Bizarre and Controversial Rules Mayim Bialik Makes Her Kids Follow

Thu Dec 02 2021

Although Mayim Bialik is perhaps best known for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, she’s so much more than just an actress. In fact, we should actually call her Dr. Mayim Bialik, as this leading lady has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in neuroscience – just like her on-screen character. But her talents don’t stop there. Mayim is also a best-selling author, game show host, and most importantly, she’s a single mother to two boys.

While parenthood is a hugely personal thing, Mayim Bialik has raised eyebrows over her parenting style over the years. As a firm believer in attachment parenting, she’s written numerous books about the subject and shared her own experiences online for the whole world to read. But these alternative practices have come under fire, with many people calling her out for her bizarre and controversial household rules. So, what are they and why have they caused such a stir?

Mayim Won’t Give Her Children Medication if They Become Sick

Mayim Bialik is known for her love of all things natural and organic – and this notion also extends to the health and well-being of herself and her children. More than anything, she believes that our bodies have the ability to naturally fight off any illness or sickness we might pick up, which is why she refuses to give her children any medication or pharmaceuticals.

The actress believes that some medicines can actually disrupt the body’s natural processes when it comes to fighting back against illness. She has noted that “Between our boys, we have dealt with just about every ailment, sickness, and flu out there. However, neither of our sons have ever been on antibiotics, nor do we give them Tylenol, Motrin, antihistamines, or cough syrup.” And while Mayim has claimed that “we are a non-vaccinating family,” she confirmed in 2021 that “my children are vaccinated” against Covid-19.

Watching TV Is a No-Go in Mayim Bialik’s Household

Mayim Bialik is largely known for her role on television. She’s starred in TV shows since she was a teen, and while much of her fame and fortune is down to the screens most of us have in our houses – she has some very strong opinions about the media and television. In fact, she’s so against television that she doesn’t allow her kids to watch it at all.

The first time she allowed her eldest son to watch TV was when she showed him his own home birth video in an effort to prepare him for it the arrival of his little brother. Since then, TV time has been extremely limited. That’s because Mayim believes that children are easily shaped and manipulated by television and the media as a whole, so she wants her sons to grow up to be their own people.

The Actress Refuses to Send Her Sons to Public School

As someone who has a hugely impressive education behind her, Mayim Bialik knows that education is important for her children. However, she refuses to send her sons to public school – and instead chooses to homeschool them. She believes that she is capable of teaching them in a flexible and broad environment, outside of the confines of a structured school system. And what’s so interesting about this is that Mayim doesn’t stick to a curriculum. Instead, she lets her son’s schooling go with the flow.

When she started homeschooling her eldest son, who is now 16 years old, she noted that “We see what our son is interested in, and gently introduce new ideas. We listen to him and try not to overwhelm him, or push him when he’s not ready. Our general rule is, ‘Don’t fight the kid.’ We don’t do flashcards or sing the alphabet song when he shows an interest in letters, but when he asks ‘Can I make a name card for someone?’ we write out the name and let him trace out the letters.” Now, Mayim homeschools her 13-year-old son as well.

She Believes That Co-Sleeping with Her Children Is Key

As someone who goes by the rules of attachment parenting – the idea that continuous bodily closeness and touch will bring a child and its parent together – Mayim Bialik doesn’t agree with sleeping apart from her kids. Mayim loves to share a bed with her children and believes that co-sleeping is the key to the close bond that she shares with her sons.

Alongside the physical and emotional closeness, the actress believes that this co-sleeping situation can also prevent separation anxiety and promote long and healthy sleep sessions. She is of the opinion that sleeping in the family bed together is the best way for her sons to grow emotionally, and to maintain their close relationships with each other. In her eyes, co-sleeping is always beneficial for all involved.

