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This Single Mom Notices an Undeniable Connection Between Her Two Fostered Toddlers and What She Discovers Is Life-Changing

Since a young age, Katie Page had always dreamed of having the perfect little family one day. But after she and her husband divorced in her early 30s, Katie's dreams no longer seemed as possible. She felt that she needed to make a big change and move across the country to start again. Before she knew it, she had settled in with a new job and a brand new place to call home. Things were for the first time in a while, looking up. She still wasn't sure what her future held but with a strong dream of becoming a mother, Katie decided that she would try fostering a child. This decision led to a life that Katie would never have imagined, bringing two beautiful children into her life.
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Take a Look Inside the Most Expensive Home in America That Overlooks Central Park

When billionaire Ken Griffin paid $238million dollars for a penthouse suite in 2019, he had made the largest ever purchase for a home in the United States. The apartment (if you can still call it that) is located in a residential skyscraper that sits right beside New York City's Central Park. But Ken's particular lot sits right above everyone else, looking down into the park from 950 feet. It's one of the tallest buildings in the city, making it highly exclusive and sought after. Basically, it's like living in the ultimate vacation resort.
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