Debunked: These Viral Photos Once Took the Internet By Storm, but They Were Totally Fake

Thu Oct 13 2022

They say that you should always take what you see on the internet with a pinch of salt, and that’s never been more true. Nowadays, it’s so easy to be manipulated online, and it seems as though there are some people out there who find joy in fooling us all. Especially when they have a Photoshop subscription to their names…

These photos once took the internet by storm, becoming “viral” sensations seen by millions across the globe. And while we all assumed them to be real, it seems as though they were a little too good to be true. Yep, you might not have realized it at the time, but these photos were totally fake. So, how many of these photos did you believe to be real?

This Kitty May Have Had an Adorable Mustache, but the Eyebrows Were All Fake

There’s nothing the internet loves more than an adorable animal photo. And a cute animal pic gets extra points if that animal is also a little unusual or unique… like this picture of a kitty with bizarre markings on the left. When people around the world spotted its white mustache and eyebrows, they went wild.

This photo became an instant viral sensation, but unfortunately, it was a little too adorable to be true. While the cat in question did have the mustache, the eyebrows were the result of some nifty little photo manipulation. So, we guess you could say it was a half-lie. The cat’s still super cute though, right?

Sadly, This Astronaut Didn’t Actually Get High in Zero Gravity

Life outside of planet Earth is still a mystery to most people, which is why we can’t get enough of learning about the universe and following the adventures of astronauts lucky enough to go into space. Thankfully, astronaut Chris Hadfield has kept us up to date on his space explorations over the years… and he’s also taught us everything we need to know about living in zero gravity. But did he really take a whole bag of weed up there?

Well, the simple answer is no. When the doctored image at the top became a viral sensation a few years ago, it divided opinions. Some were stoked, while others were a little concerned. Those who were concerned don’t have to worry, though. Chris was really holding a bag of Easter eggs in the original photo, before someone decided to Photoshop it.

Although Animals Can Have Dwarfism, This Isn’t a Dwarf Giraffe

They may be tall, but giraffes seem like such gentle giants. They just hang out with their spots and their love of trees, and they rarely cause too much of a ruckus in the animal kingdom. It helps that they’re super cute, and the interweb couldn’t get enough of this “dwarf giraffe” when it circulated a few years ago.

Although this dwarf giraffe seemed super cute and adorable, we’re sad to say that it doesn’t exist in real life. Instead, it’s the figment of a Photoshop wizard’s imagination. This picture was simply distorted, morphed, and changed to make it seem as though the giraffe was much smaller than it was. That makes us sad.

Paris Hilton Didn’t Really Tell People To Stop Being Poor

We all know that Paris Hilton was born into a family with some serious dough to their name. The Hilton family has dollar bills coming out of their earholes, and so, for some people, seeing the photo on the left wasn’t too unbelievable. A rich heiress telling people to stop being poor? It could happen, you know. But it didn’t.

Thankfully, it seems as though Paris isn’t as horrific as this T-shirt makes her seem. That’s because the writing on her shirt was doctored for the sake of views and “viral status.” Her actual T-shirt read “Stop being desperate” which is just a hint better than the cringe-worthy “Stop being poor.” Go, Paris.

George Orwell’s House Isn’t As Ironic as Everyone Seems To Think It Is

The idea of Big Brother watching us comes from the writer George Orwell. His book 1984 made us rethink everything from CCTV to the power of the government, and so it’s no wonder that people travel from across the globe to check out the house that he used to live in in Kentish Town in London, England. And when photos circulated of there being CCTV outside his house, the internet had to laugh…

The irony of this situation wasn’t lost on anyone, but sadly authenticity of this situation was definitely lost. That’s because there are no CCTV cameras outside his house, but there are some on Photoshop. This was a silly internet prank that went viral, but the owners who live there now do have a Ring doorbell. So we guess this prankster wasn’t too far off.

This Photo Didn’t Really Showcase the First “Dab” in the History of Dabbing

Humans invented the wheel, rocket ships, fake meat, and many other priceless inventions… but where would the “dab” come in that list? This bizarre craze took the world by storm during the 21st century, with anyone and everyone putting their head into the crook of their elbows in this strange dance. But according to this viral photo, the dab was actually around during the 20th century, right?