The Actress Wouldn’t Allow Herself to Give Birth in a Hospital

While Mayim Bialik has a lot of rules for her kids and the way that she runs her house, she also has a big and very important rule that she’s followed twice in the past. That’s because Mayim believes that hospitals and pain relief can be harmful during childbirth, so she wouldn’t allow herself to go to the hospital when she gave birth to her two sons. Instead, she set her mind on home birth.

Mayim wanted the birthing process to be as natural and as comfortable as possible, so she gave birth to her second child in her living room – and her eldest son even cut his brother’s umbilical cord. In her eyes, the more relaxed the mother, the healthier the baby. And while she did have a midwife by her side the whole time, she didn’t want any more interference as “These are interventions that are designed to help hospitals and doctors get the baby out of your body faster, which is not biologically preferable nor healthy for mother or baby.”

Mayim Doesn’t Allow Babies to Cry under Her Roof

Even those who aren’t parents know that babies and children cry – especially before they learn how to speak. But the parenting style that Mayim Bialik follows doesn’t allow for babies to cry. Instead, it’s all about “reading” a child’s signals to actually prevent them from crying in the first place so that they never have to cry out for what they want or need.

According to the actress, her sons had obvious signals that they were about to cry when they were younger. So, she learned those signals – and as soon as she saw them, she was able to react immediately and calm them down before the crying started. And in Mayim’s eyes, no child should ever be left to cry on their own. She told the Los Angeles Times that “the general notion is children have feelings that should be valued, and we do not coerce them simply because it’s inconvenient that they’re having emotions.”

Her Sons Were Never Allowed to Wear Diapers as Babies

In today’s day and age, parents seem to be swapping from disposable diapers to more eco-friendly options. But when Mayim Bialik’s children were younger, she didn’t use any diapers at all. She knew that she didn’t want her kids to wear diapers because she knew that they didn’t need them. In fact, she’s a firm believer in “Elimination Communication.” This is the idea that a baby will exhibit natural signals when they need to do their business.

She claims that when you understand your baby’s signals and cues, you can simply position them over the potty and let them go on their own. Mayim noted that this unorthodox approach to diapers and potty training is “a very zen, meditative experience of learning the signals, being able to respond to the signals. The level of communication you can achieve with an infant is really profound.” Amazingly, both of her sons were fully potty trained before their first birthdays.

Mayim Has Never and Will Never Put Her Child in a Stroller

One of the first things that many prospective parents buy is a stroller and a baby carrier for their children. To many, this is just a necessary item for them to buy. But this wasn’t the case when Mayim was expecting her two sons. In fact, she’s never bought a stroller – and if she has any other children, she never will. That’s because a big part of attachment parenting is “baby-wearing.”

This is a concept that involves a baby sling and requires a parent to wear their children in this baby sling at all times. She believes that this constant physical contact is hugely important in terms of building a bond with your child, as it keeps the child happy and satisfied at all times. Not only this, but she also believes that it allows the parent to monitor their child and their needs.

Her Family Will Never Eat Meat or Any Other Animal Product

What you might not know about Mayim Bialik is that she’s a vegan – and a very strict one at that. She first became a vegetarian at 19 years old, and in 2009 she decided to make the switch to full-time veganism. From a very young age, her kids have also been vegan. Nowadays, she will never allow meat or any other animal product inside her home.

Mayim has noted that her kids are “ethically and morally connected to their meals in the way we choose to be,” and that she first knew that her kids definitely had to be vegan when she discovered that her son was allergic to dairy. She says that this discovery “sort of confirmed even more that human babies are not made to process cow’s milk. To me, it’s more of a lifestyle decision. You can pay now for organic food, or you can pay later for the healthcare costs.”

You Won’t Find a Playroom or Toys in Mayim Bialik’s House

There’s a high chance that you had a few toys when you were younger. You may have even had a whole playroom dedicated to them. But you definitely won’t find a playroom in Mayim Bialik’s house. In her eyes, the world shouldn’t buy plastic baby toys that they will only play with once – and she thinks that these toys sum up society’s obsession with consumerism.

