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Burger Wars: Mcdonald’s Vs. Ireland’s Supermac … The Rivalry Over Who Owns the Mac Trademark

Is it a new superhero? An extra-durable rain mac jacket? Up until this point, the big boys at McDonald’s have managed to keep Supermac’s pretty under wraps from the public, with the fast-food chain approximately holding a rather abysmal 100 restaurants, which operate only within the Ireland and Northern Ireland region.

Move over Mickey D’s, it would seem there’s a new big name in the fast food industry, and it’s come to steal your title. As Irish burger chain Supermac’s reclaims the “Mac” trademark, we investigate whether this means the future of McDonald’s is in jeopardy.

How and why did McDonald’s do this? Read out loud the name ‘Supermac’s’ then take a wild guess. That’s right; the worldwide enterprise argued against opening a new fast-food chain also including the word “mac” in its title. They believed this would only lead to several hundreds of perplexed customers. Think of Big Macs, McNuggets, McMuffins and even McDoubles; the brand has taken full ownership of those little words. They’re not keen to share them. Supermac’s can have Ireland they said, but in no way are they to use their trademark in the EU, that was until now…

Luck of the Irish

Much to McDonald’s surprise, their time trademarking “Big Mac” officially came to an end earlier this year. The EU Intellectual Property Office put it down to the fast-food giant’s lack of “genuine use” for the widely-known term. Does this mean a second chance for Supermac’s? You bet it does. With the all-clear from authorities and the “trademark bully” that is McDonald’s off their back, the chain may finally be able to fulfill their dreams of expanding out of Ireland, and into European territory.

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The victory against McDonald’s was an amazing success for Supermac’s. Many members of the public taking to Twitter to express their excitement on their eventual defeat. One man tweeted: Congratulations #Supermac’s David 1/ Goliath 0. Great victory for common sense.

It would seem the battle against the McDonald’s giants stemmed way further back than we all thought, with many even labeling it a ‘David versus Goliath scenario.’ In 2015, the Irish chain suffered a mortifying loss as a previous attempt to take their business into Europe was halted by McDonald’s 41-page objection. Today, the situation couldn’t be any more different if it tried.

Are Supermac’s Born Winners?

Moving forward now: let’s say everything works out for Supermac’s, they successfully move over to Europe and open their doors to hundreds of thousands of more customers. What will people have to look forward to, as we pave the way for a shiny new fast-food chain? We took a quick look into the Supermac’s menu to see how it compares to that of the McDonald’s one, and we have to say the results were surprisingly in favor of the Irish masterminds.

Whos Lovin It  Supermacs Trump McDonalds in Conflict Over Who Owns  Mac  Trademark 3

Boy, were we impressed. After consulting both menus, one can safely confirm that Supermac’s offers a whole lot more than McDonald’s. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, let’s consider the fries. Not only are the Irish chain supplying more deep-fried potato tastiness in thick-cut fries, but their decision to include toppings immediately gives them the edge over our go-to chain. Where was McDonald’s when we started craving Garlic Cheese Fries? We suggest all of you over at the golden arches sleep with one eye open from now on.

The Fight Isn’t Over Just Yet

Resilient as ever, in a desperate attempt to reclaim the trademark that made them recognizable across the entire world, McDonald’s have released a fiery statement as they attempt to appeal the EUIPO’s decision. “We are disappointed in the EUIPO’s decision and believe this decision did not take into account the substantial evidence submitted (…) proving use of our BIG MAC mark throughout Europe.”

Given the worldwide success of McDonald’s, they’re in with a good shot of regaining their trademark. After all, taking Big Macs away from McDonald’s is like taking a fish away from its tank. So, what do you think? Will the big names at McDonald’s get their famous trademark back, and the world goes on business as usual, or is it Europe today, world domination tomorrow for Supermac’s? The jury is officially out on this one.