Well, not quite. Although this black and white photo at the top made its rounds throughout the interweb, it seems as though this popularity was simply the result of the “black and white” photo editing feature on Photoshop. The real photo can be seen below, and it’s actually a still from the 2017 war movie Dunkirk.

This Sad Graveyard Scene Was Actually a Staged Photoshoot Opportunity

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not online, but it’s hard not to feel sympathy when we see photos seemingly of children… especially when they live in war zones. Because of this, the photo on the left went viral a few years ago, as the internet rallied to give online sympathy to what they thought was a Syrian orphan laying next to his parents’ graves. However, all was not as it seemed…

While there’s no denying that the war in Syria has caused death and destruction, this photo was actually a staged photo. The photographer knew the kid and asked him to pose next to the graves, which did not belong to his parents at all. The photo is certainly still sad… but it’s not real.

This Guy’s Cooking Skills Definitely Weren’t As Good as His Photoshop Skills

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you’ll know that there’s nothing more impressive than seeing a chef skilfully shuffle the contents of their pot or pan into the air and then back down again. So, it’s no wonder that this photo on the left went viral. That fried rice wave was what cooking dreams were really made of. But we all know that dreams aren’t real…

Although some people chose to believe that the man on the left was a ridiculously talented chef, there were others who quickly realized that the “fried rice meme” was actually the result of some impressive Photoshop. After all, the picture on the right shows the fake fried rice in all of its glory, where it’s sold in a fake food shop in Tokyo.

This Bear Didn’t Really Chase Down a Group of National Geographic Photographers

In real life, you can’t ward off a bear with a jar of honey or a marmalade sandwich… If only life was that simple. People have horrific encounters with bears every single day, which is why it was super believable that this group of National Geographic photographers could get chased down by a grizzly while on the job.

Yep, this workplace abuse certainly seemed as though it could happen. But it didn’t. Although the National Geographic photographers posed for this unbelievable shot and made it seem as though they were being chased down for dinner, they actually used a stock photo of a bear that’s readily available on the internet. Nice try, guys.

Einstein Definitely Didn’t Ride His Bike in the Midst of a Bomb Explosion

Everyone loves a genius. They’re intelligent, they’re smart, and they have the power to change the world… but more often than not, they’re also pretty wacky. Just look at Elon Musk! Albert Einstein was another one of those enigmas and someone that a lot of people just couldn’t understand. This was even more apparent when they spotted this strange photo of Einstein smiling and cycling away from an explosion.

Although this photo on the left had many raising their eyebrows, you’ll be happy to know that Einstein wasn’t, to our knowledge, a psychopath. This photo is a complete fabrication, and the bomb explosion actually took place seven years after he passed away. So, unless Einstein really did manage to travel through time, this is a fake.

This Cyclist Didn’t Really Have To Peddle Away From a Hungry Bear

While they’re cute from afar, there’s no doubt about the fact that bears are pretty scary creatures. They’re definitely not as cute as Winnie the Pooh or Paddington, and they could rip you apart in seconds if they really wanted to. That’s why this photo of a bear chasing a cyclist became such a viral sensation. It’s most people’s worst nightmare…

Luckily, we don’t need to pay too much attention to our nightmares as they’re not real… and neither is this photo. Although it’s not uncommon to see bears running down this snow-laden road, it is uncommon to see them chasing cyclists. That’s why the man on the bike was Photoshopped in to give this viral photo some extra “viral-ness.”

This Woman Wasn’t Really Squatting Like a Frog at the Doctor’s Office

You probably don’t need us to tell you that humans are pretty weird. Us homosapiens do strange things every now and then, and more often than not there’s someone waiting with a camera looking to snap your bizarre moments. You know, like when this person in the doctor’s office spotted a woman squatting like a frog on a shelf at the doctor’s office…

Although the internet was quick to laugh at the frog-like woman, what you might not have realized is that this picture wasn’t quite as weird as it seemed. Sure, it’s pretty wild that a woman would take off one of her shoes and place one of her feet on the shelf, she wasn’t weird enough to put both of them up. That was the work of Photoshop.

This Awkward College Sign Isn’t Quite As Ironic as It First Seemed

If you’re going to school to study architecture and planning, there’s a high chance that you’re meticulous, detailed, and extremely organized. You’d also expect the people who work at the college to have the same traits, and that’s why this hilarious photo at the top went viral. Who could have gotten this sign so badly wrong?

