Parent Trap: All of Lindsay Lohan’s Problems Can Be Traced Back to Her Problematic Parents

For most of Lindsay Lohan’s life, she’s been in the papers for all the wrong reasons. Usually, her “bad” behavior is attributed to the trials and tribulations associated with child fame. But in this article, we’re diving into the real reason things have always gone wrong for her – her parents. Dina and Michael, as it turns out, are even wilder and less predictable than their famous daughter, and as we’ll come to see, it’s been no walk in the park for the Parent Trap actress. Take a look at what her controversial parents have been putting her through all these years.

Reglas extrañas y controvertidas que Mayim Bialik hace que sus hijos sigan

Aunque Mayim Bialik es quizás más conocida por su papel como Amy Farrah Fowler en The Big Bang Theory, es mucho más que una simple actriz. De hecho, en realidad deberíamos llamarla Dra. Mayim Bialik, ya que esta protagonista tiene un título de Doctora en Filosofía en neurociencia, al igual que su personaje en la pantalla. Pero sus talentos no terminan ahí. Mayim también es una autora de best-sellers, presentadora de programas de juegos y, lo más importante, es madre soltera de dos hijos.

Awkwafina’s Rise to Fame Came With Road Bumps That Would Scare Anyone Out of Show Business

Meet Awkwafina. What started as a middle school band alumna became a comedic legend. She’s been making a name for herself throughout the years as an up-and-coming comedian of Asian-American heritage who challenges standards of how women should be portrayed in media. This became her inspiration, but it also nearly became her downfall. Though she is a minority performer herself, she has often been criticized for cultural appropriation throughout the years – even as recently as this year. She was nearly canceled – and in the eyes of some pop culture aficionados, she already has been. We’ve taken a look at her history and her paths to both success and failure, and she is certainly resilient, to say the least.

Behind the Scenes Jeopardy! Facts the Producers Really Don’t Want You to Know

While Jeopardy! fans may watch this show religiously and play along with their friends and family at home, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that are hidden from the general public. We’re talking about secret gameshow rules that only apply in unorthodox situations, drama involving the game show hosts (both old and new), and filming practices the producers just really don’t want you to know. Yes, there’s so much more to this show than meets the eye.

Lookalike Baseball Players With the Exact Same Name Take a DNA Test to Find Out Whether They’re Related Once and for All

For these two minor-league baseball players, the similarities were too strange to ignore. They share the same name, they share the same profession, they share the same physical attributes, and they’ve even shared many of the same life experiences. As more and more of their fans noticed these bizarre coincidences, they began to question whether their likeness wasn’t a coincidence after all.

The Controversial Parenting Methods of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Have Resulted in Wildly Different Relationships With Suri

Actress Katie Holmes is one of the most private celebrities out there. But she’s let a few things drop over the years about her parenting techniques, and they certainly stand in stark contrast to those of her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Tom, on the other hand, has had some very controversial parenting techniques for their daughter Suri that have sparked major debates. We’re diving into the madness that must have been Suri’s childhood with Tom and Katie as her parents. As we’ll come to see, these two Hollywood heavyweights had contrasting approaches to how best to raise their little one, and arguably it’s having an effect on Suri today. Either way, we’ll let you be the final judge on which parent did a better job.

Madonna the Mom: The Bizarre Parenting Rules That the Queen of Pop Makes Her Kids Follow

Although Madonna may have built up a reputation for being a wild and free spirit, it seems as though she’s a real stickler for rules when it comes to her children. In her words “I’m bad cop… I’m not the popular parent’, and that might have something to do with the bizarre rules that she has in place for her kids. In fact, these rules have become so intense that her son Rocco packed up his stuff and moved in with his dad. This is what pushed him over the edge.

After Experiencing the Ukrainian Tragedy First-Hand, Maksim Chmerkovskiy Is Now Doing Everything He Can to Help Those Left Behind

In early 2022, Maksim Chmerkovsky found himself in a situation that would change his life forever. During a work visit to his home country, he witnessed the start of the war in Ukraine, and was soon fleeing for his life. He witnessed the death and destruction of the country he grew up in, and while he’s since made it back to his wife and child in the US, the mental scars still remain. So, how did Maksim end up in the middle of a war-zone, and what’s he going to do now?

From Secret Marriages To Wrestling Mayhem, This Is How the Bella Twins Have Stuck Together Through It All

Twins have a connection that no one can deny. There’s often a cosmic connection that no one outside of a twin pairing can truly speak to. They spent nine months in their mother’s womb together, so it seems like there is no limit to what they can do together. When it comes to twinning, no one has taken it to the same extreme as the beautiful Bella Twins. Before adding “Bella” to their stage names, they were born as Stephanie Nicole and Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace. These two have struggled and succeeded, all with the help of their best friend and wombmate.

These Uniquely Gorgeous Models Are Challenging Beauty Standards Everywhere

The modeling industry has slowly, but surely, begun to catch up with society’s changing views on beauty. Although there’s still a lot of work to be done, significant progress has been made in what’s culturally accepted as “beautiful” and these gorgeous models are making history by being part of that change. In an industry that was once dominated by people who all looked the same, a new type of beauty has emerged, one in which our unique differences are celebrated rather than shunned.

How Barbi Benton Stole Hugh Hefner’s Heart Before Disappearing From the Limelight for Good

Although Barbi Benton secured the affections of the most eligible bachelor in the world, Hugh Hefner kept his true feelings for the model close to his chest. But what many people don’t realize is just how much the man in the velvet robe was willing to sacrifice for the woman he loved – or how his love affected her decision to remove herself from the world of fame and fortune for good. Yes, this is the story of Barbi Benton, her tainted love affair, and why she left the entertainment world forever.