40+ Of The Worst And Funniest Makeup Mistakes On The Internet

Mon Nov 22 2021

Ah, makeup, something that sounds so simple, but as anyone can tell you, it takes both talent and practice to do it perfectly. There are so many terrible things that can go wrong, making you look more like a clown than a dazzling goddess. Unfortunately, these poor souls fell into the “clown” category.

Take a look at some of the funniest and most ridiculous makeovers of all time, and yes, they are all 100% real. No Photoshop, no Halloween outfits, just poorly done makeup that serves as a warning for anyone who might be overdoing it. Consider this to be a warning manual of makeup gone wrong.

Guess How Old She Is

Believe it or not, this poor girl is just 11 years old! There’s no need for makeup at that age, anyway, but certainly not makeup like this. The poor thing looks at least 10 years older, due to this shoddy makeup job. You might think this is the work of a child who tried to do her makeup herself but…

This disaster is actually courtesy of a professional makeup artist. It’s clear that this “artist” hasn’t done makeup for young people before and simply seemed to be out of their element. Maybe they should just stick with clientele of an older age group who don’t mind looking like they’re in their 30s because they actually are!

Where Do We Start?

Let’s start with a simple question – who in the world did this makeup? Whoever did this needs to get another job, because unfortunately, this woman’s face is a nightmare! We have no doubt that she’s a perfectly beautiful woman, but unfortunately, this makeup doesn’t let us see that.

Although the makeup artist tried to work around it, they failed to enhance the woman’s features in any way. We’re sure this woman is beautiful without her orange foundation, scary eyebrows, and furry eyelashes. This makeup needs to be removed right away.

Who Needs Eyebrows Anyway?

This poor girl is missing half of each eyebrow and actually seems to be okay with it. She looks like a cartoon character that accidentally singled out their brows while starting up a barbeque or something. Remember kids: do not overpluck. And if you, at least try to pencil it in.

Once you get over the eyebrows, you’ll probably notice the eyelashes, and then you’ll wish you hadn’t. We all want lashes for days but do they have to look so… spidery? Last but not least, this girl also has frosted lips, as if we’re still in the 90s. To each their own, to each their own.

Know When to Say ”Enough”

This woman looks like the type of person who doesn’t know when to say “enough.” Less really is more when it comes to makeup, and here we can see what happens when you just don’t know how to stop: You end up looking like a clown. Do you think she trusted someone else to do this and didn’t have a mirror? Or she did it herself and was just overenthusiastic?

Aside from the fact that it’s all just too much, there’s also a lot here that shouldn’t be at all. For example, what are those black lines under her eyes? Is it meant to be eyeliner? Or lower lash mascara? It’s completely unclear what the intention was. Furthermore, the painted on mole is a big no-no, even if it didn’t just look like a scribble.

Are Your Eyes Ok?

This one is so horrible it’s hard to look at. There are so many things wrong with this woman’s makeup, so let’s take a look. First of all, did the makeup artist really think this mix of pink and white eyeshadows was a look that could be worn in public?

And what’s up with those caterpillar eyebrows? Although the foundation is the least of her problems, the fact that part of it stays in the uniform collar doesn’t help at all. This poor thing needs to wash both her face and her clothes! And then she needs to ask for her money back from this makeup “artist” ASAP.

Why Did You Do It?

Seriously, we don’t have words for this one. Why would anyone want to color their eyebrows so thick? Maybe she’s taking the thick eyebrow trend a bit too far? Either way, it’s an extremely unpleasant and ridiculous look. Her eyebrows look more like road signs than anything else.

Believe it or not, this woman is a local celebrity in Yakutsk, the capital of Russia’s Sakha Republic, and is promoting her business with her huge eyebrows. We kind of admire her dedication to her business. We’re sure her ridiculous look manages to get a lot of eye(brow)s on her work!

We Think He Was Trying to Look Like a Ken Doll

This guy looks like a Ken doll came to life and now wants revenge for not creating him with male body parts. There’s just so much makeup, photoshop, and plastic surgery, it’s impossible to tell what this guy ever looked like. Let’s just hope there isn’t a nightmare Barbie lurking around somewhere…

There are a lot of things that aren’t working here but one of the main ones is the attempted contouring of the nose. We think his real nose looks fine but it looks like he wanted it smaller and thinner, to the point in which it’s just a stripe. Of course, makeup alone can’t make half your nose disappear, so the result is a bit unsettling.

Orange You Glad You’re Not Famous?