The internet found the poor planning from the College of Architecture and Planning to be so funny that we forgot to really look at the image, and we forgot to do our research. Although it would be incredible if this sign was real, it’s sadly the result of a Photoshop fooler looking to trick us all.

The Perfect Lenticular Clouds Over Mount Fuji Were Real, but Not As Impressive as They Seemed

If you have ever seen a Lenticular cloud in the flesh, you’ll know that these “UFO clouds” are weird, wonderful, and downright wacky. They’re truly a sight to behold, and they can often be spotted above mountains and volcanoes. When the photo on the left circulated online, though, the internet thought they’d hit the jackpot with five Lenticular clouds stacked on top of each other.

Although this photo wasn’t 100% fake, it still wasn’t entirely truthful. In reality, there was only one Lenticular cloud above Mount Fuji in Japan that day, but someone on the internet decided to add a few more for good luck. So, the real photo still has about 3 points on the cool scale. It’s not quite a 10 though.

It Would Have Been Iconic, but Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor Didn’t Pose Together

Marilyn Monroe will forever be remembered as a legend, and so will Elizabeth Taylor. These two Hollywood beauties made their own marks on Hollywood, and they have their own respective fan bases. But how cool would it have been if these two leading ladies were best friends who hung out together? That’s what the photo on the left suggested…

When this photo made its way online, it instantly became a viral hit. After all, what’s better than one icon in a photo? Two, of course. However, no such photo of Marilyn and Elizabeth exists. While they may have met each other in person, they didn’t pose for a photo together. Instead, two individual photos were morphed together.

This “Turtle Mountain” Is Actually Just a Mountain That Doesn’t Look Anything Like a Turtle

How many times have you spotted the face of a person in a cloud? Or have you inadvertently buttered your toast into the shape of a rabbit before? Either way, we love to try and see things in nature, and we love it when nature-ception really comes to life. That’s why the internet went gaga over a picture of “Turtle Mountain” that made its way to social medias across the world.

Although it seemed as though this mountain looked exactly like a turtle, the real mountain in question, sadly, just looks like a normal mountain. The picture showcases Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, but anyone who has been there will know that there is nothing too unusual or special about it. That’s why this is the first and only “Turtle Mountain” picture to make its way onto the internet.

This Dangerous Pilot Selfie Was Actually Taken On Land, Rather Than in the Sky

Let’s be honest; most people have dreamed of being a pilot at some point in their lives. This job is deemed to be one of the coolest around, and everyone wonders what really goes on in the cockpit. So, when this picture on the left went viral a few years ago, the internet couldn’t believe it. In their eyes, this dangerous pilot selfie was the coolest thing they’d ever seen.

However, anyone who knows anything about flying will know that this photo wouldn’t actually be possible, anyway. If a window broke in a plane, anyone around that general vicinity would be sucked out of the plane and into swirled into the skies. It’s a good thing that this photo is fake, then. This pilot simply took a photo on the runway after landing, and simply Photoshopped it.

Thankfully for Those Underneath Her, This Cheerleader Didn’t Really Poop Her Pants

For some reason, us humans are obsessed with poop… yet we’re also completely disgusted by it at the same time. Weirdly, we love to talk about it under hushed breath as though it’s something taboo. But then we’ll laugh at the top of our lungs at the same time. This was the case when the photo on the left became a viral sensation. One second we were grossed out, but then the next second we were lol-ing.

In reality, though, this whole situation didn’t even happen. Although these cheerleaders were simply going about their cheerleading business and trying to perfect their routine, somebody on the internet decided to add a little poop into the mix. And with the facial expressions of the cheerleaders below, it totally works. But it’s also pretty weird.

The Space Shuttle Did Emerge Through the Clouds, but Not Picture-Perfect Clouds

Although celebrities are now given the chance to head up into space, it’s still not that accessible for the average Joe. That’s why the internet can’t get enough of photos like the one on the left. We had the blue sky, the horizon, the clouds, and the space shuttle. It’s the perfect liftoff… or so it seems.

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that this space shuttle did jet off through the clouds, it didn’t quite look as picture-perfect as it does in the photo on the left. In fact, the whole thing looks more like some smog on a dirty, carbon-emissions-filled day rather than a screensaver.

