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Ben and Jen’s Extensive Dating History Prove That “Bennifer” Was Always Meant To Be

After years apart, Bennifer is finally back together! The world seriously cannot get enough of these two, mainly because we've been rooting for them since their first breakup in 2004. The famous actor and triple-threat singer, dancer, and actress truly make a beautiful power couple. Although they have rekindled their love, they have had numerous relationships before they first got together and after their initial breakup.
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These Unique Celebrity Baby Names Are either a Hit or a Big Miss

From Apple to Chicago, celebrities have been naming their children only the most unique names around.For some, the world sees them as extremely cute and undeniably one of a kind. On the other hand, there are just some names that make us wonder: what even defines a "name" anymore? Where exactly did these names originate from, and what is the story behind some of the most distinctive celebrity baby names?
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Who Wore It Best? 50 Times Celebs Were Caught Wearing the Exact Same Outfit

Sure most A-listers can afford to have their outfits uniquely designed for them, but that doesn't mean fashion faux pas like accidentally matching a fellow celeb doesn't happen time and time again. And when that happens, the dreaded question never fails to loom. So with that, let's take a look down this list of celebs wearing the exact same outfit and decide once and for all, who wore it best?
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These Celebs Are Some of the Richest Couples in the World, but We Bet You Can’t Guess Which Spouse Is Worth More

Like birds of a feather, wealthy people tend to flock together. And when we take a broad look at all the celebrity couples we can think of - it makes sense. They're used to being around people like themselves. So what happens when two insanely famous and rich people join forces forever? Their net worth combined skyrockets! Not to make it a competition, but have you ever wondered who might have the higher price tag associated with their name?
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Goofy A-Listers: The Red Carpet Mishaps That Prove Celebrities Really Are Human

We don't know about you, but we're a bit tired of seeing the Hollywood A-listers looking so polished and perfect. After all, they're people too - and thanks to the hordes of paparazzi, their more "human" moments are captured. Check out the funniest slips-ups happening at the most exclusive events in town. It was always going to catch up on them eventually - but don't take our word for it. Take a look at the red carpet mishaps that the papers miss out.
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They Grow up so Fast: See What These Celebrity Kids Are up to Now That They’re All Grown-Up

People say time flies when you're having a good time. In our case, the case of mere anonymous mortals, time seems to fly extra quickly when we see how fast the kids of stars grow up. One day we see Madonna carrying her baby daughter in her arms, the next day, she's a supermodel. Her case is not unique though. Get comfy and join us for a blast to the past to see celebs with their little kids, and then hang on while we time travel back to the present to see what the kids are up to now that they're all grown up.
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