Because of her beliefs and her frugal nature, Mayim doesn’t buy her children anything that will just end up in the landfill in a few months’ time. However, she will happily buy them items that will help them to explore their interests – like books, musical instruments, or science kits. She wants these items to teach them something or help them to develop skills that they’ll use as they get older.

Mayim Doesn’t Want to Teach Her Kids ”Please” and ”Thank You”

Many parents teach their kids manners from a very young age, and they constantly remind their children to remember their “sorry”, “please”, and “thank you’s.” But Mayim Bialik doesn’t believe in that kind of parenting. In fact, she believes so strongly that she doesn’t want to teach her kids manners that she’s let everyone around her kids know not to expect such responses from her sons.

Instead, Mayim teaches her sons natural expressions that will exhibit the same meaning as these common mannerisms. That’s because she believes that when kids are taught to say “sorry”, “please”, and “thank you” so often, these words and phrases begin to lose their meaning entirely and just become regularly spoken words within their vocabulary.

Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Believe In Making Her Children Share with Others

Many parents teach their kids that sharing is caring – but not Mayim Bialik. The actress doesn’t believe that she should have to force her children to do anything they don’t want to do, and that includes sharing things just because society expects them to. So, she will never make her children share with others if that’s not what they want.

Mayim spoke to TODAY about her reasoning behind this. She confessed that “I go nuts when I am at the park with my kids and parents hover over children, alternatively scolding them for not sharing toys with my kids and scolding my kids for not sharing with theirs. Here’s my deal: when my kid is done with that toy, they’ll give your kid a turn, and if your kid is not done with a toy, my kid can go ahead and wait, even if they throw the tantrum to end all tantrums about it.”

Her Kids Have to Be as Environmentally Conscious as Possible

As Mayim is a strict vegan, it might not come as a surprise to learn that she’s also extremely environmentally conscious. She is constantly making changes to her life in order to reduce her carbon footprint and to avoid harming the planet in any way. And she is always making sure that this notion is passed down to her children. After all, she’s looking out for their future.

Mayim believes that all parents should adopt greener ways to parent their children, as she believes parenting is the perfect way to maintain the ecological balance on this earth. She has previously noted that “A green style of parenting seeks to create a generation of children who love and respect people and the earth because they have been loved and respected by their parents.”

The Actress Will Never Buy Her Sons Smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere right now. And the age at which kids are using these phones is getting younger and younger every single year. But you won’t ever catch Mayim Bialik buying her sons a smartphone. The same goes for video game consoles or other pieces of tech that kids can play games with or use social media on. Why? Because she doesn’t think kids need them.

In her words, Mayim is a “fuddy-duddy” mom who would rather see her kids with a book in their hands rather than a phone or games console. And considering she’s a neuroscientist, she probably has a lot of research to back up this notion. So, when you think about it, it makes sense for Mayim to want to limit their screen time.

Punishment Is a No-Go Area in the Bialik Household

Every parent has their own technique when it comes to their kids being naughty or doing something wrong. While some parents like to ground their kids or put them in time-outs, punishments come in all shapes and sizes. However, Mayim tries to avoid traditional punishment methods at all costs. Negative punishment is a no-go area in her household, as she instead prefers an empathetic form of discipline.

When it comes to Mayim’s discipline skills, she talks to her kids as though they were adults – and thinks about how she would want to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot. She explains what her sons did wrong in a calm and collected manner, and approaches the subject in a way that her kids will continue to respect her – rather than fear her. In her eyes, this will help her sons to develop their own self-discipline and self-control.

Mayim Doesn’t Believe That Sleep Training Is the Way Forward

Many parents find sleep training exceptionally difficult, but after lots of hard work, they eventually settle their children into a sleeping pattern. But in a move that has raised many eyebrows, Mayim decided that sleep training wasn’t the right option for her sons. So, she didn’t do it at all – as she believes that the whole process can be extremely traumatic for young children.