Celebrities have beauty blunders, too, but the difference is that when they mess up the whole world takes notice! We bet Kelly Osbourne wished she wasn’t famous when this photo was taken. She looks like a Simpsons character or Donald Trump. We have no doubt that she fired that event’s glam squad.

To make matters even worse, the makeup on her face doesn’t match the color of her neck, making her unable to pass it off as simply being a bit ill that day. It’s truly a shame because the rest of her makeup looks really nice. Apparently, someone decided to get lazy at the most important part of the makeup application.

Sorry, Were You Saying Something?

While we are complaining about the orange skin situation, there seems to be another foundation crisis that we weren’t aware of – greenish-yellow! This poor individual looks ill, and we’re sure that they’re actually feeling just fine. What an unfortunate situation.

We can’t believe we’re about to say this, but the greenish-yellow foundation doesn’t go with fair skin or any other skin. Unless you go to Halloween as an ogress, please just don’t, we beg you. It honestly makes it a bit difficult to focus on what this person is saying. What a shame.

Taste the Rainbow

This girl looks like a human Skittle! Apparently, she took the ad about “being the rainbow” a little too seriously. There are really just too many colors here for one human face. We wonder if she realizes her mistake? Her facial expression kind of reads as “yeah, I know, so what?” Good for you, live your best life.

While we don’t like the color, her eyeshadow is applied really well. But her blush is making us blush for her sake! It’s just a simple stripe on either side, it’s not even blended. Going back to her Skittles look, this might be one of the rays of the rainbow.

You Have Something On Your Face

When it comes to foundation, rule number one is not to turn your skin orange, and rule number two is not to match your skin color with your hair, especially if your hair is reddish-orange. Even the sweater is sort of matching her hair and face, it’s just an extremely orange situation.

This woman, however, decided to go against all of these rules, and the result is really horrible. No wonder she looks so sad, we would too. It looks like this poor woman fell face-first into some orange paint. That’s what happens when you try too hard to fake a tan.

This Is Enough Makeup for Ten People

This one solitary woman is wearing enough makeup for an entire team of people. There is absolutely no reason for there to be this much makeup on one human face. It even looks like it’s heavy at this point… How much do you think all of it weighs? Does wearing it count as carrying weights for her?

The thing is that this woman clearly knows how to apply makeup and the colors she chose are fine, there’s just so much of it! If she toned it down a bit and kept everything else about her look, we bet she’d be beautiful. Someone should really sit her down for an intervention…

Barbie’s Look Didn’t Go Exactly As Planned

This woman looks like a scarily realistic version of Barbie. If Barbie were exhausted, overworked, lacked sleep, and just didn’t care anymore. So, basically a millennial during the pandemic Barbie. It’s okay, Barbie, we understand you. 2020 was a hard year for all of us.

This poor woman looks depressed, exhausted, and a lot older than she probably is. To be fair, we’d be depressed too if our makeup looked like that. She’s probably exhausted from fighting with the makeup artist, which is understandable. And it’s really impossible to tell her age with this shoddy makeup job.

What’s Going On Here?

Okay, what’s going on in this photo, and where do we start? Please don’t pair your orange skin with an orange shirt – it’s bad enough if you choose to apply orange foundation, so don’t make it worse. Everything here is just too much. Too strong of colors, too heavy an application, just way too much of everything.

Continuing with the makeup nightmare, this woman seems to have put on fake hair on her eyelashes, and no one wears dark purple eyeliner with light-colored lipstick. Her lipliner is scribbled and looks like it went way outside the lines. Her eyeshadow is just far too dark. We’re sure she’s a beautiful woman but, unfortunately, this look doesn’t show her beauty.

Where Did Your Eyebrows Go?

What’s with women thinking they need to shave their eyebrows? This trend is ridiculous and needs to be stopped. We get that it was popular for about a minute back in the 90s, but we’ve learned a lot since then. One of the things we learned is that this look doesn’t work on anyone.

This beautiful woman must have thought pencil-drawn eyebrows are a good look, but she is terribly wrong. Let your eyebrows grow, and never shave them again! Other than that, she seems to be a perfectly lovely girl with decent enough makeup. It’s really just the eyebrows that ruin her look.

Who Here Teaches A Makeup Course For Beginners?

There are a lot of problems here, namely the makeup and strange photoshop job. This girl seems to have wanted piercings and tattoos that she doesn’t actually have, hence the photoshop. Clearly, she didn’t really know what she was doing, as nothing about her “new look” is convincing.

