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These Wacky Photos Taken at the Beach Will Have You Laughing All Summer Long

There’s nothing like a languid, lazy day at the beach. The sand and waves, the sun, the fun — it's all part of a daytime sea retreat. But the fact is, there are more whimsical moments going on from coast to coast, right now. Take this flying fellow, for instance. What is he up to? Well, for one, he is up in the air. But in terms of his scheme, it looks like he has a plan to snatch a certain teeny bikini. Unbeknownst to the tanner below, things are about to get breezy. And he's not alone in his mischief: All sorts of folks out there are making the sand silly again. Join in on the beach bash, next!
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IKEA Has Created Its Very Own Tiny Home, Hinting at the Future of Sustainable Living

Swedish flat-pack furniture company IKEA has been a household staple for years - literally. And they appear to be on the forefront of creativity and innovation, after completing their tiny home project. You'll have to be pretty minimalist to live here, but you could do it in comfort and style. Just make sure to keep the place tidy because if there's a mess, you can't hide it. The home would come completely prebuilt - a departure from IKEA's previous DIY philosophy. And for just under $50,000, you'll be able to pick up your very own.
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Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Actually Possible and It’s an Instagramers Dream Meal

When the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's was made, Tiffany & Co. was exclusively meant for jewelry shoppers and even Hepburn didn’t actually have breakfast in the high-end store. Since the opening of Blue Box Cafe on November 2017, Tiffany's has finally made it a possibility to have a sit-down breakfast at its luxury jewelry store and Hepburn fans can now emulate her in the best way possible. This modern culinary experience is an Instagrammers dream that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re planning a trip to NYC.
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These Lovely Dogs ‘Pack Walk’ And Pose For Pictures Together Every Day

Have you been meaning to walk your dog today, but are struggling to find the time? Saratoga Dog Walkers are here for you. This program is set up to get your canine companions strolling alongside several other pups, when you don’t have time to yourself. We all know the importance of keeping your four-legged friends regularly exercised, so this group may just be saving your dog’s life.
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The Strange and Unexpected Freedoms that Come With Everyone Wearing Masks

We are still in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And a lot of responsible people are still wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Science has determined that wearing masks can help prevent transmission of the virus. But there might be also be some hidden freedoms that come with mask wearing. Whether it's sparing you from getting into trouble for bad breath or helping you stay faceless, a world of people wearing masks might have benefits that go beyond the medical ones.
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