Mayim believes that sleep training can result in the child becoming apathetic and stressed, so she would rather stay away from any kind of structured sleep training in order to allow the child to create its own rhythm. She did this with her own sons, and is of the belief that this has made her children calmer and more satisfied with the sleep that they do actually get.

The Actress Won’t Buy Her Kids Any Presents for the Holidays

While Mayim Bialik is Jewish, her ex-husband and the father of her two sons is not – which means that they have grown up celebrating the Christmas holidays. But it’s fair to say that they haven’t enjoyed Christmas like many other kids around the world. That’s because Mayim refuses to buy her kids any presents for the holidays.

Mayim is fairly comfortable with her sons’ grandparents buying them the odd gift, but she will never do so herself because she doesn’t like the consumerism attached to the holiday season. As an environmentally-conscious individual, she doesn’t see the point in buying tons of presents just to celebrate one day. So, she has decided not to celebrate it at all.

Yelling Is Never an Option in Mayim Bialik’s House

Frustrations can always run high when you’re living in a household full of different voices and opinions. But instead of yelling at her children, Mayim will always try to maintain a stable, calm voice. However, she has confessed that she’s not the perfect parent – and sometimes she can lose her temper and raise her voice in front of her sons.

But Mayim tries to keep yelling as far away from her house as possible. And on the odd occasion that she does lose her cool and yell at her sons, she immediately apologizes and lets them know that yelling isn’t the answer. She is constantly trying to tell her kids that yelling isn’t the solution to life’s problems and that they should always find a healthier way to get around it.

Her Kids Are Not Allowed to Use the Internet to Aid Their Learning

As Mayim teaches her kids at home, she can make the rules when it comes to what they learn and how. And it’s safe to say that she has very specific rules when it comes to their research tools. In fact, she has told her children that they are not allowed to use the internet to aid their learning in any way, shape, or form.

If her kids want to research something or learn a new piece of information, the only way they can do so is to go in search of a book that will answer their questions. Alternatively, she will take them outside and allow them to learn more about the world in a more practical sense. The Bialik family are constantly traveling the world and exploring nature as part of their schooling experience.

She Made Sure to Breastfeed Her Kids Until They Were Four Years Old

While the general consensus around the world is that “fed is best”, Mayim Bialik is a strong advocate for breastfeeding. She believes that breastfeeding not only strengthens the bond between mother and baby but that the milk provides essential nutrients that the child needs to thrive. She also believes that the longer you breastfeed, the better. That’s why she chose to breastfeed her kids until they were around four years old.

However, Mayim’s decision to breastfeed her kids for so long raised eyebrows – and this often affected her. She told InTouch that the negative comments around her actions actually made her cry, and that “People laughed and sneered but it wasn’t wrong. Just because you do something your way doesn’t mean you can judge people who don’t. I don’t think I’m a better mom and my kids aren’t necessarily better off than yours. The way that I parent is the way thousands of women parent all over the world, but I get flak for it. People say really mean things!”

She Tells Her Sons to Take Part in Alternative Playtime

This mom has been called out for her somewhat alternative take on parenting, and for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that she doesn’t allow her sons to play like most other kids around the globe. Instead of watching television or playing computer games, Mayim tells her sons to read books, find bugs in the yard, and focus on developing skills that will help them out in the future.

But more than anything, Mayim wants her kids to read as much as possible – and she even likes to read to them. She believes that reading to her children allows them time to bond while also developing their imagination and their knowledge of the world. For fellow parents who want to encourage their kids to read, she recommends books like Why Am I Different? by Norma Simon and Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.

Mayim Refuses to Create Schedules for Her Kids and Their Life

With so many things to think about when it comes to their kids, many parents create schedules for when their children need to eat, sleep, get up, and more. This not only helps them keep on top of everything but also allows them to teach their kids to follow these schedules. However, Mayim Bialik doesn’t follow those same rules. Instead, she refuses to create any kind of schedule for anything.

