Jada Pinkett Smith Revealed the Truth About Her Son’s Heartbreaking Request

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s parenting style isn’t to everyone’s taste. Even Jada’s own mother has admitted to having reservations about the way the Hollywood actors choose to raise their children, going so far as to call their parenting approach “crazy.” But perhaps that’s to be expected as Jada and Will have always opted for an unconventional route in their lives. But that may have just backfired when their son Jaden came to his mom with an unusual request. The famous couple has famously been through some ups and downs in their own relationship, but they generally seemed to have everything in control when it came to their kids. That was until Jaden said the words that no mother wants to hear, and it became almost too much for Jada to bear.

Scott Foley Has Finally Opened up About Where He Stands With Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner

Before Ben and Jen came along, there was Ben and Scott. Not many people realize that the actor Scott Foley was Jennifer Garner’s very first husband, and that their dynamic was incredibly different to that of her second high-profile marriage. For many years, very little was known about this under-the-radar relationship, but in recent months Scott has finally opened up about his marriage to the woman everyone loves. And he’s unleashed some pretty dramatic secrets…

Elizabeth Taylor’s Tumultuous Life Wasn’t Anywhere Near as Glamorous as It Seemed

The iconic old Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor was a big deal for good reason. For she started out in the movie world at a very young age, having been molded by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) into the star they wanted her to be. But as she grew older and more confident, she lead a life decadent and self-indulgent life full of illicit affairs and unforgettable luxury. We’re exposing what the real Elizabeth Taylor was like that very few got see, with some of her most revealing personal photos.

How Disney Would Be Different if the Characters Were Modern Day Millennials

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and think of all our favorite Disney characters. Now, let’s try to apply them to our modern-day world. Some of these characters would be thriving millennials, while others would probably get canceled in today’s day and age. Which category does your favorite character fall into? So what would these Disney characters be like as modern-day millennials? Would our favorite couples still be together? Would we still hate the same villains? Would we still be rooting for the same princesses to win? Or maybe these epic characters’ lives would be pretty similar to ours, just a bit more magical…

This Is What the Harry Potter Characters Should Have Looked Like, According to the Books

Harry Potter is perhaps one of the most popular movie franchises in history. It saw the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and other famous faces step into the shoes of J.K Rowling’s iconic book series – and for many Potterheads around the world, they became the embodiment of the characters they were paid to play. However, sometimes the book descriptions and what we saw in real life didn’t quite match up. When comparing original books and their movie adaptations, books almost always win. And while casting directors can find what they think are perfect actors to play the people we read about in the books, their appearance can either be hit or miss. Now, a Vietnamese artist who goes by the internet name of MsBananaAnna has used AI to show us what the Harry Potter actors should have looked like, according to J.K Rowling’s book descriptions. Some actors were the spitting image of their bookish counterparts… but others were the complete opposite.

The Weirdest Foods Found in Each State Will Have You Questioning Everything

Every state has its own unique quirks, especially when it comes to its foodie delicacies. Some foods are delicious, while others are downright wacky – and we’ve pulled together the weirdest foods from each state that will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. A bit like this chop suey sandwich from Rhode Island…

Seeing These Celebs Clean Shaven Proves That Beards and Mustaches Can Really Change a Face

From Hulk Hogan to David Letterman and Tom Selleck, these celebrities are known for their facial hair. They’ve rocked beards and mustaches for decades, and it seems impossible to imagine them without their fluffy additions. But now we don’t have to imagine anything. From digging through the depths of the internet, we’ve found what these celebrities look like without their famous facial hair.

Artificial Intelligence Has Accurately Predicted How Historical Figures Would Look Like in Today’s World

We’ve stared at the paintings, sculptures, and photographs of some of the world’s most famous and influential figures. But thanks to the continued advancement of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed so far as to actually predict what famous people from a bygone era would look like in today’s world. Its predictions are scarily accurate and offer us a real glimpse into what a modern version of these legendary icons would look like. One particular AI enthusiast called Hidreley took it upon himself to start creating modernized versions of people from history, but now others have followed in his example. Take a look at the most accurate AI predictions that show us these long-departed figures in a whole new light.

A Total Scam: Actors Vs the Real Life Criminals They Played On-Screen

Transforming yourself into a person who has done unspeakable things can’t be easy, but these actors absolutely nailed their true crime castings. From Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes to Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, these actors had to put in some serious preparation for these roles. Not only did they physically transform, but they also had to undertake some spine-chilling research. These are the actors vs the real life criminals they played on-screen.

This Digital Artist Has Used AI To Bring Our Favorite Cartoon Characters to Life… Quite Literally

We’re used to the cartoonish proportions of our favorite animated characters. We love their larger-than-life eyes, their fairy-tale hair, and we can’t get enough of their caricature-ish lips and teeth. But digital artist Hidreley Diao decided to play around with artificial intelligence and add a human essence to these fictional characters. He’s brought them to life, and the results are truly incredible.

Matthew Perry Has Candidly Opened Up About His Past Trauma, and the Struggles That Left Him Feeling “Dead Inside”

Although Matthew was the world’s favorite funnyman on our screens, his life behind the scenes was a completely different story. His early years were fraught with struggles, his Friends experience was scattered with rehab stays, and he’s since had 14 surgeries and reportedly spent a whopping $9 million on getting clean But where did it all go wrong? This is everything we didn’t know about Matthew Perry and his troublesome life.