This Canal in Venice Didn’t Freeze Over, but a Lake in Russia Did

There’s something so captivating about Venice. From the stunning buildings to the collection of waterways and canals, the internet can’t seem to get enough of seeing this place online. So, it’s no wonder this photo of frozen canals in Venice took the internet by storm. It was new, it was interesting, and they hadn’t seen it before…

Of course, there’s a reason they hadn’t seen it before. The whole photo was fake, and a simple Photoshop trick that mashed two photos together. While the buildings and the sky could be traced back to Venice, the frozen water was actually taken from a photo of Lake Baikal in Russia. This Photoshop wiz almost had us fooled.

This Magical Castle Is Not Actually Perched on Top of a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean

Stories of magical castles and princesses have captivated us since the dawn of time, and even today many people dream of living in a far-off castle with turrets and never-ending views. Because of this, internet users across the world couldn’t believe it when this photo on the left started circulating online. After all, what’s better than a magical castle perfectly perched on top of a rock in the middle of the ocean?

Well, it seems as though the Photoshop skills of this internet trickster are better than a castle perched on a rock. The image on the left is actually an amalgamation of two different images; the first of “James Bond Island” in Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, and the second of a castle in Germany. Nice try, internet.

This Black Lion Was Just the Work of a Photoshop Master

There’s nothing the internet loves more than something we haven’t seen before. And how many of you have seen a black lion before? We’re going to guess that you haven’t… because we didn’t think they existed. That’s why this seemingly real photo of a black lion in a zoo circulated the interweb like wildfire.

Although we loved to think that there was a rare black lion roaming around the world, it soon became clear that we didn’t have a brand new breed of lion to name. That’s because this viral photo was simply the work of a Photoshop master who decided to edit a white lion. But with only 13 white lions said to be left in the wild and around 100 in captivity, the real picture is still pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the Moon Didn’t Perfectly Sit on the Helipad of the Burj Al Arab

As an internet community, we love things that just fit perfectly. That’s why it’s basically a legal requirement for anyone who goes to Paris to take a photo of themselves holding the tip of the Eiffel Tower in their hands. So, you can imagine the glee of online scrollers when they spotted this photo of the moon sitting perfectly on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Although this seemed like the perfect photo, we know now that the perfect photo just doesn’t exist. After all, this photo was totally fake. Sure, the moon did hang around the Burj Al Arab on this night… but it didn’t sit atop the helipad. A little bit of to-ing and fro-ing on Photoshop made sure that it did, though.

This Cow Didn’t Really Take a Nap on This Person’s Brand New Car

Have you ever been scrolling the internet and come across an image that’s so weird it must be true? Well, this was one of them. Although most people know that cows like to stick to their fields and their grass, there was something about seeing a cow having a nap on a car that filled a lot of people with joy. Until that bubble burst.

When you really think about it, there’s no way this could really happen. Even if it did, the cow would completely jack up the car, leaving a huge dent where it was laying. So, of course, this image is fake. Some Photoshop wunderkind simply Photoshopped the cow onto the car. Just like that.

This “Worst Day Ever” Wasn’t As Bad as Everyone Thought It Was

If you’ve seen the top image on your social media channels before, then you’re not alone. This scary image is often depicted with captions like “And you think you’re having a bad day at work!” Because, ultimately, being jumped by a shark while you’re climbing onto a helicopter is a very bad day at work. Luckily, it didn’t really happen.

While this image supposedly showed the British Navy undergoing a dangerous military exercise with some local sharks in South Africa, the reality was very different. That’s because the person who posted this fake photo online simply merged two pictures into one. The first was the picture of the helicopter and the naval officer on the ladder, and the second was of the shark. They certainly fooled us.

Mitt Romney’s ‘Money’ Slam Campaign Was Totally Fake News

In today’s day and age, it’s important to take the world of politics with a pinch of salt. Especially if you’re someone who reads the news or learns about politics on social media. It’s so easy for words and pictures to be manipulated, but it’s also easy to fall into a trap of believing. That’s what a lot of people did when Mitt Romney was running for President of the United States in 2012.

During his campaign, this image went viral. It seemed to show the whole Romney family spelling out “money” with their T-shirts… but what many people didn’t realize was that this was actually a smear campaign by those looking to tear him down. In reality, the family was spelling out their name on their T-shirts. Conveniently for the Photoshop wizard, the kids were wearing letters that served as an anagram.