Her attachment parenting style means that she likes to do everything on demand. She doesn’t believe that parents should have to wait for a certain time of the day for their kids to eat and sleep – but that they should do so whenever the children want or need to. She believes that this keeps a child happier and more satisfied, rather than leaving them to go hungry or tired.

Joint Vacations and Holidays Are a Must for Mayim and Her Ex-Husband

Mayim Bialik may now be a single mom, but she was previously married. She was married to Michael Stone from 2003 until 2013, and while some have suggested that their divorce was the result of her unconventional parenting, the two of them still work together to ensure that their kids live a relatively normal life. Because of this, they make sure to spend the holidays together – and they even go on joint vacations.

Although Mayim is still single, Michael has since moved on. But that hasn’t stopped them from getting together to form one blended family. When speaking to People about their unique family unit, she noted that “Doing separate holidays seems excessive and sad. We are a family even though we are divorced. I want to witness them eating the foods we make them and it feels good to sit at a table with them and their father.”

Mayim Bialik Will Always Treat Her Children like Adults

It’s easy to find yourself talking in baby talk when you’re around children, but Mayim Bialik didn’t even do that when her children were babies. There were no “goo goos” or “gaa gaas” coming from the actress because she believes that children should always be spoken to like an adult – and she believes that proper dictation can go a long way when it comes to teaching your children their vocabulary.

But this notion doesn’t stop there. As well as talking to her children using adult words, she also makes sure to talk to them about seemingly “adult” topics. She told People magazine that “We’ve always spoken to our children very frankly and in biologically appropriate terms.” We don’t want them to have shame about their bodies or fear about women’s bodies. While we tend to be a pretty socially conservative house in terms of how we dress and how we talk about modesty for boys and girls, we’re very matter of fact with them.”

Mayim’s Kids Are Only Allowed Candy and Sweet Treats Once a Week

As a family that eats healthy, vegan food every single day, it should come as no surprise to learn that Mayim Bialik doesn’t allow her kids to eat processed junk food. You won’t find them heading to McDonald’s for a weekend treat, and you certainly won’t see her kids eating candy or sweet treats every day – especially in the morning. That’s because Mayim has strict rules when it comes to sweet food.

That doesn’t mean that Mayim is wholeheartedly against sweet treats, though. She has confessed that “Shabbat [the Sabbath] is the only day I allow something fun or sweet in the morning, so bagels or leftover pound cake are treats.” So, it seems as though her kids do have something to look forward to.

Mayim Will Only Vaccinate Her Kids When Completely Necessary

Thanks to her alternative parenting techniques and her outspoken beliefs on medication, all eyes were on Mayim Bialik when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. While many celebs rushed to get themselves and their kids vaccinated, rumors suggested that that the actress was a stern anti-vaxxer. Because of this, she decided to come out and address the rumors directly.

Although Mayim confirmed that her children received their other vaccinations later than their doctor suggested, she noted that “This is not like, the common cold. This is not even like the common flu. This is a different thing.” She then went on to confirm once and for all that “When they were eligible for that vaccine, they got it right away.” But she understands the hesitancy of some parents, stating that “we’re at a place of uncertainty for a lot of people.”

The Bialik Household Believes in Chores… And Lots of Them

As a hugely famous and successful actress, it would be easy to assume that Mayim Bialik and her two sons live a life of luxury. Especially as Mayim has an estimated net worth of $25 million. However, this woman has strong opinions when it comes to living sensibly and minimally. This is why they don’t have any nannies to look after the children, or even any housekeeping staff to look after the house.

While this is not unusual for the regular Joe, it is unusual for a celebrity. But Mayim doesn’t want her kids to grow up thinking that everything will be done by them – and this even extends to their relatives helping out around the house. Mayim believes that her sons should clean the house and finish chores themselves, to set them up for the rest of their lives.