Even if we were able to get past the inexplicable photoshop choice, her makeup is just unforgivable. Her eyebrows are… let’s say an acquired taste. And her eyelashes are just way overdone. It looks like there’s a caterpillar on each eyelid. This is why less is more with makeup, and with altering photos.

And That Sunburn On The Neck

What do you think of this photo? Just looking at it bothers us. If it’s not already obvious, this person desperately needs a makeup artist right away. There’s also a lot of plastic surgery going on here, paired with the extreme makeup, the result is a pretty jarring photo.

The foundation is too dark for their face, and it wasn’t well applied, but that’s not the worst part after seeing the sunburnt neck. There also seems to be a strange sunglasses tan line, which can only be intentional seeing as it’s a fake tan. What a strange beauty choice.

At Least She Can Draw Between the Lines

The only thing we can really say in this woman’s defense is that she at least knows how to stay between the lines. In fact, her makeup seems to consist entirely of black lines and not much else. Maybe she just really likes her Sharpie? Or maybe she was trying out a new pen and didn’t have paper? There’s really no excuse for this…

She kind of looks like a cartoon, a very asymmetrical cartoon though. Her eyebrows are completely uneven. Her lipliner clearly isn’t lining her lips because they are definitely not that shape. There’s a lot going on here that we simply cannot get on board with. But at least she knows how to draw a line!

Tan Gone Wrong

This woman is wearing blackface, and all we can say is we really hope it was an accident. She has so much fake tanner on that she literally looks like a different race. This particular makeup fail is super offensive and we hope she won’t make this mistake again.

Putting the obvious offensiveness aside, how is she going to function in her day-to-day life? This stuff looks like it will wipe off on ANYTHING. Sheets, clothing, the sofa, nothing is safe around this level of bronzer. We really hope she managed to wash it all off straight away.

Toothpaste Eye Shadow

Should this woman be starring in a toothpaste commercial? From the look of this photo, it looks like she squeezed some multicolored toothpaste onto her eyelids. It’s kind of a cool effect for a costume party but there’s definitely no place for it on just a regular day.

And if that weren’t all, her lipstick is horrible, and the foundation is uncomfortable to look at. At least she didn’t mutilate her eyebrows. She clearly knows how to apply makeup, she just needs better color choices and to go with a less heavy hand. So basically, she just needs to tone things down a bit but the technique is there.

Don’t Let Gossip Girl Hear About This

Something tells us that Gossip Girl would NOT appreciate Taylor Momson’s look, and neither do we. Her love of raccoon eyes has simply gone too far, as she appears to have just smudged black makeup all over her eye area. The result? It looks like the poor girl has two black eyes. Oof.

Unfortunately, we haven’t really seen Taylor at all since her Gossip Girl days, which begs the question: Is Taylor Momson really famous enough to pull off the eccentric, tortured, artist look? Personally, we don’t think so…. Sorry, not sorry. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Eyelashes Are Not The Only Problem

There’s no doubt that her makeup needs a lot of help, but something specific is strange about this woman’s face. If you look closely at her nose, you’ll see that whoever did the makeup did something peculiar. In an attempt to make her nose look smaller, they’ve simply drawn a foundation line.

The foundation gets smaller from the top of her nose to the tip, and we’re not sure why anyone would do that. Also, her eyelids are terrifying and completely overdone. Her eyebrows aren’t really much better either. We don’t think this woman needed to make all of these changes to her face, she’d definitely be much better off with the natural look!

This Makeup Artist Needs To Be Fired

First of all, whoever did this poor woman’s makeup needs to be fired for their horrible job. Unless the goal was to make his client look like a zombie, they’ve simply failed. From the black eyes to the bright orange face, no wonder this woman looks sad! We would be on the verge of tears with that result too.

Everything is just so extreme, shiny, and overdone. This girl’s facial expression is completely zoned out, too, maybe she’s imagining a better look? The makeup compared with her expression results in this poor girl looking like a doll from hell.

When Your Makeup Artist Quits Last Minute

Lindsay Lohan is known to be difficult to work with, which may explain this unfortunate look. We kind of wonder if her makeup artist quit at the last minute and poor Lindsay couldn’t find a replacement? There’s no way that this is the work of a professional Hollywood makeup artist, right?

Her blush is inexplicably black, and not blended, resulting in it looking like she had dirt smudges on her cheeks. Her eye makeup gives her the look of someone who’s been crying and / or lacks sleep. To be fair, both of those may be true. Poor Lindsay looks like she’s seen better days.

