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Let’s face it, we spend as much time on the internet as we do in our homes. Information is abundant and our learning potential is unlimited. With an overload of information on the web, it has become more difficult to find quality facts online. With endless possibilities on the web, it is likely to stumble upon fake news, negativity or conspiracy theories.

We are here to let you know we are not that type of media outlet. We are here to provide quality, enjoyable stories for your entertainment. For The Gossip Geek’s mission is to untangle the tainted web to deliver content that has you interested, laughing, up to date and maybe even leave you enlightened from time to time. We strive to provide content with interesting highlights that are worthy of your time.

Our goal is to remain focused on the present, however not fixated on one topic, with a variety of topics including current trends, news bursts, blasts from the past, celebrity gossip, health reads, sports news, funny bits, and more. Our team aims to cover everything but the kitchen sink. However, it is essential for us to make the disclaimer that, when necessary, the kitchen sink will get its fifteen minutes of fame!

The Gossip Geek team believes in creating an online experience that people can benefit from in ways more than one. We know you are not just reading the “about” section of this website because it seemed like fun. So many people are looking for well-crafted and fine-tuned content that is written by a team who cares, and lucky for you, this is us. Of all the URLs you stumbled upon, we assure you that ForWhatIt’sEarth.com is a team that exceeds all expectations to make sure our readers are entertained in the best ways possible.