Trash Talk Should Never Come From Mayim Bialik’s Kids

Mayim Bialik understands that she is divorced from her ex-husband the father of her two children, but she doesn’t want her sons to feel like that’s a defining characteristic of their family. And although many ex-partners will trash talk their exes in front of their kids, Mayim has made sure that there’s a strict “No Trash Talk” rule under her roof.

Mayim has cleared this with her ex-husband and they have both agreed to be civil for the sake of their kids, but that doesn’t mean that Mayim always wants to stay polite. She has noted that there were “things my ex did when we were married that annoyed me then, annoy me still” but that “we get to make the most of what we have. And in some cases, we get to make the most of what we have left. That’s what families do.”

The Actress Wants Her Kids to Acknowledge Their Faith

Mayim Bialik is Jewish and extremely proud of her religious roots. Her family were Jewish immigrants, and she grew up in a highly religious household. In fact, she was raised as a Reform Jew, but over the years her faith has morphed as she’s grown older, and she now considers herself to be a Modern Orthodox Jew. And while Mayim’s ex-husband is not Jewish, she wants her children to acknowledge both of the faiths they were born into.

In fact, Michael Stone – Mayim’s ex-husband – was actually raised Mormon, but converted to Judaism when he married the actress. So while their kids do still celebrate Christmas and other holidays, Mayim loves to surround her children with aspects of her own faith. The family all attend synagogue together, and Mayim has taught her sons how to speak Hebrew.

Mayim’s Kids Are Allowed to Make Fun of Her

Family dynamics are different across the globe. But the main essence of Mayim Bialik’s attachment parenting method is that she simply wants a close and emotional bond with her kids. Like many other parents, she knows that teasing and jokes can be a huge part of this bond. Because of this, she doesn’t mind if her kids make fun of her.

When the actress was asked in an interview whether her kids were embarrassed by her, she noted that they were. She confessed that “From the second I open my eyes, they say I am doing something wrong! They say I sing too loud, walk funny, park weird, shop strange—you name it, and I can’t do it right by them!” But this just brings her closer to her two favorite boys.

Mayim Will Always Keep It Real, No Matter the Gory Details

Many parents will often brush over serious topics of discussion to save their kids from the reality of life. And while it’s within their prerogative to do that, Mayim Bialik doesn’t follow that rule. She’s all about keeping it real with her kids – even if it’s not necessarily what they’d like to hear. She wants to prepare her sons for the reality of life, not sugarcoat everything for them.

When asked how parents could empower their daughters specifically, Mayim shared some sage words of wisdom. She noted that the best thing to do is “Be realistic with them that not everyone will always like everything they do and say. And they may go against the grain, and it may not suit everyone. But that’s okay! Young women who stand up for themselves ultimately are going to do well as adults.”

Mayim and Her Kids Must Sing a Jewish Prayer Every Night

We already know that Mayim Bialik has some strict rules when it comes to her sleep regime. But her strictest rule is that there are no rules when it comes to sleeping. Her kids will sleep when they want to sleep – but when they decide this, Mayim does make sure that they take part in a tradition that means a lot to her.

Mayim grew up singing Jewish prayers before she went to sleep, and she has since passed this notion onto her kids. Now, every night without fail, they sing a prayer before bedtime as a nod to their faith and tradition. In the actress’s eyes, this is just another way for them all to bond and something that allows them to spend even more time together.

Alone Time Is Necessary and Encouraged Under Mayim’s Roof

Mayim Bialik is one of the biggest celebrity advocates for attachment parenting, and she regularly posts about her sons being her “team” on social media. Because of this, you would assume that they spend every waking hour together – and for the most part, they do. The family eats, sleeps, and studies together, but Mayim is also a big advocate for alone time.

