Children In the Royal Family Have To Abide By These Controversial Rules

You’d think that being a child of the British Royal Family would afford you an easy life. While it’s true that be an heir to the throne affords you a huge amount of privilege, there are a bunch of strange rules that they have to follow as children. There’s a glamorous side to being a royal child, but there’s also a side that most people don’t know about. From restrictive dress codes to rules that will stay with them long after they mature, take a look at the unusual guidelines, protocols and restrictions that every royal child has to follow.

Almost a Billionaire: A Look At How Kylie Jenner Casually Dropped $130 Million In Just One Year

While most of us could barely wake up before noon when we were 23 years old, Kylie Jenner has done things a little differently. Sure, she may still be a young whippersnapper, but that hasn’t stopped queen Kylie from taking over the world one “Candy K” lipgloss at a time and proving she’s the ultimate billionaire businesswoman. Well, almost billionaire. At HypeGalore, we’ve got the scoop on how Kylie Jenner spends her millions, and how she managed to spend $130 million in just one year…

Support For Anna Faris Is at an All-Time High as Fans Claim Chris Pratt Has Left His Old Family Behind

When Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s marriage crumbled in front of our eyes, we knew we’d get over it eventually – but what we never expected was for Chris’ popularity to take a massive U-turn. Yes, in recent years Chris Pratt has gone from one of Hollywood’s most-loved actors to the most-hated, and it’s clear to see that Anna is still being affected by her ex-husband’s actions. Thankfully, fans are on her side, as they believe that what Chris has done is unforgivable…

Ever Since Larsa Divorced Scottie Pippen Her Personal Life Has Been a Messy Ordeal

Since Larsa stepped out with married NBA player Malik Beasley in December 2020, she’s been making headlines. She split with her NBA star husband Scottie Pippen in 2016 and it was just the start of a rocky road ahead. Since then, she’s been in and out of several relationships, even with her ex-husband. Lately, Larsa has been involved in scandal after scandal, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

Sandra Bullock’s Difficult Path to Motherhood and the Real Reason She Decided To Keep Her Adopted Kids Away From the Limelight

Despite the fact that Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous women in the world, she tends to keep her personal life away from the press. She tends to keep away from the public eye, and she’s only recently shared the struggles she’s faced in her effort to become a mother. But how did she come to adopt her children and why does she choose to keep them hidden from view? We finally have the answers we’ve all been looking for.

ABC Co-anchor Whit Johnson Ignored His Dad and Took a DNA Test, Only To Find Out the Truth About His Old Man

What would you think if one of your biological parents were adopted and knew nothing about where they came from? That’s the exact situation that ABC’s co-anchor and news correspondent Whit Johnson found himself in. Whit’s father had been adopted as a baby and naturally, Whit always had a lot of questions about his ethnic heritage. But those questions went by totally unanswered at the request of Whit’s father. As you’ll come to see, the co-anchor eventually went against his dad’s wishes and dug a little deeper, only to uncover a huge family secret by accident. Read on to learn about the ABC journalist’s touching family journey, and how it transformed his dad’s life for the better.

Not-So-Clueless: Why Alicia Silverstone Resents the Movie That Made Her Famous, and Her Decision to Raise Her Son Out of the Limelight

Although Alicia Silverstone had the ability to become the most successful actress of all time, she instead decided to retreat just as people started screaming her name. For years, fans have wondered why she wasted such a huge opportunity. Now, Alicia Silverstone has explained the reason she resents the movie that made her famous, why she’s refusing to conform to Hollywood’s narrative, and, most importantly, why she’s saying “no” to conventional parenting norms.

Genetic Marvel: Scientists Uncovered the Remains of an Ancient Little Girl Whose Parents Were Different Species

The geneticists could barely believe what they were discovering. They were looking into the recently discovered remains of a person, uncovered in an ancient Siberian cave. These bone samples had made their way to a German laboratory for examination, but no one could have predicted what the results would be. They discovered that the remains had belonged to a little girl whose parents were two separate species. Remarkably, the scientists had only just scratched the surface.

This Eight-Year-Old Found $20 in a Parking Lot and Inspired a Chain of Events That Changed a Soldier’s Life Forever

Finding money behind your couch cushions, at the bottom of your pockets, or even on your driveway is always a welcome surprise. But what would you do if you found $20 in a Cracker Barrell parking lot? Many people would choose to keep it, and 8-year-old Myles Eckert certainly wanted to. When he picked up the $20 bill he began to think about the video game he could buy with that money. But then he saw something that changed his mind.

The Real Daisy Duke: How ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Ruined Catherine Bach’s Career

Catherine Bach’s time on the Hazzard County farm thrust her into the limelight and made her a recognizable name within the world of fame and fortune. But what many fans don’t realize is that the same show that catapulted her to fame is the one that ruined her life and career. After all, when the show came to an end her life went in a downward spiral, and it’s never been the same as it once was.

Here Are Some of the Rumored Inspirations Behind the Most Outlandish Met Gala Outfits

The Met Gala is referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out” for good reason. Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, it’s one of the biggest annual events that attracts the top Hollywood stars. The only requirement is that whoever attends should dress to impress. Luckily for the stars, the Met Gala picks a different theme each year to help guide their fashion choices. Even then, celebrities and the designers they work with can’t help but draw inspiration from all manner of sources. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look for yourself at the most extravagent Met Gala outfits and the surprising figures and objects that most likely inspired them.