Genetic Marvel: Scientists Uncovered the Remains of an Ancient Little Girl Whose Parents Were Different Species

The geneticists could barely believe what they were discovering. They were looking into the recently discovered remains of a person, uncovered in an ancient Siberian cave. These bone samples had made their way to a German laboratory for examination, but no one could have predicted what the results would be. They discovered that the remains had belonged to a little girl whose parents were two separate species. Remarkably, the scientists had only just scratched the surface.

Mother Nature Fights Back: Places Around the World Being Reclaimed by Nature

We’ve been seeing a lot in the press about nature’s struggle against mankind, and we think it’s high time we focus on something positive. So we dug around to find places all around the world where Mother Earth is putting up a fight – and winning. Shopping malls, five-star hotels, or boarding schools; it’s all the same to Mother Nature. Check out the locations where nature is reclaiming its ground.