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These Celebrities Get Paid Ridiculous Amounts of Money Just to Post One Picture

December 7, 2021

Social media has become one big advertising space thanks to influencers and celebrities. Brands pay big-time A-listers to promote their products, and all they have to do is post a photo or video of them using the item. But what you might not know is that this is a highly lucrative business. Companies will pay celebs six or seven figures for these endorsements, but the exact number truly depends on the person. So, mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most expensive celebrity of them all?

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Celebrity Relationships That Just Couldn’t Survive the Madness of 2021

November 25, 2021

As if 2021 couldn’t get any worse, we also had to deal with the fact that some of our favorite celebrity couples broke up right before our eyes – shattering our hearts in the process. Some couples couldn’t cope with months in lockdown, others couldn’t stand the fact that the world and their work schedules were opening up again, and some breakups just came completely out of the blue. Sure, we thought these celebs would be together forever, but we guess good things always come to an end…

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Now We Understand How Pete Davidson Manages to Date Gorgeous Women Despite Living With His Mom

November 22, 2021

Pete Davidson has earned his status of bad-boy softy. He’s been put through the wringer since he was young but did not let adversity get him down, leading him to become one of the youngest cast members in Saturday Night Live history. He’s worked his way to the top and has had some A-list companions on his way up.Pete Davidson has found himself with some of the most beautiful and famous women acting as his arm candy. Cazzie David, Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande… his list of gorgeous lovers from the past, present, and those to come in the future have indeed given him the King of Staten Island status.

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The Situation’s Financial Situation… From Jersey Shore to Prison

November 20, 2021

Mike, The Situation, Sorrentino has been changed a lot since Jersey Shore but do we believe this new version of him? Mike started off as a reality TV millionaire, found himself in prison, and is now trying to make a comeback. He’s even attempting to change his nickname from The Situation to The Inspiration! So what’s really going on with Mike Sorrentino, and who is he when the cameras are finally turned off?

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Have the Stars Aligned for These Celebrity Couples? This Is What Their Astrology Charts Say

November 17, 2021

As much as some people hate to admit it, astrology often holds the answers to life’s most meaningful questions. You know, like are our favorite celeb couples destined for greatness? Or fakeness? Thankfully, knowing their zodiac signs can give us a good understanding of their compatibility and how they really work as a couple. For many of them, the stars have aligned and provided them with good fortune. But, unfortunately, not all of them have made the cut…

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Tori Spelling Was Born Into Royalty, but She Blew Her Fortune and Fell From Her Throne

November 15, 2021

On more than one occasion, Tori Spelling has made up excuses for her financial hardships. “In all honesty, I grew up a certain way. I never had to worry about money … that was my reality,” the Hollywood heiress says. Tori Spelling was born into a world of opportunity that is beyond our wildest dreams. Unfortunately, it seems that no one told the “poor little rich girl” that someday she would be pinching her pennies to get by. From endless shopping sprees to children’s birthday parties with hefty price tags, to even getting sued by her credit card companies, Tori Spelling has found herself in hot water when it came to finances. Has she managed to pull herself up by her bootstraps, or is she still just ultra strapped for cash?

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Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Dating? Here’s Everything We Know

November 7, 2021

One thing we know for certain is that Kim Kardashian is in the midst of divorcing her husband of six years, Kanye West. This news seemed like a long-time coming for many fans of Kim and her family, but what diehard KUWTK fans didn’t expect was for the reality-star-turned-businesswoman-turned-lawyer to move on so quickly. Especially as her rumored new beau is Pete Davidson. But are these two really together? Or is the Hollywood rumor mill going wild once again?

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Reality Stars You Loved or Just Loved to Hate, Where Are They Now?

November 5, 2021

Reality TV has opened a whole new world of entertainment. Some celebrities credit their rise to fame to being on reality shows. While some people say that going on reality TV ruined their lives. For us, the audience, there’s something about knowing that the stories and characters are real that just draws us in. So have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite reality stars? Where are they now? Read on and find out.

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Inside Brangelina’s Bitter Custody Battle and How Angelina Jolie Is Using Her Kids for Publicity

November 4, 2021

Over the course of their 12-year relationship, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the “it” couple in Hollywood. They appeared to have the world at their feet and seemed totally untouchable. But what you might not realize is that behind closed doors their relationship and their family was full of tension and tragedy. From the infidelity rumors to the infamous altercation between Brad Pitt and his son, all of this has affected their ongoing custody battle. But Angelina Jolie’s recent actions haven’t helped the situation, either. Take a look at what’s been going on between the former couple who was once the most powerful duo in Hollywood.

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