Mayim believes that the happiest relationships are born from a mix of separation and attachment. She has noted that “Balancing our needs for alone time as well as time together has been very important. But for us, especially because we home-school and we don’t have child care, we also know that it’s important to do things for ourselves so our own battery is recharged.”

Laughter Is the Best Medicine in the Bialik Household

Known for playing a rather serious character on a funny show, many people assume that Mayim Bialik is just as serious as Amy Farrah-Fowler. But one lesson that she wants to teach her kids as they grow up is that laughter is always the best medicine and that you can always diffuse negative feelings or behavior by introducing a sense of humor.

Mayim loves to encourage her kids to go out of their comfort zone and use their imagination in real-life settings. Whether they’re riding tigers and bears through shopping malls or putting dishes on their faces for photos, it seems as though she wants these kids to be as free as humanly possible – and laughter can help them along the way. And we bet most parents would agree with that.

She Wants Her Kids to Choose Their Battles Instead of Fighting Them All

When you’re a parent, you can often feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Whether your kids are naughty, shy, or overly exuberant, it can often feel like too much. And while Mayim Bialik has raised eyebrows for her unique parenting style, she also knows that parenting can be a lot. That’s why she teaches her kids to choose their battles wisely.

She doesn’t just push this rule on her kids, though. She also follows it herself, as she is constantly telling herself that not every conflict needs to be fixed. She believes that a lot of the irritating and annoying things that kids do will eventually run their course no matter what you do or don’t do – so you just need to wait for them to pass.

Mayim Believes That Physical Violence Is Never the Answer

Every parent has their own way of disciplining their child, but it’s fair to say that a huge number of parents around the world have steered clear of physical punishment in recent years. Talking and communication are becoming more popular forms of discipline, and Mayim believes that the world is heading in the right direction with this notion.

She wholeheartedly believes that you should never hit your kids. Resorting to physical violence is something she doesn’t allow in her house at all, as she believes that it physically and mentally hurts everyone involved. Mayim understands that many adults were hit as children and turned out fine, but she doesn’t want to take that risk with her kids as she doesn’t believe it necessary in the slightest.

You’ll Never Catch Mayim Bialik Nagging Her Kids

Mayim’s two sons, Miles and Frederick, have been brought up in a very unusual style. Mayim’s alternative approach to parenting has come under fire over the years, but she believes that her sons are now model-class citizens and prepared for whatever life throws at them. The actress thinks this has something to do with the fact that she doesn’t nag her children.

Mayim is of the opinion that calling out and nagging your kids about their food habits, their clothing choices, and their manners just makes them anxious and emotionally unhappy. Not only that, but she also believes that it can cause unnecessary anxiety for the parents as well. Because of this, she believes that parents should model good behavior to encourage their kids to follow suit.

No Matter How Old They Get, Mayim Will Always Shower Her Kids With Physical Affection

Many of Mayim’s unusual parenting techniques took place when her children were babies and toddlers, but that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped parenting in this way now that her kids are teenagers. In fact, she’s maintaining the thoughts and the practices she had many years ago – and this is especially true when it comes to physical affection.

Although Mayim is always of the opinion that young children need as much affection as possible, she also believes that this shouldn’t stop when they get older. She instead thinks that you simply need to change tact – especially if you can’t cuddle them in the way that you used to. You should work with your teenager to find ways for you to express your affection and adoration for them.

Mayim Won’t Allow the Press to Ask Her Kids One Controversial Question

For decades, Mayim Bialik’s unique parenting style has had everyone talking. But more than anything, questions have been raised around her parenting techniques and her divorce. Rumors have suggested that Mayim’s approach to parenting caused a divide between her and her ex-husband and that it’s the reason they got divorced. And for many years, Mayim avoided these rumors.

In fact, she made it quite clear that neither she nor her kids would ever speak on the matter. But that all changed a few years ago when Mayim finally addressed these rumors. She noted that “The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision; relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose.”