Those Eyebrows Are Terrifying

We don’t know about you, but we’re actually afraid of this woman. Like many women who have come before her, she shaved her eyebrows and opted for a fine pencil-drawn brow. Like those other women: she has made a huge mistake.

Her eyebrows make her look angry while her innocent smile makes her look angelic. The result is some creepy sort of hybrid in which she looks evil but really happy about it. Is her facial expression reminding anyone else of a Chucky doll?

She Is Not Subtle…

Let’s start by saying that there is nothing mild or subtle about this makeup. The makeup artist clearly has no idea what the definition of these words are. This makeup is horrible, and we feel awful for the poor woman. As the artist tried to contour the woman’s face, the only thing she did was make her cheeks look saggy.

Furthermore, this poor woman’s face looks leathery due to this horrible makeup application. We have purses that look less leathery and sad! This shoddy makeup job has aged this woman beyond recognition. It’s actually impossible to tell how old she really is.

Sadly, This Isn’t Photoshop

For once, we wished an image were photoshopped. This picture looks like Ariana Grande’s head was placed on a different boy. Unfortunately, it’s just really bad makeup. It appears that whoever did Ariana Grande’s makeup wasn’t very concerned with her actually skin tone.

Maybe the makeup artist only had one color palette on hand? There’s no excuse for that in Hollywood! Whatever the reason, Ariana Grande’s head is a completely different color than her body. To make matters even worse, it appears that no one even attempted to blend that poor girl’s makeup!

What’s Worse, Her Eyes Or Her Lips?

This woman needs a new makeup artist, seriously. While she definitely tried to pull off a different look with her eyes, they ended up looking like bees. And her lips are just as bad – the swollen look we’ve seen several times over makes things even worse.

While black and yellow works for bees, we don’t recommend there for human eye makeup. The look simply doesn’t work. We’re not sure about this lip color either, is it brown? Pink? Beige? Why such a strange, and shiny, lip choice?

Why Would She Do This?

Here’s another pic of – why would you do this to yourself? Your look before was so cute! This woman has a unique look with fair skin and freckles. We’re not sure why she decided to change her appearance and look bloated. If you want to tan your skin, there is a right way, but this one is not it!

As is so often the case with overdone makeup, we think she looked way better before her makeover. We’re all for a bit of makeup to enhance a feature or cover up something unflattering, but it should never be used to completely alter your look. The rule of thumb goes: if you’re unrecognizable afterward, it’s too much makeup.

Nothing About This Photo Works For Us

Imagine you are going to a wedding and want to do your hair and makeup. You ask for something bold and dramatic, but the results are disastrous. That seems to be what happened here, as this woman is on her way to a fancy wedding. Her makeup is horrible and, unless she ordered the Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle, her hair is also bad.

Her angry facial expression makes us think that this photo was taken the moment she saw the results of her makeover. Honestly, we don’t blame her for looking so irritated. We hope that she managed to fire whoever did her hair and makeup and fix her look before the big event.

Stay In Your Lane, Kim K

Apparently, Kim Kardashian was going for a Diana Ross look, and she epically failed. Cultural appropriation aside, there’s just no subtlety here and absolutely nothing natural going on. That being said, the Kardashians aren’t exactly known for their subtlety or being natural.

Her eyelashes are freakishly long, and definitely fake. The contrast between her eyeshadow and blush is extreme, creating an appalling effect. And per usual, with Kardashians, Kim’s nose contouring is incredibly obvious. Instead of looking like she had a smaller nose, she just looks like she’s trying way too hard.

Move Away From The Camera Slowly

What do you think of this photo? Although we want to like it for its cool style, it’s making us cringe. Her hair color is amazing, and we like the thick glasses she picked out, but there’s something we can’t ignore – her eyebrows. Why would she think drawing her eyebrows that way would work out?

It’s really a shame because everything else here is on point. We love this person’s unique and cool look, but we just can’t see past those eyebrows. Let this be a lesson to all of us: eyebrows truly can make or break the entire face and an entire look.

When It’s Your Makeup Artist’s Last Day

We’ve talked about this a few times – never match your skin color with your hair. This time it looks a little different than before. In the previous photos, we’ve seen women matching their orange hair with an orange foundation, but let’s be clear, it doesn’t matter if your hair is orange, blonde, or purple – don’t match your skin tone, please!