This Man Didn’t Really Capture the 9/11 Tragedy on Camera

On September 11, 2001, the world was rocked by the news that four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks had taken place in New York City. While extremists claimed responsibility for the attacks and the deaths of thousands of people, conspiracy theories surrounding this event have continued to circulate. In fact, many people have put photos just like this one below on the internet.

When this photo went viral, many people couldn’t believe that this man had managed to capture the moment a hijacked plane flew through the city and towards its target. It was shared by countless people online before it was discovered that the whole thing was a fabrication. This man didn’t witness the tragedy, and the plane wasn’t even in the background. Instead, it was just a normal tourist photo.

Monstrous Koalas With Giant Teeth Don’t Really Roam the World

When you think of koalas, there’s a high chance that you think of adorable and cuddly little animals who just want to eat eucalyptus leaves and sleep up in the trees. What you don’t think of are demon teeth and scary fur. But this photo made us all question everything when it went viral in 2012. Suddenly, those cuddly koalas didn’t seem quite as cuddly…

The photo on the left terrified people, but as you probably know by now, it wasn’t the original image. The image on the right was the original picture, and it was posted online in 2009. It showcased a koala with wet fur after it had been sprayed with water to cool it down on a scorching hot day. But then an online faker decided to add the fangs as an afterthought.

Unfortunately, This Washed-Up Giant Mutant Squid Was a Photoshop Creation

There’s only one thing better than weird creepy creatures, and that’s giant weird creepy creatures. There’s something about huge and larger-than-life animals that intrigues us all, and so we all couldn’t contain ourselves when we saw this image online. After all, have you ever seen a washed-up giant squid that had grown to a mutant size because of the radiation from Fukushima? We thought not.

When this squid supposedly washed up on the shores of Santa Monica, everyone wanted to know more. But a simple reverse image search proved to everyone that this image was a total fabrication and that no such giant mutant squid existed. This image simply used an enlarged photo of a washed-up squid on top of a photo of a washed-up whale on a beach in Chile.

You’ll Be Happy To Know Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Really Cut Off Her Famous Locks

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Jennifer Aniston is a national treasure. The Friends actress is just as highly regarded for her acting talent as she is for her beauty and her “Rachel” hair, which is why the image on the left took the world by storm. When they learned that Jennifer had shaved off her famous locks to support a niece who had been diagnosed with cancer, they couldn’t believe it. But still, they did believe it.

Of course, cancer jokes are never acceptable, but it’s important to note that this image didn’t originally make its way into the world with this cancer link. This doctored image was originally posted as an April Fool’s Joke by the website Daily Makeover, where they joked that the actress had just shaved off her hair for an acting role. The fake image was then circulated further, with an even more elaborate (and fake) story. In reality, Jennifer’s hair stayed intact.

This #10YearChallenge Wasn’t the Warning They Thought It Would Be

In 2019, you couldn’t scroll through social media without coming across the hashtag #10yearchallenge. Celebrities were posting throwbacks, your great aunt Mary was posting a picture of a cake she made a decade ago, and companies were trying to nail a PR opportunity. In fact, the social media account for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – Pakistan used this challenge to supposedly highlight deforestation. And they posted this ‘comparison.’

As you can imagine, this post attracted hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and comments – but what wasn’t clear at the time was that this was a totally fake picture. Although they tried to show the difference 10 years could make, the “before and after” photos they used were actually part of the same picture. We don’t know if that’s bad or worse… but we do know that the post itself wasn’t real.

This Moon Island Doesn’t Really Come With a Matching Star Island

The internet is a great way to see what’s out there in the world. From bustling cities around the globe to remote island getaways, these images can quickly circulate online – even if they’re not real. This was the case in the early 2000s when this image of the “Moon and Star Island” went viral. To many, it was the ultimate bucket list location, even though it did seem a little too good to be true.

Of course, you should know by now that if it seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t real. And these islands aren’t real. At least not as a collective, anyway. The star island was added as a Photoshop afterthought, but you can actually visit the moon-shaped island of Molokini if you want. It’s a small little island nestled between the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kahoolawe.

The Festival of Diwali Can’t Really Be Seen From Space

Let’s be honest; NASA could post a photo that seems to show the planet being taken over by a dinosaur alien tribe and we’d probably believe it. When you see pictures taken from above the Earth, you largely have no choice to assume it’s real. And so when we saw the picture on the right, we were astounded to learn that, supposedly, the celebrations and lights in India during Diwali are so bright they can be seen from space.

