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These Wacky Photos Taken at the Beach Will Have You Laughing All Summer Long

There’s nothing like a languid, lazy day at the beach. The sand and waves, the sun, the fun — it's all part of a daytime sea retreat. But the fact is, there are more whimsical moments going on from coast to coast, right now. Take this flying fellow, for instance. What is he up to? Well, for one, he is up in the air. But in terms of his scheme, it looks like he has a plan to snatch a certain teeny bikini. Unbeknownst to the tanner below, things are about to get breezy. And he's not alone in his mischief: All sorts of folks out there are making the sand silly again. Join in on the beach bash, next!
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Rare, Royal Love: Heartwarming Photos that Perfectly Capture the Romance Of The Queen and Prince Phillip

It's undeniable that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were an iconic couple. Decades of charming photos certainly painted a fairytale to the public. But as easy as they made it look, as royals, it's not always easy to follow your heart. Scandals, divorces, and affairs have plagued this British palace for generations. Many pairs split just from the tabloid pressure! Observers all over the world couldn't help but wonder: What were the secret ingredients of this 70-year love affair?
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