To make matters even worse, this woman’s face and neck are completely different colors! There was no blending at all and it looks like the foundation was chosen without taking her coloring into consideration. Given that this was a TV show, we’re sure the makeup artist was promptly fired.

Makeup Just For Halloween

What kind of makeup is this, and where should we start? The only thing this woman has going for her are her eyebrows, which she thankfully hasn’t touched. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the shading on her nose, her weird eye shadow, and the super bright blush on her cheeks. But nothing prepared us for this shade of green lipstick.

She can clearly apply makeup, as the eyeshadow application is incredibly precise. This woman definitely has technique, she just needs some help with picking out colors. Maybe she can do a trade-off with someone who knows what colors work but lacks technique, and they can help each other out?


Aaaand this is what happens when you sneeze right after putting on mascara. Oh, the horrors of waiting for mascara to dry and hoping you don’t close your eyes too tight before it does. This woman serves as a cautionary tale for all of us. Maybe skip the mascara on allergy days?

This relatable picture has definitely happened to all of us at some point. Even the most makeup savvy have probably found themselves unexpectedly sweating or crying and their mascara paid the price. At least we know we’re in good company here, as it could truly happen to anyone.

We’re Scared

This woman’s makeup is a big mess. You can tell she tried to look glamorous with her sparkling eye shadow and dramatic lip color, but the whole thing went wrong. For starters, she has way too much foundation on her face, and although her eyeshadow would look nice if she kept the rest of her face natural, it looks like she glued hair onto her eyelashes.

We’re all for fake lashes but only when done well and this is definitely a hot mess. The lashes are way too thick and furry looking, sort of like caterpillars on her eyelids. While we love the sparkly eyeshadow, it’s just way too much combines with the dramatic red lip.

Powder, Anyone?

All we can see is powder, powder everywhere! No wonder poor Angelina Jolie looks so upset! The powdery substance is all over her face, chest, and even the suit of whatever poor fellow is standing next to her. All this powder and there doesn’t seem to be any blending in sight.

Let’s be honest, there’s really just no excuse for a celebrity of this status to have a shoddy makeup job like this. We know she’s going through a divorce, but Angelina Jolie can still afford a grade A glam squad. This is just laziness and poor planning, right here. Wouldn’t you agree?

This Photoshop Is Embarrassing

Here’s a fun case of bad Photoshop. The photo editor had a problem – the woman in the photo didn’t have eyebrows. Of course, this is a big problem, and the eyebrows needed photoshop, but the result is so terrible that you can’t help but laugh. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but please put her fake eyebrows behind her bangs!

How is it that no one in post-production noticed this error? Either her hair is super thin, to the point of being straight-up see-through, or her eyebrow is floating mid-air. Neither of these are a good look and it’s pretty clear that whoever did this photoshop job needs to be replaced, immediately.

We Think The Sun Hit Her First

This woman really needs to tone down her makeup. We assume she wanted a dramatic look, but the result is just too much. The winged eyeliner is way too dramatic and overdone, but that’s the least of her problems. The combination of her foundation and blush makes her look like she has a terrible sunburn. Ouch!

There also seems to be a bit of blush on her nose, which seems like a questionable choice. Was she inexplicably actually going for the sunburnt look? Whatever’s going on here, we hope she’s not in any actual pain and she manages to redo her makeup soon.

At Least She Admitted Her Mistake

We will try not to be so hard on her, considering she admitted her mistake. This woman tried to do her makeup for a Disney villain costume, but it didn’t really go as planned. She wanted purple and yellow to in order look different, but she ended up looking like a clown.

The color contrasts are too stark and, apparently, she’s not very good at blending. The result of the two-toned eyeshadow, along with her poorly done eyebrows, make it look like this woman has triple eyes. And not in a cool way but in a way that was clearly an accident.

When You’re RUNNING for Office

Rudy Guiliani’s makeup apparently also wanted to run for office, or just run off his face, but it definitely wanted to go somewhere! The line of makeup sweat dripping down is disgusting to look at yet we can’t seem to look away. Maybe he and Donald Trump share a makeup artist?

He seems to feel something dripping down his face because he looks absolutely horrified and we don’t blame him! This is what happens when you wear cheap foundation in hot weather, folks, consider yourselves warned. Maybe he’ll consider a bigger makeup budget for next time?

She’s Got 99 Problems and Foundation Is One of Them

Although this woman did complain about the new foundation she had bought, she made some other makeup mistakes that had nothing to do with her new purchase. While the foundation is the wrong skin tone and makes her look pale, her eyebrows look questionable, and her spider lashes need to be redone urgently.

