Judy Garland’s Tragic and Abusive Upbringing Almost Broke Her, but Did Liza Minelli Ultimately Suffer the Most?

Before her untimely passing, Judy Garland hinted that she’d had a troubled upbringing – but she didn’t go into too much detail. It’s only since her accidental overdose that information about her mom’s strict parenting rules, her traumatic experiences on set of major movies, and her turbulent marriages have come to light. But how did these experiences shape Judy as a mother? Did she raise them in the same way? Or did Judy vow to raise Liza Minnelli and her other children with love? Well, Liza has finally spoken out.

Hollywood’s Heroes: These Celebs Proudly Served Their Country Before Becoming Famous

From old Hollywood legends to young actresses on the rise, the fame of these celebrities may have come from their post-military careers, but they’re proud to have served their countries. They donned their uniforms and rose through the ranks, and they truly made a difference. But amongst the hubbub of Hollywood, their military achievements often get brushed under the carpet. So, we’re here to honor them in the way that they deserve.

The Strangest Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True

Conspiracy theories have always been around and they always will be. Most of the time, they’re thought up by people who severely misunderstood a situation or pranksters who are looking to start trouble. However, some conspiracy theories are started by those who know something that the public doesn’t, and they’re trying to enlighten the rest of us. Some of the world’s craziest conspiracy theories, once thought to be for the utterly insane, have actually turned out to be completely true.

The Moment When Bianca Jagger Realized Her Marriage to Mick Was Doomed

Some couples were built to last forever, but those couples probably aren’t made up of mega-rockstars and models like Mick and Bianca Jagger. This dynamic duo had a whirlwind relationship and took the world along for the ride. Their relationship was filled with ups and downs that you’d never expect… or, exactly as you’d expect. This is an inside look at the rise and fall of Studio 54’s finest, Mick and Bianca Jagger.

Rare, Royal Love: Heartwarming Photos that Perfectly Capture the Romance Of The Queen and Prince Phillip

It’s undeniable that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were an iconic couple. Decades of charming photos certainly painted a fairytale to the public. But as easy as they made it look, as royals, it’s not always easy to follow your heart. Scandals, divorces, and affairs have plagued this British palace for generations. Many pairs split just from the tabloid pressure! Observers all over the world couldn’t help but wonder: What were the secret ingredients of this 70-year love affair?