We Never Got To See These Actors Who Were Cut out of Movies In Post-Production

October 19, 2021

Once all the filming is finished for a new movie, the actors’ job is done and it’s handed over to post-production. It is completely out of the hands of the stars and up to the filmmakers to decide what makes it to the final cut. But actors only find out about their scenes being axed at the same time that we do, when the film is finally released. But it can be pretty awkward when the on-screen talent finds out they didn’t make the final cut. Take a look at which major Hollywood actors starred in deleted scenes that sadly, left them out of the production entirely!

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The Most Awkward Questions Interviewers Have Ever Asked Celebrities

October 5, 2021

Despite hours of training and prepping, many celebrity interviews have taken a turn for the worse over the years. These TV hosts and reporters have asked uncomfortable questions, they’ve made harmful accusations, they’ve started fights, and they’ve even reduced celebrities to tears. And unfortunately for them, the internet doesn’t forget. These are the most awkward questions interviewers have ever asked their celebrity guests.

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The Huge Secret Kristy McNichol Was Hiding From Us for All This Time Has Now Been Revealed

September 29, 2021

It turns out that there is so much more to Kristy McNichol’s life than what we saw on our screens. Sure, she was a beautiful young actress with heaps of talent – but even that isn’t enough to survive the trials and torment of Hollywood. Only recently has Kristy McNichol reappeared from the shadows and put her secretive life on show for us all to understand. And now we can see why she had no choice but to leave fame and fortune behind.

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19 Celebrities Nobody Realized Voiced Some of Our Favorite Animated Characters

September 14, 2021

If it weren’t for the actors who breathed life into our most beloved animated characters, we would have never connected with them so well. Although many of the voices behind these animated figures are easy to recognize, some characters leave us wondering who voiced them? Hint: probably an A-lister! Here is a list of stars who have easily impressed us even without appearing on camera.

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See What the Cast of Too Hot To Handle Have Been up to Since Their Netflix Debut

August 30, 2021

Ever since Too Hot To Handle first hit our ques, Netflix, and reality television as a whole has never been the same. After two steamy seasons, the biggest question that now looms is did this social experiment actually work? Were these hot and fabulous players able to find love and settle down after taking physical touch off the table? While we did see some couples come out of the show, their relationship status since then is still up in the air. Let’s take a look through the cast of seasons one and two and find out what they’ve been up to since they received their lesson in love.

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These Unique Celebrity Baby Names Are either a Hit or a Big Miss

July 7, 2021

From Apple to Chicago, celebrities have been naming their children only the most unique names around.For some, the world sees them as extremely cute and undeniably one of a kind. On the other hand, there are just some names that make us wonder: what even defines a “name” anymore? Where exactly did these names originate from, and what is the story behind some of the most distinctive celebrity baby names?

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These Studios Tried To Hide Their Leading Ladies’ Pregnancy Bellies but Not All Succeeded

June 27, 2021

Actresses get pregnant all the time, even when they’re contractually obliged to fulfill a movie or TV role. And studios are always coming up with creative ways to deal with one of the main character’s growing baby belly. But as these screen still prove, they don’t always do a great job of it. Some of the best-known actresses have managed to keep their pregnancy a secret in our favorite films and shows. But at other times, it’s been painfully obvious that they’re with-child. From hiding behind random objects to relying on clever costumes, here’s how they’ve tried to hide mommy tummies.

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The Musical Blacklist: The Real Reasons Why These Singers Were Dropped From Their Labels

May 3, 2021

Making it big in the music industry isn’t easy. Some of the most famous names in the business have had to jump through hoops, fly over hurdles, and put in some serious time in order to be where they are today. And some have even been dumped in the process. Yep, that’s because record labels cut artists from their payroll as quickly as they cash checks – and these guys were unfortunately caught in the crossfire.

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Get Your Jazz Hands Ready, These Are the Most Exciting Movie Musicals Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

March 14, 2021

Movies are great, right? Comedies lift your spirits. Romances melt your ice heart. Crime dramas make you question everything. And sci-fi movies help you dream of a life outside of this universe. But if you want our opinion (not that you asked for it), there’s nothing quite like a movie musical. These movies mix singing, dancing, and a whole load of emotions into one toe-tapping adventure. And it seems as though the world is going to be blessed with even more movie musicals in the coming years.

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