And while there’s no doubt about the fact Diwali is full of color and lights, this viral photo turned out to be totally fake. This photo on the left is indeed a photo of India from space, but it’s actually a composite of satellite images that have been shaded in different colors by somebody who wanted to make the real image extra cool.

A Creative Photoshop Trick Made This Normal Spider Into a Giant Arachnid

If you came home to a spider like this on the side of your house, what would you do? Immediately burn your house to the ground? Run away forever? Or maybe you’d try and track down a giant wolf who would gobble it down in one bite? Either way, you can imagine that this image shook the internet. It’s not every day you see a spider the size of a car.

This viral image supposedly showed a giant “Angolan Witch Spider” crawling along the side of a home in Texas… but the spider wasn’t giant, it wasn’t found in Texas, and its species doesn’t even exist. Instead, photographer Paul Santa Maria decided to use a photo of the small spider outside of his home in Florida and expand it for the sake of internet clout.

The Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye Aren’t As Magical as They Seem

There are some truly magical places around the world, and while many people associate Scotland with Irn Bru and Haggis, this country is full of breathtaking views and natural wonders. Many people assumed that to be even more true a few years ago when the photo on the left went viral. This magical image seemingly showed off The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. But it was totally fake…

Not only were the colors of the image edited and doctored for the sake of fake dramatic effect, but we all soon realized that this image didn’t have anything to do with Scotland at all. The picture on the right is actually of Shotover River in New Zealand, which is famed for its green vegetation and aquamarine river water.

‘Snowball’ the Giant Cat Doesn’t Exist, but Jumper the Normal-Sized Cat Does

We love stories that feature unique and bizarre rescue animals. Not only does it warm our hearts to know that these animals have found homes, but they also get our cogs whirring. Especially if they’re as giant as Snowball. This cat’s mother was apparently rescued by Rodger Degagne outside of a Canadian nuclear lab, and apparently, her 87-pound kitten just didn’t stop growing…

The photo on the left took the world by storm, as cat lovers across the globe couldn’t believe how big Snowball had gotten. But in reality, Snowball didn’t exist. Instead, a man by the name of Cordell Hauglie decided to send a doctored photo of his cat Jumper to his friends for a laugh. Before too long it had been shared on the internet with a whole new (and fake) backstory.

Fried Chicken Flavored Oreos Were the Figment of a Photoshop Lovers’ Imagination

Oreos are top-tier cookies, and you can’t convince us otherwise. Whether you like the original, the double-stuffed, or maybe even the wasabi Oreos, there’s no doubt about the fact that cookie fans get pretty excited when they learn of a new flavor. And fried chicken lovers got a real kick when they supposedly learned that the company was bringing out a fried chicken flavor.

And while Oreos have come in some strange flavors over the years, the “leaked” photos of the fried chicken Oreos were quickly debunked by PR reps for the company. It’s believed that a hopeful fan simply doctored the packaging of Watermelon Oreos for their own benefit, and the hype soon got out of control. Of course, we can understand why.

Unfortunately, This Archaeological Marvel Was a Photoshop Prank

Even though most people tend to look to the future, there’s no doubt that looking back into the past can be pretty cool – especially when incredibly old things are dug up from the ground. Many people love seeing what archeologists can dig up and tell us about history, which is why the top image went viral a few years back. After all, there’s nothing more intriguing than a giant skeleton, right?

Well, there’s a reason it’s so cool… and that’s because it doesn’t often happen. And it didn’t happen this time, either. Instead of digging up a giant creature and its skull from the ground, this archeologist found relatively normal bones. The viral result was simply the result of a Photoshop enthusiast who wanted to take the internet by storm.

No, You Can’t Really See a Fetal Footprint Through a Woman’s Stomach

Pregnancy is one of the strangest, but also one of the most magical, things in the world. The whole experience is unique to each person, and those who will never be pregnant often fall victim to myths and old wives’ tales about the process. You know, like how you can see a fetus’ footprint through the uterus and the stomach of the carrier. If this was real, it would be pretty freaky…

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen. Not unless the mother is extremely unwell, anyway. That’s because the abdominal wall is so thick and muscular that it would be impossible to see the foot through it all. If you do, you’ll need to call an ambulance because the woman most likely has a ruptured uterus. In the case of the left photo, it was just a simple case of Photoshop.