Her lipstick is also confusing us if there is any. Her bottom lip is pink while her upper lip seems to have a white powder on it. It looks like she got some foundation on her lip and just didn’t fix it or put lipstick over it. Either that, or she only put lipstick on her bottom lip. Either way, it’s a hard pass for us.

Caterpillar Eyebrows

Let’s start by saying that this woman’s foundation is super orange and makes it look like she’s been in the sun for too long. Now that we’ve sorted that out let’s talk about her eyebrows. As she struggled to fill in her eyebrows, she appears to have two caterpillars on her face.

This is the danger of taking filling in your eyebrows way too far. Her lips are also problematic, as her lipstick is done sloppily and appears to be dripping out of place. Don’t think we didn’t notice her foundation line, either, it appears that she forgot to blend the orangey color all the way into her hairline.

That’s One Way to Show Off Your Eyes

Eva Longoria is undoubtedly beautiful and doesn’t need too much makeup, so there’s really just no excuse for this! Her blush is way too strong of a color for her and it hasn’t been blended at all. But what really gets us is the strange sort of tan line under her eyes…

Did she somehow get a very strange tan line? Maybe from some sort of new, high-end, sunglasses? Or perhaps her makeup artist simply forgot that part of her face? Whatever happened here, it was certainly a disaster and Eva does not look happy about it. To be fair, we can’t say we blame her.

This Is Not The Answer

We understand how this woman is feeling – pimples are not very flattering, and it’s easier to cover them up than to take care of them the right way. Although the “after” photo covers her acne, the color is off, and, more importantly, she’s likely to have more breakouts from clogging her pores with so much makeup.

She seems like a perfectly cute girl, even with the acne. Unfortunately, this makeup has changed this girl into a completely different person, and not in a good way. We’d take a cute look with a bit of acne over this overdone mess, any day!

Orange Is the New Black?

Orange may be the new black but it is not the new tan. At least it shouldn’t be. This woman has way too much fake tanner on, to the point where she looks like an Oompa Loompa. All that’s missing is the green hair, overalls, and catchy songs with life lessons.

Even if we could get over the orange skin, which we can’t, there’s still the photo filter to consider. This picture is so heavily airbrushed that the girl barely looks human anymore! Instead, it looks like she came from some far-away alien planet where people have flawless, and orange, skin.

How The Eyebrows Stole Christmas

It’s pretty much impossible to read this girl’s emotional state because those eyebrows are telling all sorts of stories. She looks angry, surprised, and excited all at the same time! Furthermore, these eagle eyebrows look like they’re about to fly right off her face.

And to make matters worse, she’s posing for an, otherwise, happy Christmas photo. Nothing is scarier than an angry, smiling person at Christmas. She kind of looks like the Grinch in hiding, posing as a regular Christmas party-goer. This photo would make for some interesting Christmas cards…

Bless Her Hart

We love Melissa Joan Hart but we’re struggling to understand this particular look. No one with a glam squad should end up going out in public like this. Her forehead is so shiny, it looks like a mirror! Also, what’s with the white powder? Clearly, someone hasn’t heard of blending.

Also, her eyebrows are too thin and uneven. Thin eyebrows used to be in style but uneven ones have never been okay. Last but not least, her blush was applied in such a way that it looks as if she has huge bags under her eyes. Poor thing. We have no doubt that she got a new glam squad straight away, although let’s be honest, the paparazzi have probably moved on to an A-lister by now.

She Looks Just as Confused as We Are

This woman appears to be just as confused as we are about her makeup look. We have so many questions, yet, we fear that there are simply no answers. Why would anyone do their makeup like this? And why would they post it on the Internet for all the world to see?

Her poor eyebrows have been shaved off and replaced with what appears to be Sharpie? The whole shaved eyebrows look was popular for about two seconds, until we realized that it doesn’t work for anyone. The pencil-thin look is no longer in either. Maybe that’s why she went for Sharpie-thick instead?

What a Mess

This couple seems to be really into each other, let’s hope that their love will be stronger than the mess they’re making. The two lovebirds seem blissfully unaware of the fact that they’re sharing a little bit more than just a kiss… They’re sharing an entire face of makeup to be precise.

We wonder how they’ll feel about each other after they realize that all of her makeup has wiped off on him. Actually, it could be a great test for their love! Will he still like how she looks without makeup? Will she be okay with how he acts when he’s angry? It’s not a bad test if you ask us.