresh without needing ironing…

Get Two Chores Done at Once

Losing an earring back or a button, or something else small, can be absolute torture to find. It can be especially problematic if your floors have a lot of dirt on them, making it even harder to find the lost item. There is a way, though, to simultaneously clean your floors and find the lost item.

Take a thin sock, pantyhose, or stocking and slide it over the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you secure it with a rubber band or scrunchie. The vacuum’s suction will pull up the item while the pantyhose will prevent it from getting sucked into the vacuum. Enjoy your re-found treasure and your clean floors!

Be the Best Party Host Ever

Anyone who’s hosted a big party with food knows that you spend a decent amount of time just running back and forth to the kitchen for the condiments. This is especially true for outdoor barbecues. It can really become a pain after a while, for the host and the guests alike. 

Instead of running back and forth, just use this very simple item that you probably already have in your kitchen: a muffin tin. You can put each individual condiment in a separate muffin tin cup and that way, your guests will have everything right there for them. Guests and hosts can just sit back and enjoy themselves.

DIY Hands-Free Phone Set

It can be really tiring to hold up our phones while watching a YouTube clip or reading an article online. Many of us don’t have a hands-free phone kit that we just carry around with us everywhere. Luckily, it’s super easy to DIY one with something that you probably are carrying around anyway.

You can use your sunglasses as a prop to hold up your phone and, voila, you have a DIY hands-free set. Place your phone horizontally between the glasses frames and earpieces, you can rest the phone back a bit to lean on the frames if you need to. Then, enjoy your movie and/or article while still keeping both hands free!

Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Drinking enough water is crucial for our health but it can be really difficult to keep track each day. We tend to get busy throughout the day and just forget about drinking. Before we know it, half the day has gone by and we’ve barely taken a sip from our water bottle.

These cool water bottles are time-stamped and even have some motivational messages written on them! All you have to do is follow along according to the timestamps, and make sure you’ve finished the correct amount of water by each hour. There’s no need to buy these fancy bottles if you don’t want to, this is easy to DIY with a regular water bottle and some permanent marker.

Make Taking Out the Trash Just a Bit Less Unpleasant

Let’s be honest: nobody ever wants to take out the trash. That being said, the worst part of the smelly ordeal is when any liquids that were tossed out leak through the trash bag. Before you know it, you find yourself running to the dumpster and then needing to retrace your steps to clean the spilled trash liquid. Ew.

The solution here may not be the most environmentally friendly, but if taking out the trash really bothers you, this will solve the problem. Line the bottom of the trash bag with newspaper. The newspaper will absorb any liquids, preventing them from leaking through the bag. Although, who knows, maybe you enjoy the morning cardio of the dumpster run?

Was This Genius Design Intentional? Or a Happy Accident?

We all love a straw in a nice can of soda, or any other drink, to add just a bit of flair to our beverage. However, it can be irritating when the straw inevitably pops up and sometimes even falls out of the can altogether! How are we supposed to get a nice Instagram photo of our drink when it won’t stay in place?

The trick is to thread the straw through the tab of the can. The tab will hold the straw in place while you enjoy your drink, take your photos, and do whatever else you need to do to feel pampered. We wonder if this was an intentional hack from the manufacturers, or simply a happy accident?

Recognize Your Luggage From a Mile Away

Retrieving your checked luggage after a flight can always be a bit nerve-wracking. There’s always the fear that someone else will accidentally take your suitcase, or you may even take someone else’s by accident. We’ve all had that awkward moment when we’re opening our suitcase by the luggage carousel to double-check that it’s actually ours.

Sure, we can buy a unique set of luggage but there’s really no way to guarantee that someone else hasn’t bought the same one. Also, it’s not the most economical solution to this issue. A much cheaper, and easier, way to identify your luggage is to tie a ribbon around it. Bonus effect: It can also be a super cute way to dress up an otherwise boring suitcase.

This Unique Dessert Will Get You Invited Back to Any Party

Everyone wants to bring something cool and unique to a party, something that will help them stand out from the crowd. While some people may have tons of time or money to dedicate to party desserts, we don’t have either of those things, so we found a more reasonable way to be the life of the party.

Why choose between cupcakes and ice cream when you can have both? Simply bake cupcakes and put the batter in ice cream cones, rather than cupcake liners. Bonus points if you can decorate the top of the cupcake to look like the top of an ice cream cone. If there’s anyone who isn’t wowed by this cute idea, then they’ll have to answer to us!

Let’s Not Get Our Wires Crossed

Most of us are guilty of having that drawer in the house where we keep all of our wires and cables, and that drawer is always a complete mess! Unfortunately, it can get to the point where our wires are so tangled that we can’t even pick out what we need anymore. We always say we’ll organize that drawer, but let’s be honest, we never do.

Little did we know that the solution was lying right under our bathroom sink this whole time. Put each individual cable in a different (empty) roll of toilet paper. Put all the toilet paper rolls in a box, and then put that box in the cable drawer. You’ll end up with a perfectly organized drawer, untangled cables, and a way of utilizing toilet paper rolls that would’ve been thrown out otherwise.

Let’s Be Honest: The Upturned Collar Is Not a Good Look

Ironing anything can be incredibly annoying but ironing a shirt collar is just a whole new level. For some reason, it’s impossible to get it right and we always end up with that upturned collar look. Let’s tell it like it is: that look hasn’t been “in” for years and even when it was popular, it still looked dumb.

The trick is to forgo the iron altogether and use a hair iron instead. The hair iron can clasp both sides of the collar, which a clothes iron cannot, resulting in an actual straight shirt collar. The idea is to use the hair iron like tongs, rather than trying to iron the shirt flat on a surface. You can even do this while wearing the shirt, just be careful is all.

Keep Your Coffee Just as Strong as You Are!

Ice coffee on a hot day can be the perfect pick-me-up for any morning. Unfortunately, there’s always the risk of the ice cubes melting before we finish our beverage, resulting in watered-down coffee that nobody really wants. There is a way to ensure our coffee stays both cold and strong, and it requires very minimal preparation.

Create coffee ice cubes. Make coffee, pour it into an ice cube tray, and put it in the freezer. You’ll be left with coffee-flavored ice cubes that you can add to any beverage, including ice coffee. No more watered-down drinks, and you get an extra boost of caffeine. You can thank us later.

Never Get Robbed Again

Going to the beach always poses a problem about what to do with your valuables. You can have a friend hang back to watch your stuff, but who wants to be left out while everyone else is in the ocean? And what if you’re at the beach by yourself? Well, if we think hard enough, every problem has its solution.

Put your valuables somewhere that no one would expect. For example, a cleaned-out sunscreen bottle at the beach. Or an empty shampoo bottle in your suitcase, while traveling. Anytime you’re going somewhere that you can’t keep your valuables on your person, just put them in a vessel that no one would bother stealing.