Meet the Unlikely Celebrity Owners of Your Favorite Sports Teams

January 11, 2022

Just like us, some of the richest and most famous people in the world are huge sports fans. They have the teams that they love, and they support them throughout their careers – no matter how big they get. Some of them even go the extra mile and buy stakes in these teams, and while many celebs love to shout about these new investments and wear their team’s jerseys with pride, there are others who keep their ownership under wraps. Yes, these are the unlikely celebrities who own your favorite sports teams.

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See the Secrets Behind Your Favorite Movie Wardrobes, There’s More to These Clothes Than Meets the Eye

January 6, 2022

When watching a movie, we often overlook one extremely important element: the wardrobe. Wardrobe choices can also be used to pay homage to something, to maintain continuity, or even to indicate a character’s development. All without us even realizing it. From easter eggs to emotional triggers, and even drawing subconscious connections between characters, these wardrobe departments certainly deserve more recognition! See how the clothing choices in your favorite movies made these films iconic.

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How Machine Gun Kelly Went From Teen Father to Mega Stardom

January 3, 2022

Sometimes a person’s tough exterior can be just an act. When you look at rapper-musician Colson Baker, best known as Machine Gun Kelly, you probably think that his facial piercings, colorful tattoos, and decorated nails make him seem like a hardened man. Well, his origin story also highlights his soft spot; he loves nothing more than his daughter, Cassie.

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Finding Out That These Celebs Are The Same Age Is Making Us Question Everything

December 28, 2021

Now that we know these celebrities are the same age as each other, we’re rethinking everything we thought we knew. Neither is better or worse than the other, it’s just unexpected that they were actually born in the same year. Some of these stars really just don’t look their age, while others don’t really act their age… So which of these same-age celebs are way older, or younger, than we thought?

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Celebrity Parents That Are So Strict It Might Change the Way You See Them

December 17, 2021

One of the best parts of following our favorite celebrities comes from us imagining just how perfect their lives might be. As far as we know, they all have nannies that do the dirty work in parenting, and just reap the benefits of being the person giving their kids unconditional love. However, some celebrities are super strict parents!

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Is the Oscar Curse Real? See Where These Winners Are and Decide for Yourself

November 18, 2021

The Oscar Curse is a longstanding belief that winning the Oscar for best actor or actress may not be something to strive for. The Curse is said to ruin actors’ lives, specifically their careers and relationships after they win this coveted award. While the misfortunes of Oscar winners are clear, it’s questionable whether it’s the work of societal factors, coincidence, or an actual curse. So is the Oscar Curse real? See what happened to these winners and decide for yourself.

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Elizabeth Montgomery’s Troubled Life Wasn’t Made Any Easier By Barbara Eden

November 3, 2021

We loved Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched for good reason; she was smart, beautiful, and had magical powers. But it seems that her character, Samantha Stephens, didn’t have anywhere near as much drama in her life as the actress did herself. In a large part, her rival Barbara Eden was to blame. We’re taking a look at the scandalous moments of Elizabeth Montgomery’s life, and how her rivalry with Barbara Eden just made things worse. Elizabeth was one of the defining actresses of the sixties, but she had a tough time staying on top when I Dream of Jeannie came out.

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We Fact-Checked These Movies and Shows, and Not All Have Passed the Test

November 1, 2021

Are movies and TV shows created to entertain, or are they designed to inform? It depends on what you’re watching, but you can learn a lot from your favorite medical shows and Sci-Fi flicks. The writers from some of our favorite sitcoms and fantasy films have turned to experts in different fields of science to make their scripts as accurate as possible. The others? They skipped the consultation… and if you look closely, it shows.

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These Women Who Appear on Car TV Shows Might Be More Impressive Than the Cars Themselves

October 28, 2021

From classic car collectors to messy mechanics, these talented women are guaranteed to distract you. Thanks to their social media accounts, we get to take a look at what these TV stars are really like when they’re not on-screen. Not only are they drop-dead gorgeous, but they’re also top-tier technicians. When we see these women on Car TV shows, there’s a lot we don’t know about them. We’re bridging that gap for you by showing you what these girls look like when they’re not filming on a television set. Some of them spend their days working on cars, but others would much rather be doing something else.

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