Out of Place? Fast Food Chains In Amazing and Highly Unusual Places

Generally speaking, these fast food restaurants can be found on nearly every central location or busy street corner, making it incredibly convenient for people to grab a quick meal on the go. One of the biggest reasons why fast food restaurants are so successful is because they offer dependability and a consistent experience, so people can trust in the quality of food and service. But forget malls and high streets – these fast food joints are paving the way for a whole new type of restaurant. You can get the same dependable food for a low price, but have a completely new experience.

Fans Have Branded Yolanda Hadid’s Controversial Beverly Hills Parenting Techniques Extremely ”Toxic”

Although Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid were only married for six years, their relationship was a springboard for much bigger and better things. Mohamed’s at the top of his real estate game, Yolanda landed a prime spot on seasons three to six of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and their kids Bella, Gigi, and Anwar have paved their own way in the modeling world. However, all that glitters isn’t gold in 90210, and Yolanda has been called out for her “toxic” parenting techniques that seem to have done more harm than good.

Hollywood’s Most Mom-Shamed Celebs. Do They Deserve the Title?

Mom-shaming is very real, especially for celebrities. This exceptionally rude phenomenon is when people give unsolicited advice to mothers about how to raise their children. That’s not to say that all mothers are perfect. Despite how their children may idealize them, moms are human too and are susceptible to making mistakes, even celebrity moms. So which of these criticized celebs actually messed up and which ones were simply victims of undeserved mom-shaming?

The Quirkiest Ways Brides Embraced the “Trash the Dress” Trend

Brides spend all of their time, energy, and money planning the wedding of their dreams. One step, in particular, provides its own set of frustrations when getting set up for the special day: the dress. Brides search high and low, often for years, before finding the perfect gown for their special day.

Bizarre and Controversial Rules Mayim Bialik Makes Her Kids Follow

While parenthood is a hugely personal thing, Mayim Bialik has raised eyebrows over her parenting style over the years. As a firm believer in attachment parenting, she’s written numerous books about the subject and shared her own experiences online for the whole world to read. But these practices have come under fire, with many people calling her out for her bizarre and controversial household rules. So, what are they and why have they caused such a stir?

Meet the Single Moms Who Balance Stardom and Strollers Entirely on Their Own

Moms are absolute superstars. Really, a mom is a coach for her entire family; she is the glue that holds them together, and having a great mom can go a long way. Motherhood looks different when you’re doing it alone, just ask ladies like Diane Keaton, Minnie Driver, and Charlize Theron.

40+ Of The Worst And Funniest Makeup Mistakes On The Internet

Ah, makeup, something that sounds so simple, but as anyone can tell you, it takes both talent and practice to do it perfectly. There are so many terrible things that can go wrong, making you look more like a clown than a dazzling goddess. Take a look at some of the funniest and most ridiculous makeovers of all time, and yes, they are all 100% real. No Photoshop, no Halloween outfits, just horrible makeup that serves as a warning for anyone who might be overdoing it.

Epic Life Hacks That Will Make Every Day 1000 Times Easier

Life can be tough at times, but luckily, there are often simple solutions to everyday problems that can make our day just a bit easier. There’s no need to sweat the small stuff when there are so many tips and tricks to make each day a bit smoother. And who wouldn’t want that? Now, we’re not saying that we can fix all of life’s issues. But with these handy hacks, you can save yourself several moments of frustration. At the very least, these will certainly brighten your day. Read on for life hacks that you’ll love and you’ll wish you’d known about sooner.

The Truth Behind These Weird Celebrity Beauty Trends

The wellness industry has absolutely exploded in recent years and it seems that there’s a new trend every day. We keep hearing celebrities talking about their newest treatments and tricks to look amazing, and we want to know for ourselves which of these actually work. Celebrities have the time, money, and resources to experiment with all of the latest wellness trends, so sometimes they overdo it a bit. So what do the experts have to say about these beauty tips? Should we try them ourselves?

Epic Thanksgiving Fails You Wouldn’t Wish on Your Worst Enemy

The holidays are always a stressful time and there’s tons of pressure to get everything perfect, especially on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for these people, they had epic failures on Thanksgiving day. Fortunately for us, the results are hilarious and these holiday victims had the humor to post their failures on social media, for all of us to enjoy. Check out these epic Thanksgiving failures and let’s try to learn from these hilarious mistakes.